19 April 2008

CODING 2.0: 211 tools, sources, communities, libraries, repositories, platforms & frameworks for programmers & interaction designers

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CMS 2.0, DESIGN (INTERACTION -) 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Adobeflex* - RIA framework. View.

Advogato - Resource for free software developers & testbed for social networking technologies. View.

Aepona - Services & apps that combine web and telecom. View.

Appjet - Build apps in your browser. View.

Autobahn - App that provides accelerated downloads & more reliable streaming video. View.

Baynote - Recommendation solutions. View.

Bazaarvoice - Add social features to your ecommerce site. View.

Bazaarvoice - Add social features to your ecommerce site. View.

Bitnami - Install open source apps in a few clicks. View.

Bluestreak - Rich media solutions for tv, mobile & electron ics. View.

Boomi* - Integrate any combination of SaaS & on premise solutions, online. View.

Boonex - Deploy & manage dating sites & ommunities. View.

Buggd - Search for errors that other people searched for. View.

Builtwith - Find out what a site is built with. View.

Campware - Open source tools for independent news media in emerging democracies. View.

Clover - Test your code. View.

Cognitivecode - Conversational artificial intelligence apps to interact better with PCs & mobile devices. View.

Converdge - White label enterprise social networking service. View.

Coolsoftware - Rate software. View.

Curl - RIA platform. View.

Doodlekit - Rails-powered website creation tool. View.

Dprsim* - Platform where researchers can simulate behavior of large ensembles of catoms. View.

Engagd - Open-standards based web services to mix attention data into your app. View.

Etoro - Forex currency trading platform. View.

Fusion - Customizable social networking application framework. View.

Golightly - Communication, collaboration & fundraising community solutions. View.

Heroku - Hosted instant development environment for Rails. View.

Itema** - Software store instantly deploying & synchronizing apps in real-time. View.

Jacksonfishmarket - Branded consumer software solutions. View.

Linkbunch* - Put multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, SMS, etc. View.

Mashupmania - Create & publish your own mashup widgets, without coding. View.

Mysolvr - Share your knowledge of IP networking. View.

Opensocial* - Google's common set of APIs for social apps across multiple websites. View.

Permissiontv - Broadband television publishing system. View.

Posteet - Store, tag & share tips, tricks & snippets in one place. View.

Posteet - Store, tag & share tips, tricks & snippets in one place. View.

Realitydigital - Platform for storing, sharing, managing & monetizing user-generated content. View.

Refactormycode - Refactor your code. View.

Rezgo - Online booking solution to sell your tours. View.

Sgn - Platform aggregating social games. View.

Triggit - Add pics, videos, ads etc. to your page without coding. View.

Urbanmapping - Geo-spatial solutions. View.

Urlsplit - Link to multiple websites with a single URL. View.

Utest - Get paid to test software. View.

Wix* - Create & publish a Flash site without any programing skills. View.

Aggreg8 - IT community & collaboration space. View.

AI3 - Articles & lists re semantic softwares. View.

Ajaxflakes - Hundreds of Ajax scripts. View.

Ajaxian** - Ajax blog. View.

Ajaxload - Generates animated Ajax load gifs. View.

Ajaxrain - Repository of Javascript & Dhtml samples & demos. View.

Ajaxshowcase - Aggregates Ajax applications. View.

Allthecode - Search code. View.

Android - Google's Open Handset Alliance Project. View.

Apachecocoon - Web development framework without programming. View.

Apachestruts - Open-source framework for Java web apps. View.

Apachewicket - Java web app framework. View.

Apollo - Adobe RIA development platform. View.

Appfuse - Open-source framework for Java web apps. View.

Applewebobjects - Rapid application development environment. View.

Aptana - Development environment & editor for Ajax apps. View.

Aranea - Open-source framework for Java web apps (object-oriented). View.

Aukyla~ - Platform for web-based PHP apps. View.

Avangate - Sell your software online. View.

Backbase~* - Ajax applications. View.

Betamarker - Digg software. View.

Bulletprooflinks - Share tutorials, tools & templates. View.

Bytemycode - Submit & rate code snippets. View.

Cakephp - Rapid development framework for PHP. View.

Caspio - Create dbase apps without programming. View.

Cherrypy - Object-oriented HTTP framework written in Python. View.

Clearforestsws - Semantictextanalysis2XML. View.

Clearspring - Cross-platform widget development app. View.

Codase - Search for & share code. View.

Codefetch - Searches source code from programming books. View.

Codeigniter - Web app framework for PHP. View.

Coghead - Create & share web-based business apps. View.

Cyberdummy - Share code. View.

Ddig - Submit & rate special interest articles for developers. View.

Devbump - Submit & rate special interest articles for game developers. View.

Developerid - Community for web industry. View.

Django - Python framework for rapid development. View.

Dojo - Build dynamic features using JavaScript. View.

Dotnetkicks - Digg.net stories. View.

Dvdidle - Work around DVD region codes & css. View.

Dzone - Digg for developers. View.

Dzonesnippets - Upload, explore & share code. View.

Easyutil - Api for recommendations. View.

Feedforall - RSS script directory. View.

Fjax - Cross-browser XML parsing and handling. View.

Flashdevs - Submit & rate special interest articles for developers. View.

Flossmanuals~ - Read, write or remix open source software manuals. View.

Freepository - Collaborate on coding. View.

Gennit - Generates code. View.

Googlecodesearch - Search code. View.

Gotapi - Searchable database of APIs. View.

Grails - Open source web app framework for Groovy. View.

Happycodr - Repository of sites built in Ruby on Rails. View.

Helma - Open source Java web app framework. View.

Hittail - Search optimization software. View.

Hobo - Rails extension package. View.

