24 December 2006

SEARCH 2.0 - consolidated

Don't ask me why, but this is one of the most crowded categories. My bet is that a few vertical and a few clustered search concepts stand a very tiny chance to work themselves out of Google's shadow. Folksonomy-based search seems interesting to, but it's victim to a chicken or egg-dilemma: to make it really work you first need massive usage...

1000tags - Tag cloud based search
A9** - Clustered search
Academiclive - Search academic articles
Accoona - A.I. Enhanced search
Adaction - Search me
Aduna~ - Visualize search results
Ajaxwhois - Results while you type
Albumart - Search for CD and DVD covers
Alexa - Contribute to ranked search & stats while you surf
Ambedo - Bookmark, tag & search
Anoox - Majority vote optimized search
Askalexia - Ajax interface to Alexia.com
Audioclipping* - Search AV (German)
Aytozon - Ebay + Amazon metasearch
Bashr - Wikipedia, Flickr & Delicious mash-up
Become - Collective shopping search
Bessed - Search & blog
Bibster - Search, share & manage bibliographic metadata
Big - Big search reseults
Biggerboat - Search entertainment
Blogbar - Searches your blog and the web
Blogbuzzmachine - Blog search
Blogdigger - Search blogs
Blogpulse - Search blogs
Blue - Find & share
Boardtracker - Search forums (Subm. by James)
Boxxet - Social search (Stealth)
Broadmining - Meta search
Browster - Search & browse instantly
Byoms - Personalized IM search agents on your cell
Cellpedia - Search for mobile phones
Chacha* - Get real time results with help of live guides
Cityfeeds - Find what's happening in a city now
Cloudee - Aggregates news per term
Clusty - Cluster results in folders
Collaborativerank - Search & rank
Congoo - Search and preview premium content (Stealth)
Cooliris - Search within search (client)
Copernic - Search app
Daypop - Search news
Decipho - Clustered search (Stealth)
Deepquerymanager - Search, share & manage info from the deep web
Dhoondo - Search all content on the web
Diffbot - Scout the web, even without RSS (Stealth)
Digforit - Meta searcg
Digitalmediasearch - Search media
Dipsie - Deep search
Ditto - Search images
Dodloo - Shopping info aggregator
Domainsbot - Domain searcg & suggestions
Doubletrust - Google + Yahoo mash-up
Dumbfind - Search words + tags
Egosurf - Search yourself, get ranking
Ekoss - Semantic search for engineers
Everythingweb20search - Web 2.0 search
Exalead** - Unified search technology
Eyesearch - Search results presented in mini thumbs
Factbites - Search results in sensible sentences
Fedsifter - Search feeds
Feedshot - Optimize findability of your blog
Feedster - Search for feeds
Feedzie - Finds feeds & casts
Filangy - Current search
Findsounds - Search for sounds
Fintag - Finds LSE stocks
Flickr-storm - Fuzzy search engine for Flickr photos
Flowser - Visual Amazon search
Foundd - Personalizable meta search
Franchisegator - Ajaxified franchise search & match
Fundooweb - Meta search
Futef - Clustered search on Wikipedia
Gadabe* - RSS metasearch (relaunched as Tagjag)
Gahooyoogle - Google + Yahoo mash-up
Geourl - Location 2 URL directory
Gnoos - Blog search
Gnosh - Meta search
Gnowsis - Semantic desktop
Googdesk - Meta search
Google* - Search & adwords
Googleblogsearch - Search blogs
Googlecircles - Find common interest groups
Googlecustomesearch - Create your own vertical search with Google
Googlerelatedlinks - Related links service for your web page
Googletoolbar - Social search
Gravee - Searches sites & blogs; fair rev share on ads
Gridwell - Search; results with icons
Hakia - Meaningful results
Hayneedle - Search (Stealth)
Healthline - Contextual search for health information
Hotdaddy* - Search engine aggregator
Huckuback - Meta search
Iamsearched - Are you googled-notification service
Ibegin - Local search
Icerocket - Search blogs & web
Instantdomainsearch - Ajax domain search + suggestions
Ipselon - Meta search
I-spy - Community based meta search
Jookster - Search, rank & share
Juststepsaway - Deep filtered vertical search for vacation rentals
Jux2 - Meta search
Jyamit - Search for places
Kartoo** - Clustered, mapped search
Keotag - Keyword and tag search
Kinja - Search blogs
Knover - Discover who's connected to what & whom
Kosmix - Verticle search
Kratia - Search, vote & rank results
Lexxe - Meaningful search
Lijit* - Social contextual search
Like - Find article you want and do a likeness search
Linkedwords - Search with context
Linkput - Results with suer input
Livedoorsearchbox - Search in IE window border
Liveplasma* - Search & find other things to your taste
Livesearch* - Refine your search while you type
Loki* - Search & navigate web & real life
Lumrix - Semantic search engine
