24 December 2006

SOFTWARE 2.0 - consolidated

The list below is a container for all kinds of enabling softwares. Many of them are open source. Probably the most interesting ones are the frameworks, platforms and libraries for typical 2.0-stuff (and in that niche this list is NOT comprehensive - so tips are more than welcome).

301url - Shorten your url
37signals* - Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List
Abaqueinside - Catalogue ware
Abouturl - Aggregates many site tests
Activecollab - Collaboration & project management tool (free)
Ajax - Mozilla developer community
Ajaxload - Generates animated Ajax load gifs
Ajaxpaterns - Ajax developers portal
Ajaxshowcase - Aggregates Ajax applications
Applian - Capture streaming audio & video (Subm. by Bill Dettering)
Ataja - Shorten your url
Azareus - Distribute bandwidth & share content
Backbase* - Ajax applications
Bigcartel - Web stores for creative people
Biginjapan - Social media tools
Blotter - Graph your blog's popularity
Bluepulse - Internet 2 cell phone
Bordee - Instantly create message board for your page
Broadramp - Multimedia management solutions
Caspio - Web-based database solutions
Celumimagine - Media management tool
Cl1p.net - Copy & paste between computers
Click2zap - Remove parts of web page before print out
Clicmobile - Mobile social software
Codase - Search for & share code
Coghead - Create & share web-based business apps (Stealth)
Cordance - Dataweb technologies
Covenanteyes - Anti-porn filter for… you
Creatingonline - Design & image editing toolbox
Crispynews - Build your own Digg for free
Crossloop - Share your screen
Cspace - Platform for P2P communications
Cyberdummy - Share code
Dapper** - API generator
Digitalbycicle - Media distribution solutions
Django - Python apps
Dojo - Share JS tools
Dutchpipe~ - Create multi-user environments
Dvdidle - Work around DVD region codes & css
Easyutil - Api for recommendations
Effectivebrand - Create your own community toolbar
Elfurl - Make long url's short
Etelos - Try & buy on demand Web 2.0 apps
Feedforall - RSS script directory
Filenice - File browser (client)
Finsock - web-based sme business software
Fiveruns - Monitor & maintain your systems
Formspring - Create & publish forms & surveys
Funambol - Mobile OS project
Googleapps - Offer email, IM and calendar tools to your site's visitors
Hippo~ - Open source cms
Homeportals - Mix, modify & share your web pages
Html2pdf - Render any webpage to pdf
Iiproperty - Manage your properties
Imity - Connect who to where thru Bluetooth (Stealth)
Infogami - Create websites
Intronetworks - Social networking solutions
JS-Kit - Add comment features to your website
Kickapps - Adds 2.0-things and video to your website
Kittenauth - Protection against spambots
Koral - Content & document management system
Krugle - Search open source software
Laszlo - Web 2.0 software
Lifeo - All to the people (Stealth)
Lyceum - Enterprise multi-user blogging
Majikwidget - Customize & integrate widgets on your blog
Mendix*~ - Semantic application development
Meta - 2.0 forum solution
Metadot - Build your own website, intranet, portal
Mochikit - Suite of JS libraries
Montastic - Monitor your website
Mozilla - Browser add-ons & mash-ups
Msgurl - Shorten links
Musicarsenal - Music business management tools
Nexidia - Transform av data into business intelligence
Ning - Create social apps
Notlong - Shorten your URL
Ohloh - Search indexed open source projects
Openrico - Open source Java library
Orbeon - Create Ajax forms
Oszone - Share code
Palary - Ajax browser
Pingerati - Share your microformats
Plogger - Open source photo gallery system
Pluck - Social media solutions
Processing - Share code for imaging, animations, sound
Projectip - Recognizes anything on your computer
Promptu - Voice based search for all media
Prototype - JS framework
Pubet - P2P filesharing (client)
Qooxdoo - Javascript GUI toolkit
Radiotaleripple - Analyse your podcast's stats
Radrails - Develop Ruby on Rails apps
Roxio - Try out free media apps
Rubyonrails* - Web development framework
Safemail* - Create an uncrawlable image of your email address
Sampa - Build a website
Schooltool - School calendar & info system
Schoopy - Classroom organizer & site hosting
Scrapblog - Scrap, blog & share
Scriptaculous - Javascript libraries 2.0 style
Sidewalk - Create Ajax forms
Simile - Semantic interoperability of metadata and information tools
Simplelog - Blog application
Simpleseating - Seating tool
Sitekreator* - Build, publish & host websites (Subm. By Brian Solis)
Sitevista - Test your website
Skyhook - Wi-fi positioning
Smblive - Share all business applications
Snipperoo - Add, remove & manage widgets (Stealth)
Speedtest* - Check your ISP's speed
Splashdata - Mobile tools for media, payments, shopping…
Sprajax - Security for Ajax
Stargazer - Free web-based tools for families & charities
Stellent - Enterprise blogging & wiki
Suitetwo - 2.0 toolset for enterprises
Swarmteams* - Solutions to set up & manage mobile One2- or Many2Many community communications
Swik - Search for open source software
Synthasite - Collaborate on site development
Tapuxmobile* - Mobile fun & community content & apps
Textsnippets - Share code
Thnlnk - Semantic URL shortener
Traction - Enterprise multi-user blogging
Turbogears - Rapid development framework
Uize** - Java API Library
Urlx - Shorten your URL
Visualcomplexity - Visualize complexity
Vivox - Solutions for communities, communications, games
Watchmouse~ - Site & server monitoring services
Webgui - CMS
Weborb - Build, deploy & host rich client apps
Webripper - Rip files from sites
Websitewatcher - Monitor sites for updates and changes
Widsets - Create mobile widgets
Wildapricot - CMS with lots of 2.0 for not-for-profit clubs etc.
Wordcast - Host, manage, measure & monetize podcasting
Workday - web-based ERP solutions
Wyacracker - Build your own widgets
Xmetal - XML authoring suite with 6 applications
Yahoodevelopernetwork - Javascript developer center
Zamzar* - Convert your files online
Zohocreator - Create & share applications

Update 061224

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