04 March 2008

VAS 2.0: 84 remarkable services with a (potential) added value

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DRM 2.0, LEGAL 2.0, PHONE 2.0, PSP 2.0, SERVICE COMMERCE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Adresbekend~ - Get snail mail without giving your address, or send out mail without knowing addresses. View.

Billmelater - Shop now, pay later (no credit cards). View.

Civilanswers - Free & cheap legal advice. View.

Custodyplanner - Manage a shared custody situation with your ex. View.

Ezgram - Write letters online & have them delivered over snail mail. View.

Imemories* - Preserve & share your home movie history. View.

Independentip~* - Digital music supply chain management solution. View.

Istats - Manage & share your workout & training stats. View.

Knome - Whole-genome sequencing & analysis for individuals. View.

Mailbuild - Set up templates for your client's email campaigns & have them charged. View.

Mchek - Mobile payment solutions. View.

Mynewcompany - Incorporate or form your company online. View.

Nanoscan* - Free instant virus scan. View.

Pageonce - Aggregate & manage all your digital accounts. View.

Picscout - Manage your digital photo rights. View.

Risesmart - Search jobs with help of experts who personally prescreen your employment opportunities. View.

Servicebeacon* - Book service with your car dealer. View.

Sleepfm - Let friends' alarm messages wake you up. View.

Strategyeye* - Real-time intelligence dashboard tracking digital media markets (free trial). View.

Telepixie - Get wake up calls & other value added phone services, for free or for a small fee. View.

Trixietracker - Track & share daily patterns in your baby's needs & behavior. View.

Wakerupper - Set up wake-up calls & other reminders (North America). View.

Xoom - Transfer money internationally from your PC. View.

Aiga - Customize terms & conditions for design engagements. View.

Amazonfps - Neutral (micro)payment system. View.

Buddymedia - PSP for Facebook's Ace Bucks. View.

Castingwords - Podcast2text transcription service View.

Catsone - Track, manage & streamline your hiring process. View.

Contractpal - Manage your contracts. View.

Copyscape - Find out who takes over/plagiarizes or steals your content. View.

Creativecommons - Manage your digital rights. View.

Directbaggage - Luggage delivery service. View.

Escrow - Trusted 3d party payment solutions. View.

Esignforms - Get your contracts signed. View.

Ether - Set up your call centre, make money. View.

Flexpetz - Share a dog for a few hours or days. View.

Free411 - Listen to ads & get free directory guide service. View.

Goodmail - Certified email solution. View.

Googlemark - Register your words. View.

Helpmework - Business management services for consultants and freelancers. View.

Ilovejackdaniels - Check text readability. View.

Inpowr - Plan, play & progress in every area of life. View.

Introplay - Exercise, track your fitness & play together. View.

Kakorama - Compose & upload your ringtone for free, find out what happened on the day you were born, plus IM service. View.

Keepyousafe - Digital safe deposit box. View.

Kishkish - Detect lies thru phone. View.

Legalforce - Buy, sell & license patents. View.

Lisensa - Manage your digital rights through licensing. View.

Livesquare - Anti-piracy protection for streaming media. View.

Liveworld - Moderation & member care services for communities. View.

Lumosity - Test & train your brain. View.

Lunchprodigy - Process your lunch orders online. View.

Mimeo - On demand printing, binding & delivery. View.

Mobilealibi* - Online safe deposit box. View.

Mojopac - Run any app on any device. View.

Moka - Subscribe to book wisdom delivered thru sms. View.

Myfoodphone - Schedule a call to get you out of a situation. View.

Nophonetrees* - "Bringo" scans phonetrees, calls you back when it's your turn. View.

Nutrax - Monitor & modify eating habits with your camera phone. View.

Payter~ - Pay with your mobile phone. View.

Pervwatch - Perv mash-up. View.

Place4langs - Find people to practice or teach languages. View.

Reardencommerce* - Employee benefit services. View.

Remotecontrolmail* - Go thru your snail mail digitally before you receive it. View.

Runfatboy - Manage your diet & fitness. View.

Scratchnscribble - Mail real handwritten postcards. View.

Sertifi - Deliver, manage & execute contracts. View.

Shinyletter - Mail2snailmail. View.

Shutterfly - Store, share & print photos. View.

Simpleseating - Seating tool. View.

Skinnyr - Track your weight. View.

Smblive - Share all business applications. View.

Snacksby - Tell what you have in your pantry and get a recipe. View.

Spreadshirt* - Design, buy or sell your T's. View.

Sugarstats - Manage your glucose readings. View.

Talicious** - Share your talents (by uploading stuff) & get discovered. View.

Textpayme - Pay with your phone. View.

Tractis - Create, manage & close contracts. View.

Uship - Auction, or bid for, transportation services. View.

Verimatrix - Video watermarking & fingerprinting solution. View.

Voice-pay - Voice rec based payment system. View.

Voicequilt - Create a present with your loving voice (buy phone time). View.

Wetfeet - Research, assess & manage your career. View.

Yozons - Get your contracts signed. View.

Zong - Create and make money on mobile services in 10 countries in under 10 minutes. View.

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