19 April 2008

COLLABORATING 2.0: 244 sites where you can share & work together on ideas, documents, projects, sales, knowledge databasing, software, media & art

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT 2.0, KNOWLEDGE 2.0, ORGANIZING 2.0, PRODUCTIVITY 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Exploratree* - Download, use online & collaborate in brainmapping & brainstorming models. View.

Expresso - Manage & collaborate on Excel documents. View.

Feedbackfx - Exchange comments on documents, images, videos & other formats. View.

Fevote - Make, vote on & give feedback on suggestions. View.

Golightly - Communication, collaboration & fundraising community solutions. View.

Gotomeeting - Present, demonstrate & collaborate & chat. View.

Haveyougotthenerve - Crowd sourced tv production company. View.

Homecourt* - Project management suite for agencies & their customers. View.

Knotler - Mobile & online collaborative shopping list. View.

Lingoz - Find & collaborate on definitions and translations. View.

Livepetitions - Create a petition & have it signed. View.

Lumifi - Manage, share, publish & collaborate on research. View.

Middlepost - Document collaboration, e-signature & storage. View.

Palbee - Share knowledge using video conferencing & whiteboard. View.

Qwaq* - 3D enterprise apps for collaboration and conferencing. View.

Rivalmap - Keep track of competitors collaboratively. View.

Scriblink - Collaborate on whiteboard. View.

Sketchcast - Create, record & share your sketches on a whiteboard. View.

Sketchplanet - Work together on sketches. View.

Sosius - Store, share & collaborate online. View.

Taskbin - Manage, share & collaborate on tasks. View.

The5reasons - Contribute to list of 5 reasons-why on any issue. View.

Wisemapping - Create & share mindmaps. View.

Youfig - Create your own secure collaboration community. View.

Zohodb - Create, share & collaborate on databases & reports. View.

28chapters - Collaborate on a film script. View.

30elm - Collaborate on, design & share home projects. View.

37signals* - Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List. View.

8apps - Collaboration tools. View.

99moments - Collaborate on & share a timeline of events & experiences. View.

Acorn - Map your mind. View.

Activecollab - Collaboration & project management tool (free). View.

Aggreg9 - IT community & collaboration space. View.

Approver - Share & work on documents online. View.

Basecamp* - Manage your projects. View.

Battleofconcepts~ - Help companies to innovate or solve problems; and win. View.

Betterdesktop - Share usability tests. View.

Bioteams* - Blog on team dynamics & virtual collaboration. View.

Bluetie - Collaborative Office-like toolkit. View.

Brainkeeper - Capture, distribute & collaborate on corporate knowledge. View.

Bubblus - Brainstorm together online. View.

Bullpoo - Find, share & collaborate on investment information. View.

Businessitonline - Collaboration tools. View.

Buzzword - Work on documents together (acquired by Adobe). View.

C4-world - Fight poverty by participating. View.

Cambrianhouse** - Collaborate on new software. View.

Celoxis - Manage workflow, time & expenses, and collaborate. View.

Centraldesktop - Collaboration tools. View.

Citizendium - Wiki with gentle expert moderation. View.

Clarizen - Collaborative project management. View.

Clearspace - Enterprise collaboration solution. View.

Clevertools - Project, time, financial, sales & lead management solution. View.

Collanos - Share & collaborate on files in groups. View.

Colligo - Collaboration tools. View.

Comagz - Co-create & rate content. View.

Comapping - Mindmap tool. View.

Companyloop - Network & share knowledge with your colleagues. View.

Conceptshare - Collaborate on design. View.

Cooperationcommons - Knowledge base re cooperation & collective action. View.

Copperproject - Manage & collaborate in projects. View.

Coventi - Collaborate on documents. View.

Cozimo - Collaborate on digital media. View.

Croquet* - Create multi-user 3D apps and metaverses "Supports synchronous communication, collaboration, resource sharing and computation among large numbers of users on multiple platforms and multiple devices". View.

Crowdspirit - Electronics design community. View.

Crowdstorm - Add & research products & share opinions. View.

Culturecloud* - Research, discuss & share topics, associating randomly with facts and people. View.

Customervision - Enterprise wiki. View.

Cynin - Manage, organize, store, search, collaborate, discuss, share & publish any kind of data. View.

Ddir - Get listed as or book a designer. View.

Designaddict - Explore & contribute to design directory. View.

Editgrid - Collaborate on spreadsheets. View.

Famiva - Collaborate on your family tree. View.

Faroo - Become part of a search infrastructure (client). View.

Ficlets - Write short stories together. View.

Flossmanuals~ - Read, write or remix open source software manuals. View.

