03 March 2008

VIDEO 2.0: 513 ways to edit, search, cast, protect, publish & communicate over video

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: AUDIO 2.0, CAPTURING, CINEMA 2.0, MULTIMEDIA 2.0, TV 2.0, VIDEOCOM 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Adaptv - Match online video with context relevant advertizing. View.

Aditall - Create or remix video ads & distribute them. View.

All2convert - Convert videos to every device's video encoding. View.

Alluc - Explore & contribute to database of links to videos on 3rd party websites. View.

Anjo - Search, download, convert & share media files. View.

Autobahn - App that provides accelerated downloads & more reliable streaming video. View.

Blabbermash - Video Q&A on love & life. View.

Blackwave - (Olim: Acinion). Store and deliver video cost-effectively. View.

Blinkbox - Watch, buy & rent movies & TV shows, and customize video by adding pre-roll text . View.

Blipback - Video comment widget. View.

Commentt - Get video & audio comments on your blog. View.

Convertdirect - Convert flv files into 3gp/mp3/avi/mp4/wmv/mpeg/mov files online. View.

Convertyoutube - Download online videos directly to any device. View.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Dizzler - Search & play free music, videos, games & radio on your pc or mobile device; put your player on any website. View.

Doubletwist** - Transfer, share & sync media regardless of device, file format or social network (DVD Jon is back!). View.

Downloadyoutubevideos - Capture online videos. View.

Downtub - Download all videos in FLV format. View.

Down-tube - Capture Youtube videos. View.

Effectmatrix - Download & convert all videos. View.

Eslvideo - Take a video off the net & create an educational quizz with it. View.

F11 - Share soccer video clips. View.

Ffwd* - Explore tv content from all over the web based on your profile & connect to other users. View.

Filsh - Download & convert videos. View.

Finditall - Video search. View.

Fixmymovie - Upgrade, then share your video movies. View.

Flixwagon - Broadcast phone cam video to the web. View.

Flowplayer - Free, easily embeddable Flash media player. View.

Foodtube - Explore video recipes & add your own. View.

Freedocumentaries - Watch documentaries for free. View.

Funepets - Explore & share photos & videos of pets. View.

Gloobtv - Watch videos (and better don't try to participate). View.

Gorillaspot - (Re)edit & publish videos. View.

Gotcast - Submit your profile & videos, get votes, and get discovered as a star. View.

Graspr - Explore & share how-to videos. View.

http://www.mxplay.com/ - Search & share music playlists, play music & music videos over browser plugin. View.

Idesktoptv - Visual search for Youtube videos. View.

Ifutbal - Explore & share soccer videos. View.

Imcooked - Film your cooking & share the video. View.

Imemories* - Preserve & share your home movie history. View.

Jaycut - Edit, upload & share your movies. View.

Jewtube - Here's Looking at Jew!. View.

Loomtv - Explore videos, collect them in your own channels & discuss them. View.

Magnify - Explore, collect, record & cast videos. View.

Mindbites - Publish & sell knowledge, skills and passions through audio and video lessons. View.

Mooweetv - Delivers internet video in tv-friendly format. View.

Mystrandstv - Explore, create & share music tv channels & get recommendations. View.

Nationalbanana - Explore & share comedy videos. View.

Neulio - Explore, create & share how to-videos. View.

Next2friends - Video sharing, messaging & broadcasting over your mobile. View.

Nuclear-coffee - Down&upload tools for all FLV videos. View.

Overlaytv - Monetize your video by overlaying clickable contextual information onto content . View.

Plugadplay - Monetize your video. View.

Plymedia* - Transform videos into experiences by adding interactive layers. View.

Qik - Cast live video to the web from your phone. View.

Qoof - Platform to maximize commerce potential of video ads. View.

Rouxbe - Video cooking lessons & forum. View.

Scanscout* - Add mouse over-activated ads to your video streams. View.

