06 April 2008

GAMBLING 2.0: 40 ways to bet on sports, stocks, etc.

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: GAMING 2.0, RESEARCH 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Fanyard - Predict outcome of football & basketball games & compare your performance. View.

Metaplace - Create & publish virtual worlds & games. View.

Picktastic - Pick winning teams, get higher ranking & connect to other users. View.

Allspotsmarket - Sports stock market. View.

Betbug - Betting exchange. View.

Betbull - Betting exchange. View.

Betdaq - Betting exchange. View.

Betfairgames - Bet on poker and blackjack games. View.

Betfairpoker - Poker community. View.

Betmate - Betting exchange. View.

Betonbet - Bet on sports, poker & casino games. View.

Betsgowild* - Cash-free betting community. View.

Betsson - Betting exchange, poker & casino tournaments. View.

Bettingmarket - Article on P2P betting. View.

Chiplab - Design & manufacture your own casino chips. View.

Foresightexchange - Bet on your predictions. View.

Gottabet* - Bet on anything with friends or colleagues - for money or glory. View.

Gpokr - Play poker & contribute to concept (see Idea-page!). View.

Hedgestreet - Bet on all kinds of economical parameters. View.

Hodgepodge - Share ideas, tips & opinions on gambling. View.

Ibetx - Betting exchange. View.

Iem - Futures markets dependable on real events. View.

In-the-casino - Gambling online community. View.

Intrade - Trading exchange for prediction markets. View.

Longbets - Prediction competition for charities. View.

Mansion - Betting exchange. View.

Matchbook - Betting exchange. View.

Mybet - Betting exchange. View.

Newsfutures - Trade on tomorrow's news today. View.

Parbet - Betting exchange. View.

Partypoker - Poker tournaments. View.

Pickspal - Bet on sports with friends. View.

Pokerlistings - Review, rate & rank poker websites. View.

Poserfish - P2P betting, free. View.

Redbet - Betting exchange. View.

Spreadfair - Spread betting exchange. View.

Thepool - P2P sports betting. View.

Tradebetx - Betting exchange. View.

Tradesports - Betting exchange. View.

Tradindex - Spread betting exchange. View.

Xufe - Use the wisdom of crowds to decide on your bet. View.

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