10 April 2008

E-LEARNING: 50 ways to faciliate, improve & promote distant learning

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: EDUCATION 2.0, KNOWLEDGE 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0, TRANSLATING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Babbel - Learn languages online with a personal trainer. View.

Classtools - Create & publish educational Flash games, activities & diagrams. View.

Clear - Create, embed & share RIA tools to enhance language learning. View.

Edu20** - Teach a/o learn, wherever you are. View.

Eslvideo - Take a video off the net & create an educational quizz with it. View.

Italki - Language exchange and learning community. View.

Kantalk - Practice languages with others, record it & share your lessons. View.

Keybr - Test your typing skills. View.

Learnitlists - Learn a language bit by bit. View.

Lectureshare - Explore & share lecture notes, videos and audio recordings. View.

Lernu - Learn Esperanto. View.

Mango - Online language learning system. View.

Myhappyplanet - Teach & learn from each other through live chat, messaging, videos & lessons. View.

Neulio - Explore, create & share how to-videos. View.

Ocwfinder - Open courseware database & search. View.

Rouxbe - Video cooking lessons & forum. View.

Showmehowtoplay - Take lessons in this musicians community. View.

Tutorom - Create, deliver & share lessons. View.

Utipu - Record & share screen demos. View.

Vocab - Mobile e-learning solutions. View.

Yacapaca - Explore & create quizzes, surveys, tests, eportfolios for your class. View.

Yudomagic - Community produced magic video performances and tutorials. View.

B4class - Group & video chat, scheduling, photo sharing & tutoring. View.

Cafescribe - Search texts, upload & share notes, subscribe to best notes & save trees. View.

Chalksite - Bring your classroom online. View.

Classcaster - Interact with students thru podcasts & blogs. View.

Classmarker - Create, publish & share tests and quizzes. View.

Edublogs - Blog hosting for teachers (Wordpress). View.

Elgg - Open source e-learning software. View.

Engrade - Helps teachers, students parents to connect. View.

Examprofessor - Create, publish & share exams. View.

Gradefix - Organize your homework. View.

Grockit - Online exam preparation. View.

Haikuls - E-learning publishing & management solution. View.

Livemocha* - Language learning & practice community. View.

Mindpicnic* - Share & learn from online knowledge. View.

Moodle - Course management system for learning communities. View.

Notemesh - Collaborate with classmates to create unified sets of notes. View.

Nuvvo - Build, publish & learn from courses. View.

Palabea* - Learn languages & share your culture. View.

Plateau* - Enterprise e-learning, performance & career management solution. View.

Scitalks - Explore, publish & share scientific video presentations & lectures. View.

Scriptovia - Community for students; collaborate & receive feedback on your academic work. View.

Solutionwatch - Reviews & lists of school & study tools. View.

Soziety - Language-learning social network based on Skype. View.

Starplay - Practice your music with virtual pros. View.

Tutorialicious - Digg IT tutorials. View.

Tutorvista* - Online education in any subject, with 24/7 live tutors. View.

Udutu - Online course authoring. View.

Visual-literacy - E-learning tutorial on visualization. View.

Wiziq - Connecting teachers and students for distance learning. View.

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