Schooltube - Explore & share videos approved by registered teachers. View.

Sclipo - Broadcast your skills & have them rated. View.

Seetoo* - Invite buddies to cobrowse your videos (without uploading). View.

Simplify* - Access & share music, photos & videos with your friends & family. View.

Skufftv - Share music & action sports videos. View.

Spffy - Meta photo & video search. View.

Spotmob - Upload & share mobile videos. View.

Streem* - Lifestream notes, quotes, videos, links. View.

Tagloops - Remix video, audio, photos & feeds into 'web movies'. View.

Thinkgottalent - "Submit your thing on video & get discovered

Tubecast* - Music tv on demand. View.

Unleashedstream - Stream FLV files from video sites & embed your site logo . View.

Uphoneblog - Send your cam pics & videos to your blog. View.

Utipu - Record & share screen demos. View.

Vconvert - Download & convert videos. View.

Veogeo - See videos of what people are doing, and where. View.

Vezoom - Video search engine. View.

Videohybrid - Request or hunt for videos . View.

Videojobshop - Job board where job seekers insert video resumes & employers submit video ads. View.

Vizhole - Meta video search. View.

Vzaar - Insert a sales video into your eBay listing. View.

Wengo* - Share knowledge, get paid per minute. View.

Weshow - User-powered guide to videos. View.

Wohotv - Run your private video show and export it to your personal blog . View.

Wuzam - MP3 search engine. View.

Yamelo~ - Find back melodies through music videos on a timeline. View.

Youconvertit - Convert any media file format (documents, images, audio & video). View.

Ytpocket - Youtube for PPC & smartphone users. View.

Yudomagic - Community produced magic video performances and tutorials. View.

Yuscano - Quickscan feature for Youtube search. View.

Yuxt* - Social video search & bookmarking. View.

Zbusoft - Capture & convert online video. View.

5min - Upload, explore & share how to-videos ('videopedia'). View.

5minutefriend - Videochat for 5 minutes with random users. View.

A9** - Clustered search. View.

Abazab - Upload & share your vids. View.

Addictingclips - Upload, watch & share multimedia. View.

Adjustables~** - Super impose clickable logos, banners, ticker tapes etc on video. View.

Adultswim - Episode previews, games, community. View.

Aegeetv~ - Create & share video (for European students). View.

Aggrega*** - Upload to, listen to & share Pandora for music videos. View.

Ajaxamp - Get Winamp in your browser . View.

Ajaxilicious - Share your movies thru RSS. View.

Akregator - RSS reader (Linux). View.

Alivebroadcast - Upload & share personal webcam photos. View.

Alkemis - Live traffic cam map mash-up. View.

Aniboom - Create, upload, rate & rank animation movies. View.

Aolvideo - Search video. View.

Applian - Capture streaming audio & video. View.

Askaninja - Got questions? Ask a ninja! . View.

Asterpix* - Interactivate objects in your video & publish it. View.

Attentv - Subscribe to other persons' clickstreams or start your own station. View.

Azareus - Distribute bandwidth & share content. View.

Babelgum - Create your own tv channels over IP. View.

Bigcontact - Publish your videos & mp3s. View.

Biggerboat - Search entertainment. View.

Bitwine - Get or give video advice for a price. View.

Blinkxsearchus - Personalized epg. View.

Blip - Get video & podcasting on your blog. View.

Bliptv - Get video & podcasting on your blog. View.

Blogcheese - Publish video on your blog. View.

Bloggersnap - Add your webcam snapshot to any blog. View.

Blogtelevision - Search videos in blogosphere. View.

Blogtv - Live video cast tool. View.

Break - Upload, explore, rate & share comedy videos. View.

Brightcove - Upload, explore, rate, share & syndicate videos. View.

Broadbandsports - Upload, explore, rate & share sports videos. View.

Bubbleguru - Record & publish your videos (featuring you). View.

Buzznet - Share videos & photos. View.

