20 January 2007

IMAGES 2.0 - Update

This is one of the biggest categories, and by far the most successful one in terms of audience growth. You could say that massive content sharing on the web started with photo album sites (remember Zing?). Flickr, coming from a simple text game, accidentally discovering photo content as an extremely sticky glue to build a community with, of course is the origin, benchmark & inspiration of many later Web 2.0 concepts.In this category you'll also find quite some samples of initiatives to monetize content - B2C and B2B. Update 060812: Photo books, printed on demand seems to be the newest sub trend in this category.Much more photo content in the category MULTIMEDIA 2.0.

1001 - Flickr update service
Alivebroadcast - Upload & share personal webcam photos
Amaztype - Create typeface from word-relevant book covers (Amazon mash-up)
Amvona - Publish, manage & share your photos
Bettr - Vote on best Flickr photos
Bookr - Create & share photobook with Flickr images
Canvaspainter - Painter
Ceiva - Host & share photos
Celebsafari - Submit your photos of celebrities
Clicktoscan - Scan, store & share documents with your phone camera
Colr* - Play with color photos & publish results
Converticon - Convert PNGs or ICOs
Danbooru - Upload, tage & share images
Delivr - Upload & share post cards
Dosize - Resize & send your photos
Dropshots - Upload & share photos & video
Emotionalfootprints~ - Publish & geo-phlog your history
Epassportphoto - Upload, manipulate, download your photo
Everystockphoto - Upload, search, rate & sell photos
Extispiciousimages - Delicioustags2Yahooimages
Flappr - Search pictures; Flickr mash-up
Flashface* - Compose your Most Wanted portrait
Flickr* - Manage & share your photos
Flickrfling - RSS feeds & Flickr mash-up
Flickrfotofinder - Find & publish photos
Flickrleech - Fast search for Flickt photos
Flickrlicious - Share babes on Flickr
Flyinside - Create, publish & share virtual photo tours
Fotki - Upload, share, print photos
Fotochatter - Publish & share photo on web & cell
Fotocodex - Collaboratively collect, publish & share group photos
Fotoflix - Upload & share photos
Fotolia* - Buy & sell images
Fotologue* - Publish & share photos (beautiful Ajax interface)
Fotoloop - Create photo loops & share them on your website
Framer - Add a frame to your photos
Funtigo - Upload & share photos, add music & balloons
Gazzag - Post & share photos, find friends (Stealth)
Gliffy - Draw & share diagrams
Groupr - Groups photos from Flickr groups
Hotornotdesigns - Vote for or against web site designs
Illhostit - Host your images
Imageeditor - Edit your images online
Imagegravy - Host & sell images
Imagemosaicgenerator - Convert image to photo mosaic
Imaginationcubed - Draw together
Imgseek - Tag, rate & retrieve images
Imobio - Store, share & rank your mobile photos online
Interact10ways* - Interact with Getty images
Istockphoto - Buy & sell images
Ivala - Order a photo montage (Latvian)
Jalbum - Web-based album tools
Jellybarn - Upload, edit, manage, share your photos
Jpegr - Publish & share photos
Kollabor8 - Collaborate on image mutations
Landcraft* - Render your own 3D landscape & share it
Lo8os - Graphic design gallery & community
Logopond - Submit, rate & discuss graphical design
Moo - Use Flickr photos into printed business cards
Morguefile - Public image archive
MSIG - Generate a 2.0-ish logo online
Myheritage - Upload & share photos & recognize faces
Mypictr* - Create & publish your profile pic for social softwares
Mytheme - Animate images online
Neximage - Online imaging
Nowthen - Publish & share mobile pics
Ondergrond~ - Upload photos of public art
Ookles - Upload & share photos
Parazz - Store & share photos
Pbase - Host & share photos
Phixr - Edit & publish your photos
Phlog~ - Upload & share photos
Photobloggr - Find tags on name; Flickr mash-up
Photobucket - Upload, publish & share photos
Photocrank - Add graphics & caption to your cell cam photos & share them
Photomap - Add photos to locations; multi mash-up
Photoshelter - Store, share, buy & sell photos
Photostack - Manage images (Ajax)
Photosynth*** - Rebuild the world in photos - other users' and your own
Picasa - Find, edit & share photos
Picfu - Easy pic upload & sharing
Picprizes - Publish & share photos, and win prizes
Picturecloud - 360o view on your pics
Pikeo - Store, map, organize & share your photos
Pixagogo - Upload, manage & share photos
Pixerus - Edit your photos online
Pixoh - Edit pics online; relaunched as Snipshot
Plinkme - Publish your photos-widget or get photos for free
Polarrose*** - Help to make the visual web searchable (stealth)
Pxn8 - Manipulate & publish your photos
Queeky* - Make drawings online & share them
Resizr - Resize images online
Rockyou - Publish & share photos
Scooch - Create & share slide shows
Scoopt - Upload & sell news photos
Sharpcast - Synchronize all photos online & mobile
Shutterbook - Store & share photos
Shutterfly - Store, share & print photos
Slide* - Create photo loops & share them on your website
Slidestory - Publish stories with photo slideshows
Smilebox - Pimp up your photo presentation
Smugmug - Store & share photos
Snapfish - Upload & share photos
Snapmania - Upload, edit, organize & share photos
Spellwithflickr - Spell names with photos; Flickr mash-up
Splashblog - Publish & share mobile photos
Swarmsketch - Collective sketching
Sxc - Upload & share or browse stock photos
Tabblo - Upload, edit, compose & share your photo albums
Textorizer - Image2Text
Thumbq - Upload & manage images
Tickr - Flickr desktop ticker
Toufee - Create & publish flash presentations
Touristremover - Remove undesired objects & persons from your photos
Vfxy - Photoblog syndication community
Vizrea - Upload & share (camera phone) photo content
Warholit - Warholize your pics
Waymarkr - Turn your mobile into a life phlogging wearable
Web20palette - Color palette for Web 2.0 design
Webimager - Capture screens & upload them to Flickr
Webshots - Upload, share & print photos
Websitesasgraphs - Show your links as a graph
Yotophoto - Publish & sell photos
Yourep - Store, organize & share your photos
Zenfolio - Host photo gallaries
Zonetag - Get tag suggestions for your photos
Zoom~ - Upload & share photos
Zorpia - Upload & share photos
Zoto - Upload, phlog & share

Italic = new. Update 061224, 070119.

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