09 March 2008

SOCIAL SOFTWARE 2.0: 73 solutions to create & manage communities & social media

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CMS 2.0, CODING 2.0, COMMUNITY 2.0, ENTERPRISE 2.0, FORUM 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0, WIKI 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Bazaarvoice - Add social features to your ecommerce site. View.

Boonex - Deploy & manage dating sites & communities. View.

Converdge - White label enterprise social networking service. View.

Crowdvine* - Set up your own social network in a minute. View.

Fusion - Customizable social networking application framework. View.

Golightly - Communication, collaboration & fundraising community solutions. View.

Heroku - Hosted instant development environment for Rails. View.

Leveragesoftware - Create a full-featured online community for $ 299/m. View.

Metaplace - Create & publish virtual worlds & games. View.

Mindtouch* - Wiki and application platform for communities, media, brands & enterprises. View.

Mubito - Create & manage music web communities. View.

Opensocial* - Google's common set of APIs for social apps across multiple websites. View.

Realitydigital - Platform for storing, sharing, managing & monetizing user-generated content. View.

Sixgroups - Set up & manage your own community. View.

Spruz - Create free website for social networking, ecommerce, etc. View.

Techlightenment - Builds social apps for Facebook. View.

Vibecapital - Community solutions for the enterprise. View.

8020publishing* - Enables online communities to co-create printed magazines (cf. JPG Magazine about imagemaking and Everywhere about travel). View.

Actionize - Project, task, contact, network & file management solution. View.

Activegrid - Integrate services into Web 20 applications. View.

Aptanaradrails - Development environment for Ruby on Rails apps. View.

Beyond** - Career management software, facilitating 15,000 niche sites & job boards. View.

Biggerboat - Search entertainment. View.

Bitweaver - Content management system for communities and enterprise. View.

Bryght - Create & maintain a community. View.

Casero - Whitelabel Web 2.0 platforms. View.

Cerado - Networking platform for organizations. View.

Clicmobile - Mobile social software. View.

Cogenz - Intra-company social bookmarking. View.

Commongate - Create your own social network. View.

Crowdfactory - Create & manage a social network site. View.

Eazyportal - Content management system for communities. View.

Engineyard - Ruby on Rails-focused hosting. View.

Folkstr - Easy to install social networking solution. View.

Gravityzoo~*** - The Grid!. View.

Groupomatic - Start a local group, get members & schedule events. View.

Hiitch - Start your own open sourced desktop social networking platform. View.

Instantrails - Runtime solution containing Ruby, Rails, Apache and MySQL. View.

Intronetworks - Social networking solutions. View.

Jive - Enterprise forum solution. View.

Kickapps - Adds 2.0-things and video to your website. View.

Krawlerx - Create, search, share & build community around your media. View.

Laszlo - Web 2.0 software. View.

Livejournal - Join or create your own community. View.

Lookupahookup - Create or join an expert or experience group. View.

Mapable - Build & share chatrooms & communities. View.

Mashcodes - Get social networking tools (hosted by Mashable). View.

Me* - Build, manage & exploit your online community. View.

Meta - 2.0 forum solution. View.

Movabletype - Construct & maintain your blog, web & social media sites. View.

Mycool - Search, create & share special interest groups. View.

Myspace - Communicate with & share content with your friends. View.

Netcipia - Blog & wiki hosting. View.

Ning* - Start a community, create social apps. View.

Onlinegroups - Create a site, a group, invite & collaborate. View.

Paycycle - Payroll & taxes management solution. View.

Pluck - Social media solutions. View.

Primomailer - CMS for email newsletters. View.

Prospero - White label community software. View.

Publicsquare - Create communities of passionate readers. View.

Radiotime - Personalize radio. View.

Railsbase - Application hosting (Ruby-based). View.

Railslodge - Ruby on Rails developers community. View.

Rubyonrails* - Web development framework. View.

Siteframe - Content management system. View.

Sonific - Claim a song & publish it on your site. View.

Suitetwo - 2.0 toolset for enterprises. View.

Swarmteams* - Solutions to set up & manage mobile One2- or Many2Many community communications. View.

Teachthepeople - Create your own community & share knowledge. View.

Twisted - Event-driven Python networking engine. View.

Vivox - Solutions for communities, communications, games. View.

Wildapricot - CMS with lots of 2.0 for not-for-profit clubs etc.. View.

Youhavebo - Anti-social software. View.

Zohocreator - Create & share applications. View.

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