09 April 2008

ENTERPRISE 2.0: 115 thin business critical solutions

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNICATING 2.0, CRM 2.0, MARKETING 2.0, FINANCE 2.0, OFFICE 2.0, PRODUCTIVITY 2.0, SALES 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Batchbook - Contact, task & communications management solution. View.

Boomi* - Integrate any combination of SaaS & on premise solutions, online. View.

Cashview - Invoice & cashflow management solution for SME. View.

Comindwork - Project management & enterprise knowledge sharing. View.

Converdge - White label enterprise social networking service. View.

Edgebox - Enterprise voice & data over IP solutions. View.

Etoro - Forex currency trading platform. View.

Firsthandtech - Enterprise mobile unified communications solutions. View.

H-care - Platforms for multi-channel self-service. View.

Homecourt* - Project management suite for agencies & their customers. View.

Itema** - Software store instantly deploying & synchronizing apps in real-time. View.

Jobvite - Manage your recruiting & hiring process. View.

Magsuite - On demand ERP/CRM for SME. View.

Meiraware - Invoice customers online. View.

Netbooks - Small business ERP solution. View.

Qwaq* - 3D enterprise apps for collaboration and conferencing. View.

Ribbit - Unified user steered phone services. View.

Rivalmap - Keep track of competitors collaboratively. View.

Stingnetworks - OverIP communication solutions. View.

Vibecapital - Community solutions for the enterprise. View.

Workclan - Community for coworkers and colleagues. View.

Xo - Enterprise voice, VoIP & internet services. View.

Youfig - Create your own secure collaboration community. View.

24sevenoffice - Web-based crm & erp. View.

Asterisk* - Open source phone system (free). View.

Attensa - Read & share feeds enterprise-wide through Outlook. View.

Barracudasuite - Manage your retail business from anywhere. View.

Bea* - AquaLogic enterprise social computing suite. View.

Beetobee - Digg what works in B2B marketing (also offers solution for enterprise 'thought leadership communities' - cf. http://www.beetoobee.com/productsite/). View.

Billmyclients - Invoicing solution. View.

Bitweaver - Content management system for communities and enterprise. View.

Blinksale - Web-based invoicing. View.

Blogtronix - Blogging & corporate community software. View.

Broadramp - Multimedia management solutions. View.

Businesssoftware - Article on running a business on Web 2.0-based software. View.

Catsone - Track, manage & streamline your hiring process. View.

Ceedo - Providing yourself a/o your employees with a mission specific mobile desktop that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.. View.

Celoxis - Manage workflow, time & expenses, and collaborate. View.

Celumimagine - Media management tool. View.

Clearspace - Enterprise collaboration solution. View.

Clicktime - Track your staff's time & expenses. View.

Clockingit - Project management for SME. View.

Clockspot - Let your staff manage & clock their time over web & phone. View.

Cogenz - Intra-company social bookmarking. View.

Companyloop - Network & share knowledge with your colleagues. View.

Confluence - Enterprise wiki. View.

Connectbeam - Intranet community solution. View.

Contactnetworks - Enterprise relationship management solutions. View.

Corveum - CRM solution. View.

Cps - Content management system (enterprise). View.

Crazymenu - Automate your office lunch, vote for restaurants with friends. View.

Customervision - Enterprise wiki. View.

Everythingfreight - Enterprise logistics date & reporting services. View.

Exovision* - Lifesize face to lifesize face video calling. View.

Febber~ - Enterprise RSS aggregation solutions. View.

Feedback20 - Engage an audience in a themed conversation. View.

Finsock - web-based sme business software. View.

Firestoker - Enterprise communications & democratization platform. View.

Fiveruns - Monitor & maintain your systems. View.

Forterra - Generate & deploy collaborative 3D Internet simulated environments. View.

Good - Global mobile messaging for the enterprise. View.

Grokker - Enterprise search & knowledge management. View.

Hamachi - VPN peer-to-peer connectivity for businesses, without config. View.

Imaginatik - Enterprise idea & innovation management solutions. View.

Invoicegenie - Invoicing, time tracking, contact management & scheduling solution. View.

Invoicemachine - Invoicing solution. View.

Invoiceplace - Proposal & invoicing solution. View.

Invoicesmadeeasy - Invoicing solution. View.

Invotrak - Invoice tracking solution. View.

Ipeergrid - Collaboration platform for SME. View.

Iupload - Enterprise multi-user blogging, wiki, cms. View.

Jackbe - Enterprise platform enabling to access & mash-up any data to improve collaboration. View.

Jive - Enterprise forum solution. View.

Jyngle - Enterprise & groups mobile messaging service. View.

Lessaccounting - Simple SME bookkeeping & sales management solution. View.

Lyceum - Enterprise multi-user blogging. View.

Mfg - Request & evaluate quotes from suppliers, globally. View.

Musicarsenal - Music business management tools. View.

Mymilemarker - Keep track of your mileage over your phone or Twitter. View.

Netsuite** - Manage all your business in one integrated suite. View.

Nexaweb - Enterprise application development platform. View.

Openfire - Enterprise VoiP and chat solutions. View.

Panthius - CRM solution. View.

Paycycle - Payroll & taxes management solution. View.

Perquest - Payroll & taxes management solution. View.

Phpopenbiz - PHP framework for data centric business apps. View.

Plateau* - Enterprise e-learning, performance & career management solution. View.

Protus - Enterprise communication solutions. View.

Qliktech - Business performance & intelligence solutions. View.

Ringcentral - Phone & fax services. View.

Santexq - Time, task & billing management solution. View.

Secondsite - Web-based invoicing. View.

Sendwordnow - Crisis alerting & response services. View.

Seriosity - Enhance enterprise communication through MOG principles. View.

Skinkers - Should-know information broadcast technology for consumers, employees or partners. View.

Smblive - Share all business applications. View.

Socialtext - Enterprise wiki solutions. View.

Starhome~ - Mobile roaming solutions. View.

Starterbase - Create, organize & share data on the web. View.

Stellent - Enterprise blogging & wiki. View.

Suitetwo - 2.0 toolset for enterprises. View.

Systemone - Enterprise knowledge sharing & management. View.

Teletimecard - Track your staff's time. View.

Timexchange - Track your staff's time. View.

Traction - Enterprise multi-user blogging. View.

Tripsync - Organize, manage & book business travel. View.

Unyte - Enterprise instant messaging & web conferencing. View.

Vebio - Accounting solution. View.

Vendio - Small online business sales tools (olim Ándale). View.

Vocalocity - Micro enterprise PBX. View.

Web20intheenterprise - List of enterprise solutions. View.

Web20strategy - Does every organization need one? Great article by Dion Hinchcliffe. View.

Workday - web-based ERP solutions. View.

Worklight - Feed reader widget also connecting to intranet. View.

Xero - Accounting solution. View.

Zeppos - OS. View.

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