19 March 2008

PSP 2.0: 28 ways to pay or get paid

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CONTENT COMMERCE 2.0, ECOMMERCE 2.0, MECOMMERCE 2.0, SERVICE COMMERCE 2.0, VAS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Amiando* - Organize events & process online presales. View.

Billeo - Transaction management solution for SME & consumers (bill pay-, profile- & password assistant). View.

Billmelater - Shop now, pay later (no credit cards). View.

Clairmail - Mobile payment solutions. View.

Loyaltymatch* - Turn your loyalty points into cash, or purchase from other loyalty programs. View.

Mchek - Mobile payment solutions. View.

Playspan - Game search, virtual goods marketplace & payment tools for game publishers. View.

Quickinsert - Let users log in before they can see your content (& let them pay). View.

Revolutioncard - Extra secure credit card with flexible features. View.

Revolutionmoneyexchange* - Send & receive money online between accountholders for free. View.

Siteheart* - Have a chat dialogue, deal it out & transact. View.

Xoom - Transfer money internationally from your PC. View.

Amazonfps - Neutral (micro)payment system. View.

Buddymedia - PSP for Facebook's Ace Bucks. View.

Buyyourfriendadrink - Buy or redeem drinks thru cell phone code. View.

Entriq - Make money on your content. View.

Escrow - Trusted 3d party payment solutions. View.

Googlecheckout - Multi channel PSP technology & services. View.

Icache* - Meta credit, debit & loyalty card . View.

Interraproject - Do & consume good with your credit & debit cards. View.

Kuscash* - Mobile digital wallet. View.

Mblox - Mobile wallet community. View.

Mypaymentnetwork - Selfservice online payment service. View.

Obopay - Global mobile transaction solutions. View.

Payforit - Mobile payment solution. View.

Payter~ - Pay with your mobile phone. View.

Splashdata - Mobile tools for media, payments, shopping…. View.

Textpayme - Pay with your phone. View.

Voice-pay - Voice rec based payment system. View.

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