19 April 2008

CAPTURING 2.0: 61 ways to download, grab, clip, datbase, organize, manage, edit, mix, publish & share or make money on data, pics, music & video

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: AUDIO 2.0, AVID 2.0, IMAGING 2.0, VIDEO 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Anjo - Search, download, convert & share media files. View.

Convertdirect - Convert flv files into 3gp/mp3/avi/mp4/wmv/mpeg/mov files online. View.

Convertyoutube - Download online videos directly to any device. View.

Doubletwist** - Transfer, share & sync media regardless of device, file format or social network (DVD Jon is back!). View.

Downloadyoutubevideos - Capture online videos. View.

Downtub - Download all videos in FLV format. View.

Down-tube - Capture Youtube videos. View.

Effectmatrix - Download & convert all videos. View.

Filsh - Download & convert videos. View.

Filsh - Download & convert videos. View.

Freemusiczilla - Meta music download service. View.

Magnify - Explore, collect, record & cast videos. View.

Nuclear-coffee - Down&upload tools for all FLV videos. View.

Unleashedstream - Stream FLV files from video sites & embed your site logo. View.

Vconvert - Download & convert videos. View.

Ytpocket - Youtube for PPC & smartphone users. View.

Zbusoft - Capture & convert online video. View.

Applian - Capture streaming audio & video. View.

Audiolunchbox - Music download store. View.

Audiosnacks - Create, share & download audio travel tours. View.

Beatport - Music download store. View.

Bleep - Music download store. View.

Broadclip - Crawl the web for your music, clip it & get it delivered to your player. View.

Cl1pnet - Copy & paste between computers. View.

Clipnabber - Helps you to download videos anywhere. View.

Cluebacca - Storing & organizing text clips. View.

Downthisvideo - Search & download videos. View.

Emusic - Music download store. View.

Fastone - Clip, capture & publish any (part of any) thing on your computer. View.

Fluxiom - Capture, manage, access & deliver content. View.

Furl - Clip, store & share web pages. View.

Iaudioguide - Download audio tours of your favorite cities. View.

Itunes - Apple's music download store. View.

Javimoya - Download direct from most video sites (Firefox). View.

Jeteye - Clip & share (parts of) web pages. View.

Jing - Capture & share images & video, PC2anywhere. View.

Kcoolonline - Search & download videos. View.

Keepvid - Search & download videos. View.

Kissyoutube - Search & download videos. View.

Magnatune - Music download store. View.

Mediafire - Limitless up&downloads. View.

Mix - Explore, upload, download & share playlists & public mixes. View.

Mp3tunes - Upload & listen to your music. View.

Notely - Capture, organise & share notes. View.

Ogle - Capture, re-use & print 3D data. View.

Payplayfm - Music download store. View.

Reeltime - P2P solution to download & rent movies over IP. View.

Snag - Find friends & get other features from all your networks. View.

Snipit - Clip parts of web pages. View.

Songbird - Media player & web browser. View.

Strmz - Clip & share tv & video. View.

Tioti - Discover, download & discuss tv content. View.

Tourcaster - Download audio tours of your favorite cities. View.

Videodl - Search & download videos. View.

Videodownloader - Search & download videos. View.

Videoegg - Capture, edit & publish video. View.

Web-chops - Clip & share web snippets. View.

Youtubedownloader - Download & save Youtube videos. View.

Youtubedownloads - Search & download videos. View.

Youtubex - Search & download videos. View.

Youtubia - Search & download videos. View.

Zamzar* - Convert your files online. View.

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