Buzzwire - Explore, create & share video & audio on your mobile. View.

Cameroid - Take & share web cam photos. View.

Camtwist - Add sfx to your video chats (Mac). View.

Careertours - Experience your next employer through video and audio clips. View.

Ccpublisher - Tag your media files with Creative Commons, publish them on your website a/o get free hosting. View.

Cellblock - Explore, publish & share photos & videos through your mobile. View.

Cellcast - Record audio or video with your cell phone & share it with friends. View.

Cicatriz* - Video-empowered ecommerce. View.

Clevertools - Project, time, financial, sales & lead management solution. View.

Clicktv - Edit & comment on videos while you watch. View.

Clipblast - Search & navigate the video web. View.

Clipnabber - Helps you to download videos anywhere. View.

Cliproller - Search video & get recommendations. View.

Clipshack - Upload, explore, rate & share videos. View.

Clipsync - Watch videos together & chat. View.

Clipsyndicate - Publish video news on your blog. View.

Comvu - Broadcast video live from your cell. View.

Coolstreaming - Create & share tv channels over IP. View.

Coulltv - View videos & add interactive elements to it . View.

Counteracttv - Reveal truth & injustice by sharing your films. View.

Cozmotv - Create & organize video channels . View.

Crackle* - Publish & share your video. View.

Create-ringtone - Create & send ringtones, wallpapers, videos etc. to your mobile phone. View.

Criteo - Review, compare & share films. View.

Criticker - Rate films and get recommendations. View.

Currenttv - Create & upload, watch & vote. View.

Cuts - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

Dailymotion - Upload & share videos. View.

Darejunkies* - Video challenge contest. View.

Democracy - Internet tv platform (client). View.

Digitalmagics - Stream your mobile videos over IPTV. View.

Disclosetv - Publish & share conspiracy video stories. View.

Divvio - Meta video search. View.

Dltv - Video podcasts for tech geeks. View.

Dotsub - Help to subtitle films. View.

Dovetail - High quality video sharing for pros. View.

Downthisvideo - Search & download videos. View.

Dream-recorder - Record YOU while you sleep. View.

Dropshots - Upload & share photos & video. View.

Dumbfind - Social search platform showcasing your expertise & enabling collaboration. View.

Dumpert~ - Explore, upload, share & rate photo, video & audio files. View.

Dvdidle - Work around DVD region codes & css. View.

Eatmyhamster - Digg for videos, pics & jokes. View.

Everyzing - Digital media merchandising platform (olim Podzinger). View.

Evideoshare - Create, publish, share & interact. View.

Evoketv - Localized epg (ajax). View.

Expotv - Videocast reviews & opinions. View.

Eyespot - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

Feedbeat** - Bookmark videos, create & share internet tv-shows. View.

Feedzie - Finds feeds & casts. View.

Filehurricane - Store & share images & videos. View.

Filmcrowd - Review & rate films. View.

Filmpjes~ - Upload, rate & share videos. View.

Flikzor - Profile yourself in a video & publish it anywhere. View.

Fliptrack - Put your photos to music & share it as a video. View.

Fliptrack - Put your photos to music & share it as a video. View.

Fliqz - Share your video collection. View.

Flixster - Discover & share movies with friends. View.

Flixya - Upload & share videos + revenues. View.

Flukiest - Publish & share videos & photos. View.

Flurl - Submit & rate videos. View.

Fooooo - Search +20M videos. View.

Foratv - Explore video discussions on political, social and cultural issues & join the conversation. View.

Foxytunes - Search music & music videos. View.

Freetube - Free tv over ip. View.

Freevlog - Set up free video blog. View.

Funkycall - Record, upload, deploy & share your phone pranks. View.

Funnyordie - Help decide if these videos are funny. View.

Fuvoo - Submit, explore, share & digg videos. View.

Galaxiki - Co-create, maintain and own a universe. View.

Gameklip - Record & share your best gaming moves & tricks. View.

