07 March 2008

TAGGING 2.0: 94 samples of putting labels to content & people

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: BOOKMARKING 2.0, SEARCH 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Booktagger - List the books you've read & share them with others. View.

Feedhaus - Select & organize your new by tagging it. View.

Feednames - Create a name cloud widget from your feed. View.

Jiglu - Tag your blog automatically. View.

1000tags - Tag cloud based search. View.

30daytags - Fresh tagclouds. View.

43people - Tag based matching & dating. View.

6-clicks - Add keywords to websites. View.

97tags - Own a tag exclusively. View.

Adsymetrix - Tag your ads & track their effectiveness. View.

Ambedo - Bookmark, tag & search. View.

Atiki - Tag based feed search. View.

Blogoforum - Categorize your forum by tagging. View.

Cloudalicious - Follow site's tags over time. View.

Colib - Tag, share & sort your media. View.

Consumating - Tag based dating. View.

Danbooru - Upload, tag & share images. View.

Dumbfind - Social search platform showcasing your expertise & enabling collaboration. View.

ESPgame - Label images in a game. View.

Extispicious - Generate a cloud for your Delicious tags. View.

Extispicioustext - Delicious users' tag clouds. View.

Feedmyapp - Web 20 index (using this blog's categories & labels). View.

Femo - Tag & share memos online. View.

Flickrball - Scavenger-hunt game using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues. View.

Flitic - Manage, tag & find feeds. View.

Fuckweb2 - Tagged manifesto to shut up about Web 2.0. View.

Gifttagging - Create, tag & share gift lists. View.

Googlecloud - Add your search terms to these clouds. View.

Hanzoweb - Bookmark, tag & share knowledge online. View.

Hawkee - Tagged price comparison. View.

Hublog - Garphical interface to Delicious tags. View.

Indiza - Tag-based bookmarks. View.

Jamendo - Review, tag, rate & share music. View.

Jobazaar - Tagged job offerings. View.

Juxel - Tag interfaced porn. View.

Keotag - Keyword and tag search. View.

Keyworddensitychecker - Visualizes keywords (metatags) in clouds. View.

Lazysheep - Tag & describe your bookmarks with an algorithm. View.

Leaptag - Choose what you like & get similar news content. View.

Mappedup~* - Map your feed sources geographically. View.

Mappr - Map Flickr photos per tag. View.

Montage-a-google - Tag based random photo montage; Google mash-up. View.

Musicstrands - Tag, share & post music community. View.

Neato - Tagging plug-in for Wordpress. View.

Neoows - Tag, comment, share & discuss news. View.

Newzingo - News tag cloud; Google News mash-up. View.

Newzpile - Aggregates tags-based feeds from many sources. View.

Numly - Tag & protect your content with serial numbers (formerly ESBN). View.

Peekaboom - Label images in a game. View.

Photobloggr - Find tags on name; Flickr mash-up. View.

Rainmaker - Create a text cloud from any URL or inserted text. View.

Redlettr - Tag & comment the bible. View.

Rel8r - Tag, read, search blogs. View.

Revealicious - Explore, search & visualize Delicious tags. View.

Rrove* - Save & share places. View.

Searchles - Submit, tag & share sites. View.

Sidvicious - Find similar tags for Delicious tags. View.

Similicious - Search for similar websites. View.

Simpy - Social bookmarking, tagging & search. View.

Sitetagger - Social bookmarking. View.

Snapshirts - Get your T-shirt with a tag cloud. View.

Suprcilious - Tag all other tag sites. View.

Tag2find - Tag & find everything on your hard disk. View.

Tagacloud - Add your domain to cloud & promote both. View.

Tagalag - Tag & map your contacts. View.

Tagandfile - Tag, share & store. View.

Tagbulb - Meta tag search. View.

Tagcloud - Folksonomied, personalized tag clouds. View.

Tagcrowd - Processes frequency based "tag" cloud from any text file. View.

Tagdirectory - Tagged business directory. View.

Tagfacts - Tag & share your notes. View.

Tagged - Tag yourself and the ones you love. View.

Taggle - Social bookmarking, tagged (German). View.

Tagground - Search for URLs by tag or v.v.. View.

Taghop - Digg links. View.

Taglines - News in tags. View.

Taglocity - Add tags to all Outlook files. View.

Tagmaps - Flickr tags & map mash-up. View.

Tagnews - Submit & rate web-related articles. View.

Tagseasy - Social bookmarking. View.

Tagsrus - Social bookmarking. View.

Tagthenet - Text2Tags. View.

Techzingo - Tagged tech news. View.

Thandora - Tag based search in yellow pages. View.

Theadcloud* - Create & tag classified listings. View.

Thinglink - Search, label & share things of interest. View.

Vennt - Tag-based forum solution. View.

Veotag - Enrich media files with meta data & share. View.

Videotag - Play video tagging game & enrich their search database. View.

Wordnews - News tagged in Times. View.

Wordsource - Define, rate, tag & share words in this social dictionary. View.

Ziki - People matching thru tagged interests. View.

Zonetag - Get tag suggestions for your photos. View.

Zoomclouds - Make & publish tag clouds. View.

Zoomtags - Tag cloud-based affiliate network. View.

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