27 August 2007

PUBLISH 2.0: 220 ways to publish, syndicate & widgetize blogs, wikis, forums, portals & communities & maybe make some money on it

Lots of partial or complete cms, blog, wiki, forum, portal & community solutions in this list. The heavier solutions are in the SOFTWARE 2.0 category.
Some little apps here are brilliant, but the majority of all web-based publishing solutions is still crap.

40+ additions in this update, in italic.

31left - Publish and share new year's resolutions
Annologger - Publish & share announcements
B2evolution - Blog solution
Bibli - Publish & share texts
Bigcite - Publish & share quotes
Bigoven - Publish & share recipes
Bitty - Embed content from web services
Blip - Get video & podcasting on your blog
Blipfoto - Publish your phlog
Blog - Publish your blog
Blogabond - Publish your travel blog (map mash-up)
Blogburst - Syndicate blogs to mainstream media sites
Blogcode - Start blog & find similar ones
Blogetery - Publish your blog
Blogger - Publish your blog
Bloggersnap - Add your webcam snapshot to any blog
Blogladder - Create & maintain your blog
Blogladder - Publish your blog
Bloglet - Blog update notifications thru email
Blogmailr - Use email to send blogposts
Blogprinting - Publish, print & sell it
Blogr - Publish & share your media
Blogrox - Publish your blog (Wordpress)
Blogs - Notification2email
Blogsitter - Find (or offer yourself as) a blog co-publisher
Blogsome - Publish your blog (Wordpress)
Blogspirit - Blog solution
Blogster - Free blog & image hosting
Blogyx - Publish your blog
Bloki - Publish your blog
Bloqr - Publish & share blogs & media
Bloxor - Maintain & use your blogroll online
Blurb - Turn your blog into a book
Bookswellread - Publish & share book reviews
Bravenet - Publish your blog
Brickfish* - Submit, vote for & review content, and get rewarded for it
Bstir - Serve a random posting from your archive
Bubbleguru - Record & publish your videos (featuring you)
Bubblesnaps - Add balloons to your pics & share them
Bubblr - Create & share photo strips
Busythumbs - Post & share text & photos from cell to blog
Changethis - Share & rate thoughtful, rational, constructive manifestos about important issues
Christonium - Publish & share any content in any way
Citebite - Get a URL to a textbite
Citeulike - Store, share, manage academic papers
Clearblogs - Publish your blog
Clipsyndicate - Publish video news on your blog
Cluebacca - Storing & organizing text clips
Cocomment - Track back your commentosphere
Comeeko - Create & share photo strips
Comicvine - Wiki for comic book lovers
Confabb - Search for or publish conferences and their speakers & content
Confluence - Enterprise wiki
Crowdsurfer - Publish & share reviews on books, movies & music
Customervision - Enterprise wiki
Cylive - Publish, keep & share all your digital stuff here
Deadjournal - Live Journal for pissed off people
Demofuse - Create & share website tours
Desktopize - Widgetize your website
Deusto - Create & share digital books
Divicast - Add images & text to your podcasts, publish & share
Divvycast - Create & share music podcasts
Docly - Publish, share or sell your documents
Dreamcrowd - Publish & share dreams, and get them explained
Dreamcrowd - Publish & share dreams, and get them explained
Drupal - Online CMS
E-church - Find, write & share spiritual blogs
Editme - Host & create websites
Edublogs - Blog hosting for teachers (Wordpress)
Ekklesia360 - CMS for churches
Elfyourself - Xmas greeting featuring You
Emokoo - Aggregate all your media from other sites here
Eol** - Wiki with a decent interface (EOL = encyclopedia of life)
Epictrip - Multimedia travel wiki
Eponym - Create & host your blog
Etribes - Publish your blog
Evenamonkey - Publish, share & discuss ideas
Exclaimable - Create or grab all media & share them
Expressionengine - Web publishing system
Extratasty - Publish & share drink recipes
Feedblitz - Notification2email
Filemobile - Store, organize, share & blog your media
Flektor - Mash-up & publish your media
Foopad - Create your own wiki
Footnote* - Publish & share your history, research, diaries, stories...anything
Formatpixel* - Design, publish & share in any format
Fotki - Upload, publish & print photo(book)s on demand
Fotolog - Create & map your phlog
Freevlog - Set up free video blog
Geeklog - Create blogs
Globeblogr - Publish & share your favourite places
Glue - Publish & share your website's content on mobile devices
Gnomz - Create & share blogs & comics (French)
Heycast - Publish vod casts
Hypercomics - Create, explore & share comics
Idio - Create your profile & get a personalized magazine
Ilovetocomplain - Publish, share & rate complaints ("5 degrees outside and we have to worry about global warming")
Ilovetravelstories - Publish or bookmark & rank travel stories
Images - Create & share your own phlog
Imemorybook - Publish & print your memories
Iterating - Wiki-like software guide
Iupload - Enterprise multi-user blogging, wiki, cms
Jimdo* - Create your website for free