Geevee - Upload, explore, rate & share game videos. View.

Geobeats - Produce, publish & share tourist videos. View.

Getdemocracy - Watch or make tv. View.

Giga* - Watch all kinds of live stream & vod shows (German). View.

Giggedup - Video resume-based job board. View.

Gizmoz* - Create your 3D video avatar & use it anywhere. View.

Godtube - Upload, explore & share Him. View.

Gogooroo - User-generated guide to online tv & videos. View.

Goobtoob - for video clips . View.

Googlevideo - Upload, share, purchase videos. View.

Gotuit - Watch, list & share videos. View.

Greentv - Environment focused video channel. View.

Groovid - Explore & share videos from all over the web. View.

Guba - Upload & share videos. View.

Helpfulvideo - Share your knowledge via video clips. View.

Heycast - Publish vod casts. View.

Heycosmo - Video cast tool. View.

Heyspread - Publish your videos over several networks in one shot. View.

Heywatch - Encode your video in any format. View.

Hirevue - Online video job interviews. View.

Hooktv - Flyfishing video community. View.

Hooqs - Explore, create & share audio & video channels. View.

Hotswap - Video-supported supply & demand. View.

Hypetracker - Popular news searches in graphs. View.

Ifilm - Publish, share & explore videos. View.

Iglance - Push-to-talk videoconf and screen-sharing. View.

Ilovemusicvideo - Youtube & Lastfm mash-up. View.

Intertalk*** - Unified communications, streaming & community solutions. View.

Invideo - Make money on free, customizable, brandable video player. View.

Iquestions - Ask & get video answers to life's questions. View.

Islandoo - Temporary (?) community for tv show's casting. View.

Iwatchthis - Create, publish & share mixed video feeds. View.

Jabbits - Ask questions, watch answers. View.

Jalipo - EPG to free & paid on demand video & tv streams. View.

Jaman - Watch or distribute international & art movies over IP. View.

Jing - Capture & share images & video, PC2anywhere. View.

Jinzora - Store & play your music & videos. View.

Jobaria - Shoot job interview & link to it in your resume. View.

Joox - Open Joost. View.

Juicecaster - Upload & cast cell photos & videos. View.

Jumpcut - Create, explore, remix & share movies. View.

Kcoolonline - Search & download videos. View.

Keepvid - Search & download videos. View.

Kerpoof - Synthesize animation film & share it. View.

Kewego~ - Publish, rate & share videos. View.

Kissyoutube - Search & download videos. View.

Ktorrents - Search bittorrents. View.

Kyte - Create & broadcast TV channels from web or mobile phone. View.

Liveleak - Upload & share sensational videos. View.

Livelook - Search for live webcams by location. View.

Livemansion - Create & produce a feature film together. View.

Livesquare - Anti-piracy protection for streaming media. View.

Livestation - Watch tv, listen radio over IP (client). View.

Livevideo - Upload, explore, rate & share videos. View.

Lordoftv - Watch over 1,000 channels. View.

Magg - Aggregates movies from many websites. View.

Mailemotion - Create & send videomail. View.

Makemewatchtv - Repackage video news. View.

Matchbook - Betting exchange. View.

Mediabum - Upload, explore, rate & share funny videos. View.

Media-convert - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Mediaconverter - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Meevee - Search, upload, share, review & vote tv content. View.

Mefeedia - Find & subscribe to vlog video streams. View.

Metacafe - Upload & share videos. View.

Metatube - Search +100 video sharing sites . View.

Mightyv - Web-based tv search & epg (UK). View.

Miro* - Open video player. View.

Mirpod - Tuner, radio & tv to play RSS feeds or xspf. View.

Mixd - Text & send pics & vids to groups of friends. View.

Mixercast - Mix your own media with professional footage & publish it. View.

Mixpo - Present yourself in multimedia. View.

Mobilereporters~ - Upload & share your video. View.

