12 April 2008

DESIGN (INTERACTION -) 2.0: 77 sites where you can create, test, share or sell templates, forms, buttons, favicons, maps & more front end design

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CODING 2.0, DESIGN (GRAPHICAL -) 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Adready* - Customize proven performance ads & run them. View.

Andybudd - Index of well designed css sites. View.

Builtwith - Find out what a site is built with. View.

Daftdoggy - Create & share website tours & scavenger hunts. View.

Designfloat* - Rate articles on graphical & interaction design. View.

Rsizr - Flash app to resize images. View.

Triggit - Add pics, videos, ads etc. to your page without coding. View.

Urlsplit - Link to multiple websites with a single URL. View.

Betterdesktop - Share usability tests. View.

Blogstickr - Add fake stickers to your blog. View.

Blueform - Design your forms. View.

Brilliantbuttonmaker - Button maker. View.

Bulletprooflinks - Share tutorials, tools & templates. View.

Buttonator - Drag, drop & share web buttons. View.

Buttonbrowser - Button gallery and button maker. View.

Buttonmaker - Create buttons with a few clicks. View.

Conceptshare - Collaborate on design. View.

Converticon - Convert PNGs or ICOs. View.

CSSbeauty - Submit & share well designed websites. View.

DIYmap - Create maps in Flash. View.

Dontclickit*** - Clickless interface. View.

Drweb - Collection of Web 2.0 navigation menus. View.

Eformcreator~ - Form editor. View.

Famfamfam - Search icons. View.

Feedicon - Create your feed icon. View.

Flashdevelopercenter - Downloads, samples, quick starts & community. View.

Flashvillage - Free flash templates. View.

Flyinside - Create, publish & share virtual photo tours. View.

Foldspy - Check how your website is displayed in different browsers, resolutions, etc.. View.

Formassembly - Create, host & manage forms. View.

Formatpixel* - Design, publish & share in any format. View.

Formdesk - Design your forms. View.

Formlogix - Create forms online. View.

Formspring - Create & publish forms & surveys. View.

Frevvo - Design your forms. View.

Gogofrog* - Create & share your 3D web page. View.

Homeportals - Mix, modify & share your web pages. View.

Hotornotdesigns - Vote for or against website designs. View.

Icebrrg - Build & publish forms online. View.

Iconbuffet - Search icons. View.

Iconfactory - Create or search icons. View.

Iconfinder - Icon search engine. View.

Inblogit - Easy to integrate blogging solution for designers. View.

Inserit - Codeless CMS for web designers. View.

Jotform - Make your Ajax webforms. View.

Mailchimp - Design & code your newsletter, and have it distributed. View.

Mapicons - Create pin icons for maps. View.

Mikons - Create & share your own icons. View.

Motionmall - Design & insert webads. View.

Mymetar - Link to & share favourite metars, tafs & radar images. View.

Nenest - Create forms & dbases without programming. View.

Networkbargenerator - Create your own network navigation bar. View.

OK-cancel - Collaboration on interface design. View.

Orbeon - Create Ajax forms. View.

Pixelgroovy - Submit & rate tutorials. View.

Qooxdoo - Javascript GUI toolkit. View.

Rendur - What you code is what you see. View.

Richchartlive - Create Flash charts from your browser. View.

Sampa - Build a website. View.

Sidewalk - Create Ajax forms. View.

Sitepal* - Design speaking animated avatars. View.

Skillswap - Swap your web design skills. View.

Snaket - Clustered search. View.

Squace** - Navigate your mobile device's content in a much easier way. View.

Thumbalizr - Take screenshots of any web page & thumb them. View.

Toongum - Publish & share flash cartoons. View.

Tracbac - Share, comment, revise & collaborate. View.

Visual-literacy - E-learning tutorial on visualization. View.

Vitamin - Resource for designers, developers & entrepreneurs. View.

Web20badges - Create Web 20 badges. View.

Webpagesthatsuck - Submit & rate web sites that suck. View.

Webshot - Create screenshots & thumbs. View.

Weebly - Free web creation tools. View.

Worktree - Job board. View.

Wufoo - Build & host forms (and databases). View.

Xhtmlized - Have your design converted into a web site for $ 249. View.

Zinadoo - Design, build & host mobile website. View.

Zlango - Icon language for sms. View.

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