JPG - Submit, phlog & vote on photos
Juicecaster - Upload & cast cell photos & videos
Justanger - Express & share your anger
Kepty - Publish about web, get rated & get paid for it
Kodakgallery - Upload, publish & print photo(book)s on demand
Launchtags - Publish & share your knowledge on a mini-page
Leafletter - Create mini website & distribute it as a microformat
Letterpop - Create & send out newsletters
Lifesterblog - Publish & share & connect with friends
Lifetrackers - Write your own book, compile an album, alone or with friends & print it
Lifetype - Blogging software
Linknsurf - Track & share blogs on your mobile
Littlewiki - Create wiki pages
Logahead - Blog solution
Loudblog - CMS inc
Loudervoice - Explore, blog about & rate reviews
Mainada - Create & share comics
Mixbook - Create & publish books together with friends
Mixpo - Present yourself in multimedia
Mojungle - Live phlogging & vlogging
Mooflex - CMS for forums
Mybiggestcomplaint - Publish & share complaints
Mymediaroom - Publish & manage PR documents & info
Nearbie - Explore or contribute to history of people, places and events
Netcipia - Blog & wiki hosting
Netsquared - Share stories on remixing the web
Oondi~ - Publish & share your text
Opendiary - Publish your blog
Ourstory - Tell & share the story of your life
Pastehere - Copy-paste whatever & publish it
Pbwiki - Make a wiki
Photoblog - Phlog solution
Photozou - Upload, share & publish photos & video
Picaboo - Print photo book on demand
Pixsense - Take, manage & share cell phone pics & videos
Planedo - Post stories or vote for them
Pligg - Includes social tools
Pmachine - CMS
Podcastpeople - Publish your own multimedia show & make money on it
Popfly* - Create & share pages & mash-ups
Post282 - Create community blogs
Postreach - Get your posting shadow-published on subject-relevant other blogs
Postsecret* - Share your secrets thru sending in postcards
Presto - Send email & photos to people who don't have a computer
Productwiki - Collaborative product info resource
Questsin - Collaborate on dictionary
Quicktoons - Create & share comics
Qumana - Edit your blog
Reviewme - Pay or get paid to review websites
Safariu - Create, publish & share science materials
Sawlogs - Publish & share your dreams
Schtuff - Wiki service
Scientiticcommons - Upload & share scientific knowledge, for free
Scribd - Share any document
Seedwiki - Create wikis & blogs
Serversidewiki - Mini-wiki
Sharingpoint - Publish, link to & share health information
Shoutpost - Publish your blog
Skeletonz - CMS solution
Snappreview*** - Offer your site's visitors a preview of any page you link to
Socialtext - Enterprise wiki solutions
Soulcast - Blog solution
Sportiki - Wiki on sports
Sportingo - Publish & share sports content
Squarespace - Publish your blog
Standpedia - Publish & share your opinions
Stikipad - Wiki solution
Stripgenerator - Create & share comics
Structuredblogging - Create, edit & maintain all posts
Supcast - Publish your media online thru your cell
Sutori - Publish & vote on stories
Synchroedit - Group editor
Synthasite** - Construct your page on the fly
Talkr - Convert blog text to podcasts
Techdirt - Share your opinion & get paid for it
Terapad - Blog solution
Textamerica - Mobile blog
Textpattern - Web publishing system
Tiddlywiki* - Publish and share notes
Timashr - Claim your moments in history
Tinymce - Wysiwyg editor
Tooum - Publish blogs & forums, and let them interact
Travbuddy - Submit & share travel stories
Trippert - Publish your travel blog
Tripster - Publish, recommend & share travel experiences (stealth)
Tumblr - Cut & paste a media-rich light blog (sample: http://scribbling.net/)
Twitter - Update your friends on what you're doing
Typolis - Blogging solution
Udutu - Online course authoring
Ufem - Blog solution for women
Voicethread - Add voice comments to your publications
Vuvox** - Collect, create & publish your media
Wattpad - Publish & share stories on your cell phone
Web2newswire - Publish, share & digg news
Web-chops - Clip & share web snippets
Weblogistan~ - Tools that add interaction to your blog
Wetpaint - Create, contribute & connect
Whirlpad - Publish & share travel journals
Wikibios* - Let your friends collaborate on your bio
Wikipedia* - Read & co-edit encyclopedia
Wikipediamobile - Wap version of Wikipedia (by Sevenval)
Wikispaces - Collaborative content & editing
Wikitravel - Read & co-edit travel guide
Wisdomark - Collaborate on publishing & sharing stories
Wordcountjournal - Publish longer & longer postings
Wordpress** - Publish your blog (Wordpress)
World66 - Read & co-edit travel guide
Writemaps - Create & publish sitemaps
Writetomyblog - Multi blog word processor
Xanco~ - Mobile phlog & vlog
Zcubes - Integrate & personalize media consumption, production & management
Zentation* - Synchronise & publish video & Powerpoint presentations
Zimoz - Blog on postcards
Ziwiki - Create & share your wiki
Zoomshare - Publish your blog
Zpeech - Publish, share & discuss comments on any website