Forterra - Generate & deploy collaborative 3D Internet simulated environments. View.

Freepository - Collaborate on coding. View.

Galaxiki - Co-create, maintain and own a universe. View.

Gliffy - Mindmap tool. View.

Glinkr - Map & share views on issues. View.

Glypho - Collaborate on writing. View.

GNN - Create, investigate, collaborate on and disseminate news through blogs & multimedia. View.

Gobby - Edit texts together. View.

Googledocs - Collaborate on documents. View.

Gpokr - Play poker & contribute to concept (see Idea-page!). View.

Greendoc - Process & share word documents. View.

Grootbedrijf~ - Merge your company virtually with "Big Company". View.

Grouploop - Organize & collaborate in your own group. View.

Gruvr - Collaborate on local music maps. View.

Hamachi - VPN peer-to-peer connectivity for businesses, without config. View.

Howsmynanny - Police your nannies together. View.

Huddle - Collaborate on PR, advertising, marketing, design. View.

Idea-a-day - Submit an idea, get comments & a publication. View.

Ideawicket - Community for start-ups & innovators. View.

Imaginationcubed - Draw together. View.

Instacoll - Collaborate on documents. View.

Ipeergrid - Collaboration platform for SME. View.

Issuetrackerproduct - Deal with problems together. View.

Istalkr - Aggregate & organize rss services that you & your friends subscribe to. View.

Jackbe - Enterprise platform enabling to access & mash-up any data to improve collaboration. View.

Jamjar - Flash collaboration suite for small groups. View.

Jamjunky - Jam & record music. View.

Joyent - Collaboration tools. View.

Kalabo - Collaborate on compositions. View.

Kayuda - Mindmap tool. View.

Kevo - Collaborate on VIP's biographies & gossip. View.

Kitbit* - Publish & share your opinions. View.

Kompoz - Compose & share music together. View.

Koral - Content & document management system. View.

Launchpad - Host, manage & collaborate on free software. View.

Letspowwow - Meet & work together on documents. View.

Lighthouse - Manage & track issues - alone or in groups. View.

Livemansion - Create & produce a feature film together. View.

Longjump - Collaboration tools (& customizable apps). View.

Loosestitch - Create & collaborate on task lists. View.

Lyricwiki - Collaborate on lyrics database. View.

Mapul - Map your mind. View.

Mayomi - Mindmap & share. View.

Measuredup - Publish & share brand & service experiences with each other & with companies. View.

Mind42 - Mindmap tool. View.

Mindmeister - Collaborative mind mapping. View.

Mindomo - Mindmap tool. View.

Mindquarry - Collaboration tools. View.

Mixbook - Create & publish books together with friends. View.

Mkmap - Collaborate on local maps. View.

Movietally - Catalogue, recommend & share movie info. View.

Musipedia - Search, edit, expand & share collection of tunes. View.

Mydecide - Take decisions together. View.

Myfootballclub - Collectively take over a soccer club, and then co-manage it. View.

Myminutes - Document & share the best minute of your life in a collective calendar. View.

Mymuv - Track lifestyle changes & trends. View.

Mywebdesktop - Widget promotion & advertizing network. View.

Near-time - Share resources & collaborate. View.

Netcipia - Blog & wiki hosting. View.

Nexo - Collaboration tools. View.

Nextpage - Manage & share documents. View.

Notemesh - Collaborate with classmates to create unified sets of notes. View.

Novlet - Collaborate on writing. View.

Numsum - Collaborate online on spreadsheets. View.

Octopz - Collaborate on & in any file format. View.

Officezilla - Free collaboration solutions. View.

OK-cancel - Collaboration on interface design. View.

Onlinegroups - Create a site, a group, invite & collaborate. View.

Openarchiteturenetwork~ - Share, review & collaborate on architectural projects. View.

Openstudio - Create, collaborate, share, buy & sell. View.

Openteams - Collaboration tools. View.

Otavo - Collaborative web search. View.

Ovosuite - Information, group calendar, file & collaboration management solution. View.

Pagii - Design, publish & collaborate on social pages. View.

Panthius - CRM solution. View.

Parlano - Group dialogue & document sharing. View.

Pastebin - Collaborative debugging tool. View.

Personalgenomes - Participate in project to enhance personal genomics technology and practices. View.

Pikiwiki - Create & work together on web pages. View.

Pixelgroup - Draw anything with others. View.

Planhq - Collaborate on business plans. View.

Playola - Listen to & collaborate on finding similar tunes. View.

Plotbot - Collaborate on screenplays. View.

Porchlight - Bug tracking for small teams. View.

Productwiki - Collaborative product info resource. View.

