12 April 2008

DESIGN (GRAPHICAL) 2.0: 68 online sources for graphic designers

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DESIGN (INTERACTIVE -) 2.0, DESIGN (TYPOGRAPHICAL -) 2.0, IMAGING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Fawnt* - Font resource for designers. View.

Logosauce - Showcase your logos & inspire other designers. View.

20culture - Article on Web 2.0 design trends. View.

Amaztype - Create typeface from word-relevant book covers (Amazon mash-up). View.

Backgroundimagemaker - Create backgrounds. View.

Blinkr - Digg design. View.

Brands20 - Traditional brands in 2.0 design style. View.

Colorblender - Colour picker & matcher. View.

Colorcell - Find beautiful colour combinations. View.

Colormixers - Create color schemes. View.

Color-palette - Submit URL of an image & get its color palette. View.

Colorschemer - Explore colour schemes. View.

Colorsharewonders - Color scheme generator. View.

Colorwheel - Match foreground colors with background colors. View.

Colourlovers - View, are & review colour schemes & trends. View.

Colr* - Play with colour photos & publish results. View.

Colrpickr - Search Flickr photos based on their color. View.

Conceptshare - Collaborate on design. View.

Cpluv - Community for designers. View.

Famfamfam - Search icons. View.

Feedicon - Create your feed icon. View.

Flickrlogomakr - Make Flickr-like logo in a second. View.

Flowermaker - Design flowers. View.

Fonttester - Compare fonts side by side online. View.

Framer - Add a frame to your photos. View.

Go2web20 - Web 2.0 logo wall. View.

Huddle - Collaborate on PR, advertising, marketing, design. View.

Iconbuffet - Search icons. View.

Iconfactory - Create or search icons. View.

Iconfinder - Icon search engine. View.

Imagegenerator - Add special fx to your images. View.

Kuler - Publish, rate & share colour schemes. View.

Lo8os - Graphic design gallery & community. View.

Logopond - Submit, rate & discuss graphical design. View.

Logotwo - Vote for Web 2.0 logo designs. View.

Mapicons - Create pin icons for maps. View.

Matriceservices - Web 2.0 annotated logo cloud. View.

Mikons - Create & share your own icons. View.

Moo - Use Flickr photos into printed business cards. View.

Msig - Generate a 2.0-ish logo online. View.

Nakedandangry - Design & share your wallpapers. View.

Netcocktail - Share colour schemes. View.

Pic2color - Create color palettes from images. View.

Quickmuse - Battle of the poets. View.

Rasterbator - Creates rasterized images. View.

Richchartlive - Create Flash charts from your browser. View.

Roundedcornr - Generate & share code for rounded corners. View.

Sitepal* - Design speaking animated avatars. View.

Sketchup - Create & view things in 3D. View.

Snaket - Clustered search. View.

Spellwithflickr - Spell names with photos; Flickr mash-up. View.

Sprintsweets - Compose & send postcards with animated typography. View.

Stabilo-boss - Web 2.0 annotated logo cloud. View.

Tartanmaker - Create tartans. View.

Thumbalizr - Take screenshots of any web page & thumb them. View.

Tistory - Mobile Web 2.0 logo cloud. View.

Toongum - Publish & share flash cartoons. View.

Tracbac - Share, comment, revise & collaborate. View.

Typetester - Compare screen type. View.

Uselessaccount - Impress your friends with your ability to tab through form fields and arrow through saved field values!. View.

Visual-literacy - E-learning tutorial on visualization. View.

Watchingthewebflyby - Animated logo race. View.

Web20badges - Create Web 20 badges. View.

Web20palette - Colour palette for Web 2.0 design. View.

Web20stylr - Create your web 2.0 logography. View.

Wineryexchange - Have your private label wine brand sourced, designed, and developed. View.

Xindesk - Desktop operating system with file sync. View.

Yay2dot0logoparody - Traditional brands in 2.0 design style. View.

Yourfilehost - Upload, store & manage videos. View.

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