05 March 2008

TRANSLATING 2.0: 11 samples

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DICTIONARY 2.0, WRITING 2.0.

Babbel - Learn languages online with a personal trainer. View.

Lernu - Learn Esperanto. View.

Lingoz - Find & collaborate on definitions and translations. View.

Myhappyplanet - Teach & learn from each other through live chat, messaging, videos & lessons. View.

Speaklike - You IM in your language, and others see it in theirs. View.

Transclick - Real-time translation of SMS, email and IM. View.

Webnary - Multilingual translator. View.

Claimtheearth - Massive mash-up geo game. View.

Cucumis - Translate or be translated. View.

Nativetext - Translates rss in foreign languages. View.

Proz* - Global collaboration platform for translators. View.

Traduwiki - Translate & share interesting documents. View.

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