Projectspace* - Organize, manage & collaborate on your projects. View.

Projectspaces - Work together. View.

Protonotes - Make & share notes. View.

Proz* - Global collaboration platform for translators. View.

Pytagor - Online desktop & collaboration tools. View.

Qnext* - Share all media & chat about them. View.

Questsin - Collaborate on dictionary. View.

Qunu - Get or offer help. View.

Realitymarkets - Predictive markets contest. View.

Reflexive* - Cocreate & play games. View.

Reviewbasics* - Provide & get feedback on content & creative work. View.

Scriptovia - Community for students; collaborate & receive feedback on your academic work. View.

Selectminds - Facebook & collaboration tools for staff and alumni. View.

Sf0 - Collaborative production game & community. View.

Sharemethods - Create, manage & share sales & marketing documents. View.

Simdesk - Messaging & collaboration tools. View.

Sitepoint - Crowdsource your design assignments, or participate. View.

Slideaware - Compile & share presentations. View.

Smartsheet - Organize, share & manage tasks. View.

Snipitron - Create & share group research scrapbooks. View.

Solodox - Collaboration tools. View.

Sparkhive - Store & share thoughts, research, bookmarks. View.

Spoxel - Upload & share your files. View.

Sproutit - Mailroom: process email together. View.

Standpedia - Publish & share your opinions. View.

Startupbusinessschool* - Tools & tutorials to set up your business. View.

Stockfriend - Community for investors sharing and collaborating on investment ideas. View.

Subethaedit - Edit & share texts together. View.

Suckingfish - Save, collaborate on & publish search results. View.

Sundera - Collaborate online on spreadsheets. View.

Swarmsketch - Collective sketching. View.

Synchroedit - Group editor. View.

Syntaxcms - Content management system. View.

Synthetron - Activate groups to take better decisions. View.

Teamslide - Collaborate on presentations. View.

Teamviewer - Share your desktop with other team members. View.

Teamworklive - Communicate, collaborate & share information. View.

Tesly - Web-based collaborative test plan management system. View.

Thebroth - Collaborate & share global mosaic. View.

Theopendoc - Collaboration tools. View.

Thewsx - Collectively predict Washington politics. View.

Thinkature - Collaborative workspace. View.

Thinkfree - Process & share Office-compatible docs within your browser. View.

Thinkpassenger - Collaboration & community solution. View.

Totoexpress - Send and receive large files. View.

Tracbac - Share, comment, revise & collaborate. View.

Trendmill* - Watch & share trends. View.

Trybeta - Connecting developers with software testers. View.

Uhuroo - Collaboration tools. View.

Uhuroo - Collaboration tools. View.

Uncyclopedia - Search & contribute to unwiki of nonsense & best taste. View.

Urbandictionary - Contribute to slang dictionary. View.

Utensil-ed* - Submit ideas and concepts & brainstorm about them with other users. View.

Versionate - Upload, edit, share, manage documents. View.

Virtual-whiteboard - Work, think, design together. View.

Vyew - Meet, share, discuss & annotate in group sessions. View.

Wamily* - Share & collaborate everything with your group. View.

Wankr - Collaborative masturbation community. View.

Wayki - Collaborate on local maps. View.

Webbrush - Collaborative drawing, charting, etc. View.

Weboffice - Collaborate on documents. View.

Wikibios* - Let your friends collaborate on your bio. View.

Wikicalc - Create & share spreadsheets. View.

Wikihow - Collaborate on collection of how-to manuals. View.

Wikispaces - Collaborative content & editing. View.

Wisdomark - Collaborate on publishing & sharing stories. View.

Witness - Improve the world through documenting injustice with videos. View.

Wordsource - Define, rate, tag & share words in this social dictionary. View.

Wrike - Plan & organize projects. View.

Writeboard - Collaborate on writing. View.

Writemaps - Create & publish sitemaps. View.

Writer - Process & share word documents. View.

Writewith - Collaborate on documents. View.

Wunderwall~ - Work on one screen with a team, simultaneously. View.

Xufe - Use the wisdom of crowds to decide on your bet. View.

Yoople - Search & collaborate on improving search results. View.

Youaretheguest - Invite yourself to a talkradio podcast show. View.

Youbethevc - Brainstorm, swap ideas, & find your future business partner or investor. View.

Yourdraft - Create & collaborate on drafts. View.

Youtorials - Collaborate on tutorials. View.

Yuuguu - Share your screen with colleagues & collaborate on documents. View.

Zemble - Communicate, collaborate & connect thru group text. View.

Zimbra - Collaboration & messaging tools. View.

Zohonotebook - Collaborate on documents. View.

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