04 March 2008

TV 2.0: 108 cool ways to select, watch, produce & distribute TV over IP

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: MULTIMEDIA 2.0, RADIO 2.0, VIDEO 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Blinkbox - Watch, buy & rent movies & TV shows, and customize video by adding pre-roll text. View.

Bluestreak - Rich media solutions for tv, mobile & electron ics. View.

Buddytv - Gossip, chat, and connect with other fans about your favorite TV shows. View.

Channelking - Over 200 free TVoverInternet channels. View.

Criticalmention - Search & get alerts on critical tv information. View.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Fancast - Personalize what's on tv for you tonight. View.

GridNetworks - P2P TV over IP network. View.

Haveyougotthenerve - Crowd sourced tv production company. View.

Hbovoyeur** - Cross media stories that HBO has built around voyeurism; grabbing storylines is like a treasurehunt. View.

Heynielsen - Rate tv shows. View.

Houyhnhnmstv - Art television community. View.

Intruders* - International ring of vlogs focusing on Web 2.0. View.

Jacked* - Dashboard of real-time news, stats & media related to tv programs. View.

Jlcsoftware - Watch, submit, rate & flag 1000s of channels. View.

Jumptv - Watch 250 tv channels over IP. View.

Knockatv - Democratic, collaborative, social professional television network. View.

Livecastr~ - Broadcast live to the web using your cell cam. View.

Locatetv - Search TV shows, movies & actors. View.

Loomtv - Explore videos, collect them in your own channels & discuss them. View.

Magnify - Explore, collect, record & cast videos. View.

Mesmo - Share & play games with tv trivia on Facebook or Bebo. View.

Mooweetv - Delivers internet video in tv-friendly format. View.

Orangutag - Get updates on tv programs. View.

Permissiontv - Broadband television publishing system. View.

Primetimerewind*** - Swing the cube to catch up on all TV programs you've missed. View.

Realitywanted - Apply to & get cast in reality TV shows View.

Tipdish - Social directory & information service connecting netcasters and PR & marketing people. View.

Tubecast* - Music tv on demand. View.

Wohotv - Run your private video show and export it to your personal blog. View.

Youbeqb - Improve your high ranking by choosing what plays will be called next in live sports games. View.

Adultswim - Episode previews, games, community. View.

Babelgum - Create your own tv channels over IP. View.

Blinkxsearchus - Personalized epg. View.

Blogtv - Live video cast tool. View.

Broadramp - Multimedia management solutions. View.

Celumimagine - Media management tool. View.

Comvu - Broadcast video live from your cell. View.

Coolstreaming - Create & share tv channels over IP. View.

Cozmotv - Create & organize video channels. View.

Currenttv - Create & upload, watch & vote. View.

Democracy (now: Miro) - Internet tv platform (client). View.

Digitalmagics - Stream your mobile videos over IPTV. View.

Dltv - Video podcasts for tech geeks. View.

Evoketv - Localized epg (ajax). View.

Feedbeat** - Bookmark videos, create & share internet tv-shows. View.

Foratv - Explore video discussions on political, social and cultural issues & join the conversation. View.

Freetube - Free tv over ip. View.

Gogooroo - User-generated guide to online tv & videos. View.

Greentv - Environment focused video channel. View.

Heycast - Publish vod casts. View.

Heycosmo - Video cast tool. View.

Hooktv - Flyfishing video community. View.

Hooqs - Explore, create & share audio & video channels. View.

Hypetracker - Popular news searches in graphs. View.

Intertalk*** - Unified communications, streaming & community solutions. View.

Islandoo - Temporary (?) community for tv show's casting. View.

Jalipo - EPG to free & paid on demand video & tv streams. View.

Jaman - Watch or distribute international & art movies over IP. View.

Joox - Open Joost. View.

Juicecaster - Upload & cast cell photos & videos. View.

Kyte - Create & broadcast TV channels from web or mobile phone. View.

Livestation - Watch tv, listen radio over IP (client). View.

Lordoftv - Watch over 1,000 channels. View.

Makemewatchtv - Repackage video news. View.

Meevee - Search, upload, share, review & vote tv content. View.

Meshly - Explore, create & share your own news channel over IM. View.

Mightyv - Web-based tv search & epg (UK). View.

Mirpod - Tuner, radio & tv to play RSS feeds or xspf. View.

Mobitv - Get tv & radio on your cell & laptop. View.

Mogulus - Video cast tool. View.

Neavetv - Vote for shows this guy has to watch. View.

Neokast - Live video streaming platform & network. View.

Newsatseven - Get your customized video news cast. View.

Nogoodtv* - Uncensored tv. View.

Novac - TV over Skype. View.

Nutsie - Play your music on your cell. View.

Onnetworks - Watch & contribute to online how to-tv channels. View.

Openmedianetwork - Multimedia epg. View.

Peercast - Broadcast, listen to or watch P2P live streams. View.

Podcastfm - Publish pod & vod casts. View.

Podcastpickle - Share podcasts & vidcasts. View.

Popcast - View & broadcast tv over ip (player). View.

Rawflow - Broadcast & watch P2P video. View.

Reeltime - P2P solution to download & rent movies over IP. View.

Revision3 - TV network for the web. View.

Sidereel - Search, catalogue, watch & share tv, movies & video. View.

Sightspeed - Voice & video over IP. View.

Slingmedia - Watch tv over ip wherever you are. View.

Spotrunner - Recycle, recreate & air tv ads. View.

Stickam* - Multimedia communication community. View.

Streamick - Co-decide on video streams published. View.

Strmz - Clip & share tv & video. View.

Tioti - Discover, download & discuss tv content. View.

Titantv - Filter out what's on tv. View.

Tunefind - Submit & find film & tv music. View.

TV - Filter out what's on tv. View.

Tvtoon - P2P tv solution. View.

Tvunetworks - Broadcast or view tv over IP. View.

Uberchannel - Create & share your own channel. View.

Ustream - Video cast tool. View.

Veodia - Broadcast yourself live on your blog. View.

Viewmytv - Watch tv from all over the world, over IP. View.

Vpodtv - Create & share your (mobile) tv channel. View.

Weatherbug - Share video weather casts. View.

Webcastr - Platform for video over IP channels. View.

Wedigtv - Watch classic USA game shows. View.

Xone8 - Start your own tv network community. View.

Zattoo - TV over IP (CH only). View.

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