26 August 2007

SEARCH 2.0: More than threehundred algorithmed, tagged, folksonomied, vertical, clustered, visualized search & recommendation engines

Don't ask me why, but this is one of the most crowded categories;-). Search inspires many students & academics to come up with something new, although often just for play. My bet is that a few vertical and a few clustered search concepts stand a very tiny chance to work themselves out of Google's shadow. Folksonomy-based search seems interesting too, but it's victim to a chicken or egg-dilemma: to make it really work they first need massive usage...

More than 60 additions in this update, in italic.

1000tags - Tag cloud based search
A9** - Clustered search
Academiclive - Search academic articles
Accoona - A.I. Enhanced search
Adaction - Search me
Aduna~ - Visualize search results
Aftervote - Meta search inc several rankings
Aftervote - Meta search inc several rankings
Ajaxwhois - Results while you type
Alamy - Search stock images
Albumart - Search for CD and DVD covers
Alpinaut - Search route maps
Ambedo - Bookmark, tag & search
Anoox - Majority vote optimized search
Aolvideo - Search video
Askalexia - Ajax interface to Alexia.com
Audioclipping* - Search AV (German)
Aytozon - Ebay + Amazon metasearch
Bashr - Wikipedia, Flickr & Delicious mash-up
Become - Collective shopping search
Bessed - Search & blog
Bibster - Search, share & manage bibliographic metadata
Big - Big search results
Biggerboat - Search entertainment
Blogbar - Searches your blog and the web
Blogbuzzmachine - Blog search
Blogcatalog - Blog directory
Blogpulse - Search blogs
Blogrovr - Get links to context relevant blog articles while you're browsing
Bluedot (formerly: Blue) - Find & share
Boardreader - Forum & bulletin board search engine
Boardtracker - Search forums
Brandgossip*~ - Find what people say about your brand
Browster - Search & browse instantly
Bustaname* - Domain name checker
Byoms - Personalized IM search agents on your cell
Chacha* - Get real time results with help of live guides
Cityfeeds - Find what's happening in a city now
Cliproller - Search video & get recommendations
Cloudee - Aggregates news per term
Clusty - Cluster results in folders
Collaborativerank - Search & rank
Collarity - Customize your search & find people with similar search interests
Colrpickr - Search Flickr photos based on their color
Compete - Get info on sites' traffic, offers and trustworthiness
Congoo - Search and preview premium content for free
Cooliris - Search within search (client)
Copernic - Search app
Cranky - Search & rate in this age relevant senior search engine
Daypop - Search news
Decipho - Clustered search
Deepquerymanager - Search, share & manage info from the deep web
Digforit - Meta search
Digitalmediasearch - Search media
Digitalpodcast - Search podcasts
Ditto - Search images
Domainsbot - Domain search & suggestions
Doubletrust - Google + Yahoo mash-up
Downthisvideo - Search & download videos
Dumbfind - Search words + tags
Egosurf - Search yourself, get ranking
Ekoss - Semantic search for engineers
Everythingweb20search - Web 2.0 search
Exalead** - Unified search technology
Extate - Property search engine (UK & SA)
Eyesearch - Search results presented in mini thumbs
Ez2find - Meta search
Factbites - Search results in sensible sentences
Famfamfam - Search icons
Faroo - Become part of a search infrastructure (client)
Fedsifter - Search feeds
Feedshot - Optimize findability of your blog
Feedster - Search for feeds
Feedzie - Finds feeds & casts
Filangy - Current search
Findsounds - Search for sounds
Fintag - Finds LSE stocks
Flickr-storm - Fuzzy search engine for Flickr photos
Flowser - Visual Amazon search
Fooooo - Search +20M videos
Franchisegator - Ajaxified franchise search & match
Fundooweb - Meta search
Futef - Clustered search on Wikipedia
Fybersearch - Web and feed search
Gadabe* - RSS metasearch (relaunched as Tagjag)
Gahooyoogle - Google + Yahoo mash-up
Geourl - Location 2 URL directory
Gettalink - Search & get visual links
Gnoos - Blog search
Gnosh - Meta search
Gnowsis - Semantic desktop
Gokita* - Clustered meta search (no advertising)
Goodsearch - 50% of ad revenues for a charity designated by you
Googdesk - Meta search
Google* - Search & adwords
Google411 - Voice rec-based search
Googleblogsearch - Search blogs
Googlecustomesearch - Create your own vertical search with Google
Googleimages - Search images
Googlemobile - Search, email & rss reader
Googlerelatedlinks - Related links service for your web page
Googletoolbar - Social search
Graball - Meta search
Gravee - Searches sites & blogs; fair rev share on ads
Gridwell - Search; results with icons
Hakia - Meaningful results
Healia - Health search engine
Healthline - Contextual search for health information
Highfivez - Blogosphere search engine
Hotdaddy* - Search engine aggregator
Huckuback - Meta search
Iamsearched - Are you googled-notification service
Ibegin - Local search
Icerocket - Search blogs & web
Iconbuffet - Search icons
Iconfinder - Icon search engine
Instantdomainsearch - Ajax domain search + suggestions
Ipselon - Meta search
I-spy - Community based meta search
Jobpile - Job search engine
Jobsearcheasy - Job search engine, win prizes
Jookster - Search, rank & share
Juststepsaway - Deep filtered vertical search for vacation rentals
Jux2 - Meta search
Kartoo** - Clustered, mapped search
Kcoolonline - Search & download videos
Keepvid - Search & download videos
Keotag - Keyword and tag search
Kinja - Search blogs
Kissyoutube - Search & download videos
Knover - Discover who's connected to what & whom
Kosmix - Vertical search
Kratia - Search, vote & rank results
Lexxe - Meaningful search
Lijit* - Social contextual search
Like - Find article you want and do a likeness search
Linkedwords - Search with context
Linkput - Results with sure input
Lirama~ - Upload, explore & share song lyrics
Liszen - Search blog articles for librarians
Livedoorsearchbox - Search in IE window border
Liveplasma* - Search & find other things to your taste
Livesearch* - Refine your search while you type
Loki* - Search & navigate web & real life
Longtimelost* - Find back lost friends thru Google
Lumrix - Semantic search engine
Majestic12* - Distributed search engine
