01 April 2008

MULTIMEDIA 2.0: 202 ways to explore & share dynamic media

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: AUDIO 2.0, BOOKS 2.0, GAMING 2.0, MOVIES 2.0, PHOTO 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0, RADIO 2.0, TV 2.0, VIDEO 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Bahu* - Share your talents & make new friends (for students). View.

Blippr - Explore, briefly recommend & organize media. View.

Bluestreak - Rich media solutions for tv, mobile & electron ics. View.

Coveritlive** - Instant real time multimedia publishing. View.

Cutcaster* - Submit, request, buy or sell video, audio clips & photos. View.

Delicious-monster* - Catalog, browse & share your books, games & media. View.

Doubletwist** - Transfer, share & sync media regardless of device, file format or social network (DVD Jon is back!). View.

Drumtable - Share stories, images & videos with family & friends. View.

Enjoymymedia* - Share media with friends & family. View.

Favebot - Keep track of your favorite content. View.

Feedbackfx - Exchange comments on documents, images, videos & other formats. View.

Groupme - Create, style, tag & share groups of multimedia web resources via drag & drop. View.

Hbovoyeur** - Cross media stories that HBO has built around voyeurism; grabbing storylines is like a treasurehunt. View.

Mediapops* - Get alerts on new releases from your favorite authors, bands & directors. View.

Shelfmates - Catalog your media collections, meet people with similar tastes, get recommendations. View.

Trugo - Explore or create & maintain communities around shared interests in media. View.

Ultrafan - Share your profile & sports content, and connect to other fans. View.

Vipera - Create a blog & post multimedia over your cell (http://wap.vipera.com). View.

Vortexme - Create & publish info & media widget for your brand (also see http://www.realtimematrix.com/). View.

Webot - Bring all your media together in one place. View.

Wyzo - Browser optimizing your media experience. View.

Yoinkd - Create, play, manage & share media playlists. View.

Zing - Explore & share content delivered wirelessly. View.

Zipidee - Marketplace for your digital goods. View.

3voor12~** - Profile yourself & share media. View.

411sync - Search, explore & sync your media over PC & mobile. View.

Addictingclips - Upload, watch & share multimedia. View.

Allpeers - Upload & share your media (Czech). View.

Atlas* - Meta social media & map mash-up with API for GPS tracking View.

Audiri - Recommend & share your media. View.

Bittorrent - Share files & bandwidth. View.

Bliin~ - Share your experience in photos, videos, text etc. View.

Blinkx - Search multimedia. View.

Blish - Buy or sell your media. View.

Bloqr - Publish & share blogs & media. View.

Bofunk - Pick up content for your blog. View.

Bolt - Watch, upload & share media. View.

Broadramp - Multimedia management solutions. View.

Broadsnatch - Share multimedia. View.

Bubbleply - Add bubbles to media & share them. View.

Buzzwire - Explore, create & share video & audio on your mobile. View.

Canvaspainter - Painter. View.

Castpost - Upload & share multimedia. View.

Catalystmobile - Mobile music & entertainment solutions. View.

Ccpublisher - Tag your media files with Creative Commons, publish them on your website a/o get free hosting. View.

Celumimagine - Media management tool. View.

Chumby - Always-on wi-fi device to fetch & exchange media & to communicate. View.

Civilnetizen - File swapping. View.

Colib - Tag, share & sort your media. View.

Cozimo - Collaborate on digital media. View.

Crowdrules - Upload your media, ask questions & get unbiased results. View.

Cruxy - Sell, promote, buy your content. View.

Digitalbycicle - Media distribution solutions. View.

Digitalmediasearch - Search media. View.

Douban - Catalog, rate, review & share books & music. View.

Dumpert~ - Explore, upload, share & rate photo, video & audio files. View.

Ecirkit - Explore & expand your network (Java interface). View.

Eefoof - Publish & share media. View.

Egnyte - Upload, store & share all your media & docs. View.