Mobitv - Get tv & radio on your cell & laptop. View.

Mobunga - Share & discover multimedia from multi devices. View.

Mogad - Share video recommendations with your friends. View.

Mogulus - Video cast tool. View.

Mojiti - Share your annotated videos. View.

Mojoflix - Upload & share vids. View.

Mojungle - Live phlogging & vlogging. View.

Mootion - Submit & rate & videos. View.

Motionbox - Edit & share videos. View.

Motiono - Upload & share your videos with friends. View.

Movavi - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Movenetworks - Measure & analyse each video viewer experience. View.

Moviemasher - Add video editing to your website. View.

Movietally - Catalogue, recommend & share movie info. View.

Mturk* - Complete simple tasks & get paid. View.

Musicane - Buy or sell audio, video and ringtones. View.

Musicplustv - Enjoy clips, put in requests, chat with dj's. View.

Musicportl - Youtube & Flickr & blogs mash-up. View.

Mustseeblog - Comparison of Video 2.0 pages. View.

Muveemix - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

Mydeo - Upload, store & manage videos. View.

Myfilmz - List, review & discuss films. View.

Mytoons - Upload & share cartoon animations. View.

Mytv - Upload, rate & share videos (German). View.

Myvideokaraoke - Sing & share your song on video. View.

Mywaves - Send web videos to your phone. View.

Naughtyamerica* - Multiplayer video sexgame. View.

Nayio - Record your music, add video & share. View.

Nbbc - B2B marketplace for video syndication. View.

Neavetv - Vote for shows this guy has to watch. View.

Neokast - Live video streaming platform & network. View.

Newsatseven - Get your customized video news cast. View.

Nexidia - Transform av data into business intelligence. View.

Nogoodtv* - Uncensored tv. View.

Novac - TV over Skype. View.

Nutsie - Play your music on your cell. View.

Octopz - Collaborate on & in any file format. View.

Okaytoplay - Tools & resources for podcasters & vloggers. View.

On2* - Video compression solutions. View.

Onnetworks - Watch & contribute to online how to-tv channels. View.

Openmedianetwork - Multimedia epg. View.

Operator11 - Create, edit, remix, view & share videos. View.

Orgoo - All your communications integrated in one dashboard. View.

Paltalk - Videochat for social networks. View.

Peercast - Broadcast, listen to or watch P2P live streams. View.

Peerimpact - Swap video P2P and get paid. View.

Photobucket - Create, edit, upload & share photos & videos. View.

Photobucket - Create, edit, upload & share photos & videos. View.

Photozou - Upload, share & publish photos & video. View.

Pickle - Upload, explore & share videos & photos. View.

Picostation - Create & share your phone cam videos. View.

Picpix - Upload & share photos & videos. View.

Picturecloud - 360o view on your pics. View.

Pimpmefamous - Submit & rate videos. View.

Pixilive - Upload, store & manage videos. View.

Pixpulse - Upload & share photos and videos on your mobile. View.

Pixsense - Take, manage & share cell phone pics & videos. View.

Podcasterbater - Get your porn audio & video podcasts. View.

Podcastfm - Publish pod & vod casts. View.

Podcastpickle - Share podcasts & vidcasts. View.

Poddater - Create vodcast & connect. View.

Podesk - Publish & promote your vodcast. View.

Podscope - Voice rec-based audio and video search engine. View.

Podshow - Podcast & vodcast network. View.

Pooxi - Upload & (revenue) share video. View.

Popcast - View & broadcast tv over ip (player). View.

Poperti - Enjoy music (and more) from your Gmail inbox. View.

Pornotube - A disgrace for the porn industry. View.

Powermap - Next level Google maps. View.

Profcast - Record & publish your presentation. View.

Purevideo - RSS startpage for videos. View.

Qooqle - Video search. View.

Radar - Upload & share photos & videos from your cam phone. View.