Italic = new. Update 061015, 070119, 070303, 070517 (corrected 070527), 070827.


Anonymous said...

Checked many of them out. I like ZCubes the best. The whole approach looks new and interesting.

Andrew said...

glad to see idiomag.com on the list. drop us an email if you write about music and are interested in publishing through idiomag.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an incredible list. I would have to say that my favorite is Flektor. Not just because it's fairly comprehensive with drag and drop media but mostly because it is free and so simple to navigate.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow... now that's a list!

Edmund said...

My favorite: LifesterBlog.
A truly web2.0 blogging platform, with support of photos, videos, music and books. Nice UI too!!

Unknown said...

I invite you to try http://www.vcasmo.com, it provides much better features than zentation for synchronize video / MP3 with Powerpoint / PDF / images.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the iMemoryBook mention. FYI...iMemoryBook is now MemoryPress and a lot more powerful (drag-n-drop) flickr photos into your book.

Anonymous said...

PodcastPeople was really easy to setup and use. Video recorder was really cool too. I didn't need to download additional software which was also a bonus. Thanks for compiling such a huge list. How long did it take you to do?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning us. We wanted you to know we just launched a completely new design at MyBiggestComplaint.com. We’ve made it a lot easier to track posts, comments and votes of your friends.

Joshua Davidson said...

Thanks for listing Terapad. Although I should point out that it isn't just a blogging platform; it is a very effective web publisher for SME's looking to create a fully functional business website.

I would also like to thank you for the list, there are lots of great web 2.0 products out there and working together is the best way to spread the word about the services we have to offer. Knowing about each other is a good start! Very comprehensive!

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