04 December 2006


The branding is not exactly crystal clear. GeoTracing - also demo'ed from another demo website called Senseofbrainport, refers to KeyWorx ("an extensible application framework that has been under development at Waag Society for the last 5 years [and] started its life as KeyStroke, a tool set with main focus on the performing arts") - is super cool. It allows you to share the geo-located photos you've made during a trip, thus also sharing your (animated!) route. But it's also an open source framework in the making, enabling application development that will allow "users to create and experience location-based media and location-aware services/games. GeoTracing integrates GPS, mobile technology, GIS and content management (CMS) within an extensible client-server framework. Technologies include: Java (J2ME, J2EE), AJAX, XML, Google Maps and Google Earth."

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