25 March 2008

NEWS 2.0: 193 tools to select or publish news

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: BLOGGING 2.0, BOOKMARKING 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0, RATING 2.0, RSS 2.0, TAGGING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

4info - Mobile search & news alert service. View.

Dontmissanything - Set up topical infoservice; users alert eachother. View.

Favebot - Keep track of your favorite content. View.

Feedhaus - Select & organize your new by tagging it. View.

Jacked* - Dashboard of real-time news, stats & media related to tv programs. View.

Laaikit - Hype or diss news. View.

Mediapops* - Get alerts on new releases from your favorite authors, bands & directors. View.

Newspond* - Popular news-collection engine. View.

Readburner - Google Reader meme tracker. View.

Silobreaker - News search; contextual results with relational analysis and explanatory graphics (Aatski). View.

Simplyheadlines - Create your own email newsletter. View.

Strategyeye* - Real-time intelligence dashboard tracking digital media markets (free trial). View.

Tiinker - Have your news customized to what you like to read. View.

Tipdish - Social directory & information service connecting netcasters and PR & marketing people. View.

Vortexme - Create & publish info & media widget for your brand (also see http://www.realtimematrix.com/). View.

Webwire - Distribute news & press releases on & over the Internet. View.

Wikileaks* - Make secret documents & stories public (refugee domain from US; cf. Slashdot - http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/02/18/043211&from=rss. View.

Worldpharmanews - Share & rate pharma news. View.

Ximmy - Get paid to share & vote for news, videos, pictures and websites. View.

Allaboutsport - Submit & rate sport news. View.

Apbnews - Submit & rate crime news . View.

Articlesphere - Submit & rate news articles (categorised). View.

Audabble - Create your audio channel & listen to it, mixed with news. View.

Ballbug - Memeorandum for baseball. View.

Ballhype - Explore, discuss & vote on sports news. View.

Barks - Social bookmarking for news. View.

Beanrocket - News reader. View.

Bitsofnews - Submit, read, rank & discuss news. View.

Bizzbites - Submit & rate business news . View.

Blosker - Submit & rate strange & naughty news. View.

Bluegrind - Have your personal news anchor reading the news to you. View.

Business-planet - Submit & rate business news . View.

Buurtlink~ - Find people, places & news in your hood. View.

Buzzfeed - Memetracker goes Boingboing. View.

Buzzingo - Buzz notifier (Yahoo + Feeling Lucky mash-up). View.

Celebpops - Submit & rate celebrity news . View.

Celljournalist - Sell your scoops live. View.

Claimtheearth - Massive mash-up geo game. View.

Clipsyndicate - Publish video news on your blog. View.

Cloudee - Aggregates news per term . View.

Cluckoo - Publish & share local news. View.

Crankk - Submit & vote for cycling news. View.

Crisscross - Comment on & add to news. View.

Dailymashup - Flickr + Delicious + Yahoo news mash-up. View.

Dailyme - Choose your news & how it is delivered to you (even on your printer!). View.

Dailyrss - Digg RSS news. View.

Daylife* - "4 minute old" news magazine; you can contribute tips & ideas. View.

Daypop - Search news. View.

Deliciouslinkbacks - See the buzz around anything on the web. View.

Digg* - Mash-up news sources to your own taste. View.

Diggstack - See diggers fall on active stories. View.

Digitaljournal - Identify, rank & share interesting news. View.

Doggdot (formerly: Diggdot) - Contribute to news magazine and get paid for it. View.

Down2night - Subscribe for text alerts on what's happening tonight. View.

Ekudos~ - Digg Dutch news. View.

Enroll - Submit & rate any news (categorised). View.

Eurogoalnews - Submit & rate & tag football news . View.

Factivism - Submit & rate leftish news. View.

Fannation* - Customize your sports team's content here. View.

Fark - Share links & comments to ridiculous news. View.

Feedcrier - Get RSS news alerts through your IM. View.

Feedmarker - Social bookmarking for news. View.

Feedmashr - Search for rss feeds from past & present hottest news & top stories. View.

Feedsweep - Publish RSS news feeds . View.

Findory - Personalize your news. View.

Flipskipper - Personal feed aggregator. View.

Folkd - Social bookmarking for news. View.

Gabbr - Share news. View.

Globalvoices - Tagged aggregator of regional information from particapatory media. View.

Googlekicks - Digg Google news. View.

Greatnews - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Hahahollywood - Submit & rate celebrity news . View.

Highvibeit - Submit & rate positive news . View.

Hollywoodlowdown - Submit & rate Hollywood news. View.

Honeycomnewsmap* - News treemap. View.

Hubdog - Create your news channels online & on your pda. View.

Hugg - Digg on environmental matters. View.

Hype-list - Get the celeb news of the last 24 hours. View.

Hypersuper - Personalize your news. View.

Hypetracker - Popular news searches in graphs. View.

Inform - Personal news portal. View.

Insightreuters - Customise your news & consult your peers. View.

Istalkr - Aggregate & organize rss services that you & your friends subscribe to. View.

Italknews - Digg news & get paid for it. View.

Jambase - Personalized news on live music. View.

Javakicks - Digg Java news. View.

Keegy* - Location aware news generator. View.

Knownow - Connecting data, apps & people. View.

Leaptag - Choose what you like & get similar news content. View.

Letterpop - Create & send out newsletters. View.