Emokoo - Aggregate all your media from other sites here. View.

Epictrip - Multimedia travel wiki. View.

Esnips - Store & share audio, video, clippings. View.

Everyzing - Digital media merchandising platform (olim Podzinger). View.

Exclaimable - Create or grab all media & share them. View.

Faces - Publish & share photos, music & blogs, communicate & date. View.

Farcast~ - Manage, store & distribute content in all formats. View.

Filemobile - Store, organize, share & blog your media. View.

Fireant - Upload & share multimedia. View.

Flipadisc - Trade media. View.

Fluxiom - Capture, manage, access & deliver content. View.

Friendping - Share map, media & bookmarks with friends. View.

Genwi - Upload, share & promote all your media. View.

Globeassistant~ - Get your content mashed up with Google Earth. View.

Go211 - Share your profile & media with other action sports athletes and enthusiasts. View.

Goodmagazine* - Cross media platform for people who give a damn about media. View.

Gurulib - Organize, review & share your media. View.

Humblevoice* - Publish, share bands, music, other media & arts. View.

Ibloks - Mix, share, play your media. View.

Ilovemusicvideo - Youtube & Lastfm mash-up. View.

Imeem - Share words, files & people (on messenger). View.

Insolitus* - Upload & share all your files & docs. View.

Izimi - Share everything, from your pc. View.

Jibjab - Create & share your funniest stuff View.

Jinzora - Store & play your music & videos. View.

Junklog - Rate, review & share media. View.

Kaneva - Digital entertainment marketplace (3D). View.

Kaywa - Publish & share multimedia on web & cell, using sema code. View.

Krawlerx - Create, search, share & build community around your media View.

Lala - Swap CDs, from July 4th. View.

Latengo* - Upload or publish & share all your digital things (German). View.

Lemonzoo - Upload, rate & share funny media. View.

Lifelogger - Share audio, video & photos. View.

Listal - List & share all your media. View.

Livedigital - Store, share, produce, distribute your content. View.

Livelocker - Digg multimedia. View.

Livestation - Watch tv, listen radio over IP (client). View.

Loomia - Folksonomied media search. View.

Loopt* - Find & share your friends & media on your mobile (cool demo!). View.

Lphant - Multi compatible P2P file sharing. View.

Lulu - Publish & sell your content. View.

Madcat - Media browser. View.

Mailmydisc~ - Exchange your media. View.

Mbuzzy - Create & share ringtones, wallpapers and videos View.

Mediamashup - Create, mix & share media. View.

Mediamatrix - Isolate, segment & annotate media. View.

Mediamax* - Store, manage & share media. View.

Mediasilo - Digital asset management. View.

Mediatuner - Manage text & rich media feeds. View.

Mixpo - Present yourself in multimedia. View.

Mobango - Discover & share mobile media; ; marketplace for syndicated content. View.

Mobicious - Discover, create & share mobile content, services & apps. View.

Mobixie - Create, explore & share mobile content. View.

Moblr - View or upload & share mobile content. View.

Mogopop - Publish & share iPod content. View.

Moqvo - Upload & share your media. View.

Mosh - Upload, share & browse all your stuff on your mobile (Nokia). View.

Mscape - Connect media & experiences to real locations. View.

Multiply - Store, share & discuss multimedia. View.

Musicane - Buy or sell audio, video and ringtones. View.

Mygads - Compile info, access, update & share it thru phone, im, web, etc. View.

Mytube - Upload & share photos, video, music. View.

Myvtc* - Share media & documents for generations to come. View.

Onetruemedia - Mix & share videos, photos & music. View.

Openmedianetwork - Multimedia epg. View.

Ourmedia - Store & share data. View.

Overratedunderrated - Rate & review media, and discuss your assessments. View.

Ownskin - Create, explore & share mobile themes. View.

Pagii - Design, publish & collaborate on social pages. View.

Pando* - Store & share data. View.

Panjea - Upload & share content, and get paid for it. View.

