08 April 2008

FUN 2.0: 49 parodies on Web 2.0-ish mantras, attitudes, styles, concepts & businesses

Italic = new in this index. Related category: ABOUT 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Mycampfriends - Share camp experiences. View.

Abcde… - Get the longest email-address. View.

Beggr - Give me your money. View.

Brands20 - Traditional brands in 2.0 design style. View.

Certifyr - Certify 2.0-ishness of your website. View.

Devshots - Create a Google-like logo. View.

Enormicom - Branding 2.0. View.

Extortr - Upload scandalous materials, then blackmail. View.

Fark - Share links & comments to ridiculous news. View.

Flickrlogomakr - Make Flickr-like logo in a second. View.

Fuckweb2 - Tagged manifesto to shut up about Web 2.0. View.

Getafirstlife - Parallel version of Second Life. View.

Getthemlaid - Post your friends' pictures & give them some action. View.

Googlebrins - Create & share your Sergey Brin. View.

Googleromance - Find your soulmates. View.

Hamsterster - Community for hamster lovers. View.

Howmuchisyourblogworth - Compute your blog's worth. View.

I-know-where-you’ve-been - Reads out your last visited websites (thru Firefox). View.

Isolatr - Isolate yourself from requests http://isolatrcom/. View.

Kadget - Repository of strange widget concepts. View.

Leftoverlunch - Share your leftovers. View.

Monthlydollar - The world's 1st internet employee. View.

Mothrfuckr - Submit & vote for the worst of Web 2.0. View.

Msig - Generate a 2.0-ish logo online. View.

Myfootballclub - Collectively take over a soccer club, and then co-manage it. View.

Myfrienemies - Connect with people, show & share the same dislikes, annoyances & disappointments. View.

Qwerky - Blog on funny & strange 2.0 domain & brand names. View.

Searchbots** - Create your own search robot. View.

Sorrygottago - Anti-communication software. View.

Startupschwag - Subscribe to Web 2.0 start-up promotion-materials-of-the-month. View.

Touristremover - Remove undesired objects & persons from your photos. View.

Uselessaccount - Impress your friends with your ability to tab through form fields and arrow through saved field values!. View.

Wankr - Collaborative masturbation community. View.

Watchingthewebflyby - Animated logo race. View.

Weatherbug - Share video weather casts. View.

Web20alizr - Generate & promote a 2.0 app automatically. View.

Web20awareness - Check your last visited links to decide how 2.0-aware you are. View.

Web20bingo - Bingo with 2.0 buzz words. View.

Web20bullshitgenerator - Generate 2.0 speak. View.

Web20domainnamegenerator - Find cool 2.0 names. View.

Web20generator - Generate a 2.0 web page. View.

Web20namegenerator - Generates fancy web 2.0 brand names. View.

Web20quiz - Web 2.0 brand or Star Wars character quiz. View.

Web20stylr - Create your web 2.0 logography. View.

Web20validator - Screen your website on 2.0-ishness. View.

Webfalls - Useless link sharing. View.

Webtwopointoh - Create your own 2.0 company. View.

Wordcountjournal - Publish longer & longer postings. View.

Yay2dot0logoparody - Traditional brands in 2.0 design style. View.

Youhavebo - Anti-social software. View.

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