Raketu - Free regional and international calls, VOD, IM, SMS, multi media player, podcasting, slide show & feeds from your PC & mobile. View.

Ratemydancemoves - Hot-or-not application of Youtube dance videos. View.

Rawflow - Broadcast & watch P2P video. View.

Readon* - Have your video captioned for search purposes. View.

Realitymarkets - Predictive markets contest. View.

Recruitv - Video recruitment solutions. View.

Reeltime - P2P solution to download & rent movies over IP. View.

Remix - Remix & share videos. View.

Revision4 - TV network for the web. View.

Revver - Upload, share or sell your videos. View.

Rocketboom - View & contribute to daily vlog. View.

Rupid - Upload, store & manage videos. View.

Sciencehack - Search science videos. View.

Scitalks - Explore, publish & share scientific video presentations & lectures. View.

Screencast-o-matic - Create, publish, share, explore & rate screencasts. View.

Screenvader - Compose algorithmic music, image and video presentations. View.

Scriggity - Contribute to this news vodcast. View.

Searchforvideo - Search video. View.

Searchthebeat - Search MP3s & get additional links to Youtube music videos. View.

Searchvideo - Search video. View.

Selfcast - Upload, watch & share vids. View.

Selldeo - Sell your stuff thru video advertising. View.

Sevenload*** - Upload & share photos & videos. View.

Sharkle - Watch, vote for & share videos. View.

Shoutcast - Search web radio stations (Winamp). View.

Shycast - Participate in sponsored video contest. View.

Sideklick - Get contextually relevant video suggestions added to your IM. View.

Sidereel - Search, catalogue, watch & share tv, movies & video. View.

Sightspeed - Voice & video over IP. View.

Sketchbasement - Sketchcast your presentation . View.

Skype - Call, conference, messenger, file sharing. View.

Slapvid* - Watch the Youtube Top25 in 5 minutes. View.

Slingmedia - Watch tv over ip wherever you are. View.

Smstunes - Smstunes - Explore, create & share video, karaokes & radio. View.

Socialsaga* - Video Q&A. View.

Spotrunner - Recycle, recreate & air tv ads. View.

Spout - Publish & share reviews, buy films. View.

Srobbin - Search Google Video on your cell. View.

Stage6 - Upload, download, experience & share high quality video. View.

Stashspace - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

Stickam* - Multimedia communication community. View.

Streamick - Co-decide on video streams published. View.

Strmz - Clip & share tv & video. View.

Superdeluxe - Search comedy videos. View.

Sutree - Knowledge sharing (thru video) community. View.

Tagtv - Youtube & Flickr mash-up. View.

Thatschillin - Submit & rate trivial news & videos. View.

Thebroken - Tech vidcast . View.

Theunseenvideo - Video & weather mash-up animation. View.

Thoof - Customizes your selection of news, websites & videos. View.

Tinypic - Upload, store & manage your videos & photos. View.

Tioti - Discover, download & discuss tv content. View.

Travelistic - Upload, explore, rate & share travel videos. View.

Tribler~ - Watch, rate & share video. View.

Trivop* - Video hotel guide & booking system. View.

Truveo - Ranked video search. View.

Tubebattle - Rate two videos head to head. View.

Tubesurf - Search video. View.

Tunefind - Submit & find film & tv music. View.

Turboflix - Upload & share media. View.

Turnhere - Upload & share video (local). View.

TV - Filter out what's on tv. View.

Tv4b~ - Upload & share corporate videos. View.

Tvtoon - P2P tv solution. View.

Twit - Tech vidcast . View.

Twominuteworld - Select a location, and see related photos & videos. View.

Uberchannel - Create & share your own channel. View.

Ummyeah - Digg videos & news. View.

Umundo - Upload & share mobile videos and pics. View.

Uncutvideo - AOL's You Tube. View.

Ustream - Video cast tool. View.

Utterz - Use your mobile to publish your voice, videos, pictures & text on your blog. View.