Peerflix - List & trade DVDs. View.

Phanfare - Upload & share photos & videos. View.

Photobucket - Create, edit, upload & share photos & videos. View.

Photobucket - Create, edit, upload & share photos & videos. View.

Photozou - Upload, share & publish photos & video. View.

Pickle - Upload, explore & share videos & photos. View.

Picpix - Upload & share photos & videos. View.

Pixilis - Upload & share or sell media. View.

Pixpulse - Upload & share photos and videos on your mobile. View.

Plugim - Submit, plug & share content. View.

Podcastfm - Publish pod & vod casts. View.

Podshow - Podcast & vodcast network. View.

Poperti - Enjoy music (and more) from your Gmail inbox. View.

Promptu - Voice based search for all media. View.

Putfile - Upload, rate, share & discuss multimedia. View.

Qelly - Meta search engine. View.

Qnext* - Share all media & chat about them. View.

Quickeo - Store & share your files. View.

Quizilla - Create & share content. View.

Raketu - Free regional and international calls, VOD, IM, SMS, multi media player, podcasting, slide show & feeds from your PC & mobile. View.

Roxio - Try out free media apps. View.

Sharenow - Explore, upload & share multimedia. View.

Shozu - Manage multimedia on your cell. View.

Smartimagine - Store & manage your image & media files. View.

Snapjot - Organize & share photos, videos, text & communications. View.

Songbird - Media player & web browser. View.

Splashblog - Publish & share mobile photos. View.

Splashdata - Mobile tools for media, payments, shopping…. View.

Squirl - Organize & share your media collections. View.

Stars-of-the-Web - Create & publish vids for vlogs. View.

Steekr - Store & share media. View.

Stickam* - Multimedia communication community. View.

Stixy - Publish & share documents, photos, to do lists with family & friends. View.

Suggestica - Get media suggestions from experts. View.

Supload - Upload, store & manage videos & photos. View.

Swagroll - List & share all your media. View.

Swapsimple - Trade your media. View.

Swaptree - Swap your media. View.

Switchdiscs - Media trading community. View.

Switchdiscs - Media trading community. View.

Tagtv - Youtube & Flickr mash-up. View.

Textive - Backup service. View.

Thoof - Customizes your selection of news, websites & videos. View.

Treemo - Olim: Hyperboy. Explore, create & share video, audio, photography, words & visual art (web & mobile). View.

Turboflix - Upload & share media. View.

Twango - Upload & share your media. View.

Ubiplanet - Explore, share, discuss & manage your content. View.

Ubu* - Upload, explore & share avant-garde art (since 1996). View.

Ulinkx - Search, bookmark & share media. View.

Uplayme - Share music & meet people with same taste. View.

Upwarded - Upload, rank & share multimedia. View.

Uspot - Upload & share media. View.

Veotag - Enrich media files with meta data & share. View.

Vidivodo - Profile yourself & share media. View.

Virb - Upload & share multimedia. View.

Vuvox** - Collect, create & publish your media. View.

Wallop - Publish & share media. View.

Webcammax - Add multimedia & animations to IM. View.

Webmunism - Search media & knowledge in self-organizing categories. View.

Winksite - Create & share mobile content. View.

Wixi - Manage, mix & share all media from a desktop. View.

Wizzl~ - Free calls to other Wizzlers, cheap calls with rest of the world + games, video & music. View.

Xanga - Blog rings. View.

Yiibu - Remix, adapt, expand, share & sell content. View.

Yoc* - Share media with your friends thru web & mobile (German). View.

Yomedia~ - Upload, explore & share mobile media. View.

Yuku - Share your profiles & media. View.

Zamzar* - Convert your files online. View.

Zapr - P2P file swapping. View.

Zcubes - Integrate & personalize media consumption, production & management. View.

Zedge - Upload, explore & share mobile media. View.

Zestr - Catalog all your media online. View.

Zshare - Host & share your media. View.

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