Majestic12* - Distributed search engine
Makidi - Search for people (?)
Mamma - Meta search
Matchmypet - Find a date for your pet
Meevee - Search, upload, share, review & vote tv content
Mnemo - Refine your search terms
Monitor110** - One-stop semantic financial research suite
Mooter - Clustered search
Musestorm*** - Metasearch in Flash (several interfaces)
Musicmap - Search & find other things to your taste
Mybigriver - Find while you type; Amazon mash-up
Newroo - Memetracker (Stealth)
Nextaris - Social search
Omgili - Search discussion forums
Oodle - Find local classifieds
Oozm - Search refined by people
Opinmind - Connect opinions to people (bloggers)
OPMLsearch - Dedicated OPML search
Opsdo - Hyper meta search
Otavo - Index the unindexable by pooling intentions (Stealth)
Outfoxed - Social search
Pico - Search multimedia
Picsearch - Meta search on pics
Pixsy - Ajax-based image search
Podcastsearchservice - Find podcasts
Podfeet - Find casts
Podnova - Find podcasts
Podscope - Find podcasts thru text search
Podzinger - Search podcasts
Praseus - Page rank based search
Prefound - Search & share what you've found
Previewseek*** - Byebye Google? (Coming back soon)
Pubsub - Search + profiled alerts
Pulverati - Create & share RSS feed search
Qelly - Meta search engine
Qoogle - Video search
Q-phrase - Search solutions (clients)
Qtsaver - Micro content search; Google & Yahoo mash-ups
Qtsearch - Search for content in Yahoo & Google
Qube - Search engine aggregator (client)
Quece - Conversational search
Quintura - Search engine with visualized context terms (client)
Qwerky - Search strange site names
Qwika - Search wikis
Releton - Google + Yahoo + maps & routes
Resultr - Meta search with agents
Retrevo - Meta product search
Retrievr* - Search images by sketching
Riya* - Face recognition based photo search
Rollyo* - Create search agents
Rootly - Refine your news search
RSSmicro - Feed search
Scoopgo~ - Create & maintain news search agents
Scroogle - Google without ads & other evil
Searchmapr - Cluster your search results in treemap
Searchmash - Ajaxified search playground for Google
Seekum - User ranked search results
Semantical - Sementic search engine software
Shopwiki - Search 120,000 stores
Similicious - Search for similar websites
Simplygoogle - Everything Google on 1 page
Skuer - CSS search engine
Snaket - Clustered search
Snap - Ajax search, shows found pages
Snunk - Search & vote
Sphere - Search the blogosphere
Sproose - Personalize search results & share them
Squurl - Rapid domain search
SRC - Clustered search
Stalkerati - meta search for people
Suckingfish - Save, collaborate on & publish search results
Surfwax - Multisource search
Swamii - Create cross media search agents
Swicki - Search with user input
Swoogle - Semantic web search engine
Tagfetch - Folksonomy meta tag search
Tagground - Search for URLs by tag or v.v.
Tagjag - Meta search (formerly Gada.be)
Tagnautica - Search Flickr
Talkdigger - Search & discuss results from blogs & web
Tallstreet - Trade search results like stock market
Tanbul - Google-like search, better algorithm for user input
Technorati* - Find what people are saying
Technoratikitchen - Saerch for microformats
Thedailyplate - Search foods & find healthiest options
Tiltomo - Search for similar photos
Toptaggers* - Tag, rank & share links
Toptensources - Startpage
Tunefind - Submit & find film & tv music
Twerq* - Remember search results in tabs
Urlfan - Real time blog reference search (Stealth)
Vast - Car search
V-enable - Mobile speech search
Videoronk - Meta video search
Viewscore - Product search & comparison engine
Vivisimo - Clustered search
Wampad - Experiments in speed search
Watson - Add contextual search to all documents
Watvindenwijover~ - Find & vote for information
Waypath - Search blogs
Webaroo - Search the web offline
Webmunism - Search media & knowledge in self-organizing categories
Who-isit - Whois, ping, check link popularity
Whonu - Discover/search content (more) intuitively
Wink - Folksonomied search
Xcavator - Search & sort images
Xista - Get more info searching
Yellowbook - Yellow pages aggregator
Yoono - Search, exchange & share information
Yubnub* - Search & share search commands
Yurnet - Übersearch
Zeedex - Search with suggestions
Zigtag - Search, save & share results
Zoomf - Search with map mash-up
Zuggest - Search Amazon as you type

Update 061224


Anonymous said...

You know of BlogScope, which is a Search & Analysis 2.0 tool.

Anonymous said...

Can you add www.summize.com to this list. It is a nice use of Web 2.0 and 3.0 concepts for the shopping space.

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