Makidi - Search for people (?)
Mamma - Meta search
Matchmypet - Find a date for your pet
Mb3dengine - Animated Digg-cloud
Medgle* - Medical search
Meevee - Search, upload, share, review & vote tv content
Metatube - Search +100 video sharing sites
Mnemo - Refine your search terms
Mobilcast - Search podcasts
Monitor110** - One-stop semantic financial research suite
Mooter - Clustered search
Musestorm*** - Metasearch in Flash (several interfaces)
Musicmap - Search & find other things to your taste
Mybigriver - Find while you type; Amazon mash-up
Newroo - Memetracker (Stealth)
Nextaris - Social search
Nnseek - Forum search engine
Nnseek - Forum search engine
Oihoi - First specify category, then search
Omgili - Search discussion forums
Oodle - Find local classifieds
Oozm - Search refined by people
Opinmind - Connect opinions to people (bloggers)
OPMLsearch - Dedicated OPML search
Opsdo - Meta search
Otavo - Collaborative web search
Outfoxed - Social search
Pagebull - Visual search
Pico - Search multimedia
Picsearch - Meta search on pics
Picturesandbox - Photo & video search
Pipl - Search for people
Pixelperfect - Search stock images
Pixsy - Ajax-based image search
Podcastdirectory - Search podcasts
Podcastnet - Search podcasts
Podcastsearchservice - Find podcasts
Podfeet - Find casts
Podnova - Find podcasts
Podscope - Find podcasts thru text search
Podscope - Voice rec-based audio and video search engine
Praseus - Page rank based search
Prefound - Search & share what you've found
Previewseek*** - Byebye Google? (Coming back soon)
Pssdir - Create & publish your own search engine or web directory
Pubsub - Search + profiled alerts
Pulverati - Create & share RSS feed search
Puzzr - Vertical search
Qelly - Meta search engine - Search
Qksearch - Meta search for verticals (web, jobs, etc.)
Qoogle - Video search
Q-phrase - Search solutions (clients)
Qtsaver - Micro content search; Google & Yahoo mash-ups
Qtsearch - Search for content in Yahoo & Google
Quantcast - Site stats
Qube - Search engine aggregator (client)
Quece - Conversational search
Quintura - Search strange site names
Qwika - Search wikis
Readon* - Have your video captioned for search purposes
Releton - Google + Yahoo + maps & routes
Reply - Get info on value of homes & cars in USA
Resultr - Meta search with agents
Retrevo - Meta product search
Retrievr* - Search images by sketching
Riya* - Face recognition based photo search
Rollyo* - Create search agents
Rootly - Refine your news search
Rssmicro - Feed search
Scoopgo~ - Create & maintain news search agents
Scroogle - Google without ads & other evil
Searchcrystals - Visualise your search
Searchfeedr - RSS feed search
Searchforvideo - Search video
Searchmapr - Cluster your search results in treemap
Searchmash - Ajaxified search playground for Google
Searchvideo - Search video
Seekum - User ranked search results
Semantical - Semantic search engine software - Search
Shopwiki - Search 120,000 stores
Sidekiq* - Hyper meta search
Similicious - Search for similar websites
Simplygoogle - Everything Google on 1 page
Skuer - CSS search engine
Snaket - Clustered search
Snap - Ajax search, shows found pages
Snunk - Search & vote
Socialgrapes - Find & keep track any member of any social network
Sphere - Search the blogosphere
Sproose - Personalize search results & share them
Squurl - Rapid domain search - Search
SRC - Clustered search
SRC - Clustered search with RSS alerts
Srobbin - Search Google Video on your cell
Stalkerati - Meta search for people
Stockpert - Search stock images
Stockphotofinder - Search stock images
Streakr* - Stumble upon, rate & share content from social media
Suckingfish - Save, collaborate on & publish search results
Sullr* - Reversed mobile phone number search
Surfwax - Multisource search
Swamii - Create cross media search agents
Swicki - Search with user input
Swoogle - Semantic web search engine
Sxc - Search stock images
Tagbulb - Meta tag search
Tagfetch - Folksonomy meta tag search
Tagground - Search for URLs by tag or v.v.
Tagjag - Meta search (formerly Gada.be)
Tagnautica - Search Flickr
Talkdigger - Search & discuss results from blogs & web
Tallstreet - Trade search results like stock market
Technorati* - Find what people are saying
Technoratikitchen - Saerch for microformats
Tellme - Search businesses thru voice, get rich info or text back
Thedailyplate - Search food & find healthiest options
Thefind - Shopping search
Tiltomo - Search for similar photos
Toptensources - Startpage
Tubesurf - Search video
Tunefind - Submit & find film & tv music
Twerq* - Remember search results in tabs
Ujiko** - Visual your search, manipulate results, manage your reputation (by the wizards from Kartoo); the more you use it, the more cool features you get
Universe** - Presents search results in stellar clouds
Urlfan - Real time blog reference search
Vast - Car search
V-enable - Mobile speech search
Videodl - Search & download videos
Videodownloader - Search & download videos
Videoronk - Meta video search
Videotag - Play video tagging game & enrich their search database
Viewscore - Product search & comparison engine
Vivisimo - Clustered search
Wampad - Experiments in speed search
Watson - Add contextual search to all documents
Watvindenwijover~ - Find & vote for information
Waypath - Search blogs
Webaroo - Search the wen offline - Search
Webmunism - Search media & knowledge in self-organizing categories
Who-isit - Whois, ping, check link popularity
Whonu - Discover/search content (more) intuitively
Widgetbox - Directory for web widgets
Wikimindmap* - Search wiki content with mindmap interface
Wink - Folksonomied search
Winzy - Search & win prizes
Xcavator - Search & sort images
Yahoovideosearch - Search video
Yellowbook - Yellow pages aggregator
Yoono - Search, exchange & share information
Yoople - Search & collaborate on improving search results
Youtubedownloader - Download & save Youtube videos
Youtubedownloads - Search & download videos
Youtubex - Search & download videos
Youtubia - Search & download videos
Yubnub* - Search & share search commands
Zeedex - Search with suggestions
Zigtag - Search, save & share results
Zoomf - Search with map mash-up
Zuggest - Meta search engine
Zuula - Meta search (web, images, news, blogs, jobs)