Leugens~ - Submit & share lies. View.

Leve1 - Share news. View.

Linkedfeed - Folksonomied news. View.

Linkfilter - Digg news. View.

Lipstick - Submit & rate celebrity news . View.

Makemewatchtv - Repackage video news. View.

Mappedup~* - Map your feed sources geographically. View.

Megite - Discover & help select news. View.

Memeorandum - Folksonomied news summaries. View.

Meme-stream - Bookmark, rank & share interesting news. View.

Memigo - Digg news. View.

Meshly - Explore, create & share your own news channel over IM. View.

Mobilitybeat - Submit & rate mobile tech news . View.

Mobloco - Get daily text alerts on things happening near to you. View.

Myfeedz - Customize your news & get recommendations. View.

Neoows - Tag, comment, share & discuss news. View.

Netscape - Edited & dug news. View.

Newsalloy - Discover, read & share news. View.

Newsatseven - Get your customized video news cast. View.

Newscloud - Digg news. View.

Newser - Rich, customized, news aggregator. View.

Newser* - Algorithm-based news aggregator. View.

Newsfutures - Trade on tomorrow's news today. View.

Newsgarbage - Post, moderate & control news. View.

Newsisfree - Personalize your news. View.

Newsletterarchive* - Store & share your newsletters. View.

Newsmap*** - Rank-interfaced news (who knows what happened to Hives?). View.

Newsmap*** - Rank-interfaced news (who knows what happened to Hives?). View.

Newspaperdirect - Get your favorite newspaper anywhere in the world today. View.

Newstoday** - Publish & share cool jobs, gadgets, etc. View.

Newsvine - Read, write & discuss news. View.

Newzie - Monitor & aggregate news. View.

Newzingo - News tag cloud; Google News mash-up. View.

Nooz - News for Myspace members. View.

Nowpublic - Share, submit & revenue share news content. View.

Ohmynews - International edition of biggest citizen journalism news site. View.

Oks - Digg news. View.

Optevi - Get feeds & contextually relevant related news, blogs & discussion pages. View.

Pegasusnews - Neighbourhood news, customized. View.

Popurls - Folksonomied news. View.

Prweb - Push press content to over 100,000 media. View.

Quadriot - Digg strange news. View.

Quicknews - RSS reader (mobile). View.

Rasasa~ - RSS-based news alert service. View.

Redbet - Betting exchange. View.

Reporter~ - Submit & rate (Dutch) news. View.

Respons~ - Submit & rate Dutch news. View.

Riggd - Submit & rate political news. View.

Rocketboom - View & contribute to daily vlog. View.

Rootly - Refine your news search. View.

Sabifoo - Read & publish news through messenger. View.

Scigg - Submit & rate science news . View.

Scooop - Digg news (scoops). View.

Scoopgo~ - Create & maintain news search agents. View.

Scoopt - Upload & sell news photos. View.

Scoreguru - Submit & rate sports news. View.

Scriggity - Contribute to this news vodcast. View.

Shakkus - Bookmark, rank & share entertainment news. View.

Sharepointkicks - Digg Sharepoint news. View.

Shoutwire - Digg news. View.

Shutterseek - Digg photography news. View.

Skoeps~ - Citizen journalism based news. View.

Slashdigg - Slashdot + Digg mash-up. View.

Snownews - RSS reader (Linux). View.

Sponit - Publish & share funny news. View.

Sportscast - Submit & rate sports news. View.

Sportsflip - Submit & rate sports news. View.

Spotback - Customize your news through your clicking behaviour. View.

Spotplex* - Frequency ranked news & other web content. View.

Spymedia - Publish & sell news photos. View.

Squawklive* - Mashes up stock data & news, sends alerts. View.

Staralicious - Digg (news about) celebrities. View.

Stockdigg - Read, submit & rank financial news. View.

Stocknoise - Submit & vote on stock related news stories. View.

Strategicboard - Share tech news. View.

Stylefeeder - Find, share & keep track of cool products. View.

Sweeble - Publish & share your news in this magazine. View.

Sync~ - Customize your info on special interests. View.

Taglines - News in tags. View.

Tailrank - Read news (ranking through algorithm). View.

Talksoccer - Submit & rate soccer news. View.

Targetyournews - Control who sees your news submission. View.

Techfeed - Submit & rate tech news. View.

Techmeme - Automated tech news aggregator. View.

Techzingo - Tagged tech news . View.

Thatschillin - Submit & rate trivial news & videos. View.

Theport - Create & host your own news aggregator. View.

Theunseenvideo - Video & weather mash-up animation. View.

Thoof - Customizes your selection of news, websites & videos. View.

Topix - Share & discuss news. View.

Toptensources - Startpage. View.

Trendio - Bet on popular news (prediction market). View.

Ummyeah - Digg videos & news. View.

Valueinvestingnews - Submit & rate investment news. View.

Videws - RSS news mashed up with Youtube videos. View.

Wasabi - Share news with friends. View.

Web2newswire - Publish, share & digg news. View.

Wesmirch - Automated gossip aggregator. View.

Wikio - User managed news search. View.

Wordnews - News tagged in Times. View.

Xmlhttprequest - Track Web 2.0 news. View.

Youpickthenews - Digg news. View.

Zakly - Spread news & advertising via your mobile. View.

Zuula - Meta search (web, images, news, blogs, jobs). View.

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