29 August 2007

BROWSE 2.0: 17 ways to improve & sometimes customize, anonymise or share your browsing experience

No browser wars to be expected in this generation of the Web, although - strategically speaking - bringing a browser that would better cater to the needs of social media users could be a smart way to captivate audiences in the space of e.g. communities.

I am aware that there are some more browsers in the Mozilla/Firefox and Mac schools - AND numerous cool applications in the same tradition - that I don't report on in this or the other EVERYTHING 2.0 categories. But I'm simply too addicted to Opera's browser to look further into this. Any Mozilla/Firefox or Mac correspondents among the readership of this blog?

2 additions in this update, in italic.

3B - 3D web browser
Browse3D - 3D web browser
Browzar - Surf anonymously
Bubbles - Launch frequently used sites in your system tray from a light browser (download)
Camino - Mozilla power & Mac style browser
Ghostzilla - Browse the web within other apps
Heeii~ - Get context relevant suggestions for further reading while you browse
Maxthon - Tabbed browser, IE-compatible
Palary - Ajax browser
Piggy-bank - Semantic web browser (Firefox)
Psiphon* - Surf the web anonymously
Songbird* - Browse, download, manage & share all media
Spacetime* - 3D browser
Spherexplorer - 3D web browser
Swift - Safari-like browser for Windows (very alpha)
Swoot**~ - Build your own browser
T9space* - 10x faster browsing on your cell

Italic = new. Updated 061220, 070119, 070303, 070517, 070829.

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