29 August 2007

ECONOMY 2.0: 132 strange ways to make money on content & small services, or on sharing your couch, home or car - or to go non-profit

Many traces of the old "new economy" in this category (where serious business & monetization are almost inherently excluded). And as many interesting charitable, socio-economical experiments.

47 new entries in this update, in italic.

451press - Write a blog, and get a rev share
Advisorgarage - Connects entrepreneurs to advisors
Aidpage - People help people
Appingo - Make money as an editors or proof readers
Arise - Make money on providing support
Associatedcontent - Produce & publish content, get paid
Associatedcontent - Make money on your multimedia content
Bagborroworsteal - Get a handbag each month for a few bucks & let it circulate
Battleofconcepts~ - Help companies to innovate or solve problems; and win
Beaguide - Make money on writing articles
Bedsharing - Get a bed when travelling (well designed variation on Couchsurfingcom)
Billmonk - Manage debts
Blogburner - Write a blog, and get a rev share
Bloggerwave - Make money on writing reviews on your blog
Blogitive - Make money on writing articles on your blog
Blogsvertise - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog
Blogtoprofit - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog
Bluemountainarts - Submit your poems & get paid if they use it for greeting cards
Boompa - Show your rides & find guides & parts to improve them
Boredwealth - Get paid to surf ("Alladvantage.com resurrected")
Brokenotbeat - Donate to a needy person each day
Buyyourfriendadrink - Buy or redeem drinks thru cell phone code
Cellswapper - Swap out or in a mobile phone contract
Changingthepresent - Invite friends to donate to your good causes
Chipin - Connect, collect & give money
Couchsurfing* - Home swapping & holiday dating
Crazoo - Make money on starting new threads and posting in forums
Creative-weblogging - Make money on blogging
Cucumis - Translate or be translated
Dada - Make money on referring friends and driving traffic
Daylo - Contribute to local yellow pages
Daytipper - Make money on writing tips
Domystuff - Get assistants to bid on your chores & errands, or assist others
Donorschoose - Donate to schools
Dotsub - Help to subtitle films
Ejury - Make a few bucks per verdict rendered as a mock juror
Elevatorpitch - Upload, read & rate pitches
ESPgame - Label images in a game
Ether - Set up your call centre, make money
Family-to-family - F2F sponsoring of poor American families
Faqqly - Trade Q&A, advice, lend things to friends
Favorville - People helping people
Fellowforce~* - Help companies to innovate, pitch & get rewards
Firstgiving - Start your own fundraiser & market it
Flexpetz - Share a dog for a few hours or days
Focuspointe - Make money on participating in focus groups
Forumboosting - Make money on posting in forums
Fractionallife* - Co-own a/o co-use nice things
Freepledge - Support charities every time you shop
Fundable - Pledge for funding
Gather - Share passions & get paid
Gigoit - Reuse, donate or receive 2nd hand goods in your community
Givebobadollar - Begging
Givemeaning - Give or take fundraising community
Givezilla - Create fundraising storefront
Globalfreeloaders - Get & provide accommodation
Globalideasbank - Submit & share ideas to improve society
Googleanswers - Get your questions answered for money
Googlesurvey - Make money on giving feedback to Google
Grootbedrijf~ - Merge your company virtually with "Big Company"
Hitchsters - Share an airport cab
Homeforexchange~ - Exchange for vacation homes
Hospitalityclub - Get & provide accommodation
Humanpages - Add, share & sell your profile
Inblogads - Make money on writing articles and reviews on your blog
Indiekarma - Pay a cent to see a blog
Intellishop - Make money on shopping & writing a review
Interraproject - Do & consume good with your credit & debit cards
Justanswer - Make money on sharing your knowledge
Kiva* - Give a micro credit to an entrepreneur from a developing country
Knacktion - Share & sell your talent & content
Knowmore - Consumers unite
Lendmonkey - Trade everything
Listsomething - Share any list to buy & sell things, services
Lostkeys - Lost & found for keys
Loudlaunch - Make money on blogging about advertising campaigns
Mahalogreenhouse - Make money on submitting websites to a directory
Mailmydisc~ - Exchange your media
Microsoftresearch - Make money by participating in Microsoft's research
Milliondollarhomepage* - Buy pixels to finance study
Mturk* - Complete simple tasks & get paid
Myfootballclub - Collectively take over a soccer club, and then co-manage it
Mylot - Make money on posting, commenting & participating in this social network
Neighborrow - Borrow from, lend to or trade with neighbours, friends & strangers
Nextcat - Platform for entertainment professionals
Nirbi - Find matches for carpooling
Onlinewritingjobs - Gig directory for freelance writers
Oolsi - Share links to free things
Oomia - Lost & found
Openstudio - Create, collaborate, share, buy & sell
Opuzzvoice - Make money on doing voice overs
Pawspot - Exchange pet care
Payu2blog - Make money on writing reviews
Peekaboom - Label images in a game
Plugim - Submit, plug & share content
Populationone - Your pixel and 6.5 billion other ones
Programmermeetdesigner* - Partner matching for IT projects
Prosper - P2P lending
Qunu - Get or offer help
Rawsugar - Social bookmarking directory & revenue sharing
Readitswapit - Swap books
Recycledpapergreetings - Submit your poems & images, and get paid if they use it for greeting cards
Resellular - Get out of your cell contract, or take over a contract
Savetoby - Donate or else…
Secondlifeboutique - Buy real things with virtual money
Sellaband~ - Promote your music & find 5000 fans
Shareapic - Make money on uploading and sharing photos
Slashmysearch - Make money on searching the web
Smarkets - Stock markets for products
Smashmyviper - Buy pixels to destroy car
Smorty - Make money on writing articles on your blog
Spaceshare - Help your (event's) guests to connect & cut cost by sharing accommodations & facilities
Splitgames - Trade games (French)
Squadrapiloti - Tell about your car, get matched with other cars
Storycode - Read, code, find & share books
Stuffopolis - Keep track of things you lend or borrow
Superoyster - Sell or buy your place at a waiting list
Swabba - Online garage sale (German)
Swaptree - Swap your media
Trashbit - Register & share your code
Tree-nation - Plant a tree in Niger
Tumpang - Buy stuff collectively for a better price
Tutor - Make money on tutoring people
Upblogger - Make money on your content
Voices - Market place for voice-overs
Votemerich - Blog, campaign, vote & get rich
Webcommons (formerly: Democracy20)* - Consumers/Citizens unite!
Wordfirm - Make money on publishing books
Workingsol - Make money on providing technical support
Zackbookmaps - Locate & lend books (map mash-up)
Zipcar - Share your car
Zopa - P2P banking services

Italic = new. Update 061221, 070119, 070303, 070517, 070829.

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