12 April 2008

DICTIONARY 2.0: 20 sources for lovers of words, quotes & other lexicographic candies

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DATABASE 2.0, LIST 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Definr - Fast English dictionary. View.

Lingoz - Find & collaborate on definitions and translations. View.

Namepedia* - Search for first & family names, and for real people. View.

Verbotomy - Create words & get ranked. View.

Webnary - Multilingual translator. View.

Bigcite - Publish & share quotes. View.

Buzzwordhell - Rate & condemn. View.

Curriki - Publish & share curriculae on this wiki. View.

Decilogratis - Publish and share (lists of) words. View.

Diaryland - Publish & share a web diary (a.k.a. Pitas). View.

Ebible - Search the bible. View.

Metaglossary - Meta web search for word definitions. View.

Ninjawords - Dictionary. View.

Questsin - Collaborate on dictionary. View.

Quizlet - Capture it, submit it, get back a pdf & share it. View.

Quotiki - Explore, submit, rate & collect quotes. View.

Rr-jj - Publish & share quotes. View.

Urbandictionary - Contribute to slang dictionary. View.

Wizlite - Fast dictionary. View.

Wordie - Highlight & share text on any web page. View.

Wordsource - Define, rate, tag & share words in this social dictionary. View.

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