Horde - PHP general-purpose web app framework. View.

Icebergondemand - Build, share & sell web applications. View.

Iterating - Wiki-like software guide. View.

Ittoolbox - Community for IT professionals. View.

Iusethis - Digg, discover, check & organize your apps. View.

Javeline - Platform for rapid java app development. View.

Jaws - Content management system. View.

Jtrac - Track Java app issues. View.

Kaosweaver - Dreamweaver extensions. View.

Karmus - Create, share & contribute to cards. View.

Koders - Search code. View.

Krugle - Search open source software. View.

Launchpad - Host, manage & collaborate on free software. View.

Listible - Folksonomied software & code search. View.

Locomotive - Ruby on Rails development tool for Mac OS X. View.

Magumastudio - Integrated development environment for PHP. View.

Mapstraction - Javascript map API switching code. View.

Mashery - API management solutions unlocking web services channels. View.

Mendix*~ - Semantic application development. View.

Mfoundry - Develop & deploy mobile apps, rapido. View.

Midnightcoders - RIA, Ajax & Flash platform. View.

Miniajax - Free Ajax & dhtml code library. View.

Mobiledistillery - Port mobile Java apps to 550 phones, rapido. View.

Mobispirit - Platform for mobile apps. View.

Mochikit - Suite of JS libraries. View.

Modx - Open source PHP application framework. View.

Mootools - Object-oriented JavaScript framework. View.

Mozillakicks - Digg Mozilla news. View.

Myprogs - List & find software. View.

Nannyavailiable - Matches families with nannies, au pairs, governesses, babysitters & more. View.

Neobinaries - Web 2.0 developers, users & experts. View.

Netcipia - Blog & wiki hosting. View.

Nevow - Python web app construction kit. View.

Newskicks - Submit & rate articles for game developers. View.

Nexaweb - Enterprise application development platform. View.

Nitro - Ruby and JavaScript web app framework. View.

Nopaste - Publish & share code. View.

Ohloh - Search indexed open source projects. View.

Openinhoud~ - Share links to and reviews of open source software. View.

Openkapow - Mash-up editor & hosting . View.

Openrico - Open source JS library. View.

Opmlsearch - Dedicated OPML search. View.

Opsource - SaaS enablement and delivery platform. View.

Oszone - Share code. View.

Phpcoder - IDE for PHP programmers. View.

Php-fusion - Content management system. View.

Phpobjectgenerator - Object-oriented code for PHP apps. View.

Phpopenbiz - PHP framework for data centric business apps. View.

Pingerati - Share your microformats. View.

Processing - Share code for imaging, animations, sound. View.

Programmableweb** - Web 2.0 reference website, main source on APIs and mash-ups. View.

Proto - Create desktop mash-ups. View.

Protolize - Digg web tools. View.

Prototype - JS framework. View.

Pylons - Web framework using Ruby, Python & Pearl for rapid development. View.

Qcodo - Open source PHP framework. View.

Qooxdoo - Javascript GUI toolkit. View.

Quickref - Search code. View.

Quomon - Q&A for IT issues. View.

Rainbow9 - Code & test javascript, css and html. View.

Rbuilder - Explore, customize or build & sell web apps. View.

Rendur - What you code is what you see. View.

Rentacoder - Pitch for a coding job. View.

Rico - JavaScript for RIA. View.

Roscripts - Save your programming resources online. View.

Rssbus - Connect & share your data thru feeds. View.

Rsspanelx - Script to display all feed formats from originating website. View.

Rubyonrails* - Web development framework. View.

Scriptaculous - Javascript libraries 2.0 style. View.

Scriptlance - Pitch for a coding job. View.

Scriptmimic - Find or publish & share scripts. View.

Scriptvote - Search & vote on scripts. View.

Seagull - OOP framework for PHP web apps. View.

Skimcss - Digg CSS. View.

Snipplr - Delicious for programmers. View.

Solutionwatch - Reviews & lists of school & study tools. View.

Solutoire - Repository of Ajax code & solutions. View.

Sourceforge** - Hosts more than 100,000 open source projects. View.

Spigit - Show, simulate & share your solutions with other developers. View.

Spring - Java/JEE application framework. View.

Springloops - Code management tool for groups. View.

Swik - Search for open source software. View.

Symfony - Web app framework for PHP. View.

Tapestry - Open-source framework for Java web apps. View.

Telepo - Fixed to mobile convergence solutions. View.

Teqlo - Mash-up APIs and widgets. View.

Textsnippets - Share code. View.

Top10webdeveloperlibraries - Annotated top 10 of developer libraries. View.

Trashbit - Register & share your code. View.

Trixbox - Open source (Asterisk) PBX telephone solutions. View.

Trybeta - Connecting developers with software testers. View.

Turbogears - Rapid development framework. View.

Tutorialicious - Digg IT tutorials. View.

Ucodit - Search code. View.

Uize** - Java API Library. View.

Userscripts - Publish, request & comment on scripts. View.

Vitamin - Resource for designers, developers & entrepreneurs. View.

Vyatta - Open source router & firewall solution. View.

Waml - Open source framework for WAML apps (give this guy a hand!). View.

WCC** - Matching & search solutions. View.

Weborb - Build, deploy & host rich client apps. View.

Webripper - Rip files from sites. View.

Webware - Python web app tools. View.

Webwork - Java app development framework. View.

Wsfinder - Search APIs and web services. View.

Xmetal - XML authoring suite with 6 applications. View.

Yahoodevelopernetwork - Javascript developer centre. View.

Yahoopipes** - Remix feeds, create mash-ups & share them. View.

Zend - IDE for full PHP application development. View.

Zimki - APIs for rapid development. View.

Zoop - Object-oriented framework. View.

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