Italic = new. Update 061224, 070119, 070303, 070517 (corrected 070527), 060826.


NitinK said...

Awesome list, Bob!

On a related note: you may also be interested in Charles Knight's Top 100 List over on Alt Search Engines.

Dudu said...

What about Strategicboard www.strategicboard.com

Anonymous said...


Did you try out Ziki! One of the biggest people search engines of the moment.
We also offer social networking, content aggregation and free SEO within Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Bob Stumpel said...

@NitinK: will add it.
@Dudu: Will look into it.
Re Ziki: cf. COMMUNITY 2.0 category.

Anonymous said...

Hello, take a look at PolyCola.com from Arbel Hakopian the creator of GahooYoogle.com !!

Anonymous said...


Excellent update - your list was a huge help as we compiled ours; we stopped at 1,000! Nitin mentioned my monthly Top 100 Alternative Search Engines list, but most of all I would like to invite you and your readers to stop by www.AltSearchEngines.com anytime as we post on these wonderful search engines all day, every day.
Charles Knight, editor

Bob Stumpel said...

@Charles: Will do.

Anonymous said...


Please consider to add our AllPlus multidimensional clustered meta search engine to your list.
It was tested on: http://www.killerstartups.com/Search/allplus--Intuitive-Meta-Searches/

Cliff said...

Bob, good list, I stumbled upon it through Charles' site altsearchengines.com. Would you consider adding www.NinjaTickets.com an event ticket comparison search and shopping engine?



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