Uvouch - Submit & rate videos . View.

Vatortv - Entrepreneurs share their ideas thru video. View.

Vcasmo - Create & share photo & video presentations. View.

Veeker - Shoot, send & share videos while you travel. View.

Veodia - Broadcast yourself live on your blog. View.

Veoh - Upload & share videos. View.

Verbdate - Speak up before you date. View.

Verimatrix - Video watermarking & fingerprinting solution. View.

Veryfunnyads - Submit & vote for funny commercials. View.

Viddler - Create, enhance & share your video. View.

Videobomb - Discover, digg & share videos on Democracy Player. View.

Videodl - Search & download videos. View.

Videodownloader - Search & download videos. View.

Videoegg - Capture, edit & publish video. View.

Videojug - Share know-how thru video. View.

Videoronk - Meta video search. View.

Videosift - Upload, share & digg videos. View.

Videostumble - Link to, rate & share videos. View.

Videotag - Play video tagging game & enrich their search database. View.

Videws - RSS news mashed up with Youtube videos. View.

Vidilife - Upload & share media. View.

Vidmeter - Top 100 of web videos. View.

Vidmetrix - Manage, track & optimize online video campaigns. View.

Viewdle* - Index and search video content thru face recognition software. View.

Viewmytv - Watch tv from all over the world, over IP. View.

Vimeo - Upload & share video. View.

Viralvideochart - Tracks the buzz around videos. View.

Virtualvideomap - Google Maps & Youtube mash-up. View.

Visuarios - Publish & share how-to videos. View.

Vitrue - White labeled advertising video solutions. View.

Vixy - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Vlogmap - Map your vlog. View.

Vmix - Upload & share videos. View.

Vmukti - Audio & video conferencing over web, PSTN and mobile. View.

Vodpod - Publish your videos and/or playlists & share them. View.

Voteallvideos - Submit & rate funny videos and get paid for it. View.

Votigo** - Create & share a video or photo contest (addictive!). View.

Vpodtv - Create & share your (mobile) tv channel. View.

Vringo - Share video ringtones with your friends when you call them. View.

Vsocial - Upload, rank & share video. View.

Vuze - Hi-def video community (based on Azureus). View.

Watchmedoing - Upload & share mobile videos. View.

Watchthisnext - Vote for & buy DVDs. View.

Weatherbug - Share video weather casts. View.

Webcastr - Platform for video over IP channels. View.

Web-feeds - Digg videos & links. View.

Web-feeds - Digg videos & links. View.

Webjam - Collect, mix & share content from many sources. View.

Webnation - Video podcast on events in the tech world. View.

Wedigtv - Watch classic USA game shows. View.

Wengophone - Meta instant messager with conference and video calls. View.

Wewin - Upload & explore videos, win prizes. View.

Xone9 - Start your own tv network community. View.

Yahoomusic - Search web radio (with Yahoo music videos). View.

Yahoovideo - Submit, search & share videos. View.

Yahoovideosearch - Search video. View.

Yideoz - Oy, video sharing for jews. View.

Youporn - Upload (not really…) & share lousy porn videos. View.

Youtube* - Upload & share video. View.

Youtubedownloader - Download & save Youtube videos. View.

Youtubedownloads - Search & download videos. View.

Youtubemobile - Youtube on your cell. View.

Youtubex - Search & download videos. View.

Youtubia - Search & download videos. View.

Yumenetworks - Video ad network. View.

Zannel - Publish & share videos & photos on your mobile. View.

Zattoo - TV over IP (CH only). View.

Zentation* - Synchronise & publish video & Powerpoint presentations. View.

Ziddio - Upload, rate & share videos. View.

Zippyvideos - Upload & share video. View.

Zontube - Amazon music with Youtube videos. View.

Zoomandgo - Upload & travel photos & videos. View.

Zoomblast - Upload, rate & share videos. View.

Zoook~ - Marketplace with video ads. View.

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