15 March 2008

RSS 2.0: 301 ways to process, publish & share feeds

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: MULTIMEDIA 2.0, NEWS 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0, SEARCH 2.0, WIDGETS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Feed-analysis* - Get stats on your Feedburner feeds. View.

Feedflash - Create feed readers & widgets, and publish them anywhere. View.

Feedhaus - Select & organize your new by tagging it. View.

Feedhub - Have your feeds customized to your tastes & preferences. View.

Feednames - Create a name cloud widget from your feed. View.

Orangutag - Get updates on tv programs. View.

Feedeachother - Social feed reader. View.

Feedoor* - Meta feed publishing toolkit. View.

Lifestreams - Aggregate everything, (re)publish, build different reputations & educate your info agent. View.

Mailbucket - Public email2RSS gateway. View.

Nourish - Convert any feed into automated email newsletter. View.

Postreader - Display updates of your blog on any other website. View.

Psychantenna - Search for psychology-related feeds. View.

Rssbuttons - Customize your RSS button. View.

Sendmerss - Send web content to your mailbox over rss. View.

2rss - RSS feed directory. View.

Activeroll - Linkroll wizard. View.

Activerssreader - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Addtoany - Meta RSS button linking to major bookmarking services. View.

Adgenta - Add ads to your site, blog or rss feed. View.

Afeeda - RSS mixer. View.

Aggrssive - Share your mixed feeds. View.

Agilerss - RSS reader (Linux). View.

Ajaxilicious - Share your movies thru RSS. View.

Akregator - RSS reader (Linux). View.

Alertbear - Customize your feeds. View.

Alesti - Feed reader. View.

Anothr - Manage & read feeds in Skype messenger. View.

Atiki - Tag based feed search. View.

Attensa - Read & share feeds enterprise-wide through Outlook. View.

Autopinger - Ping service. View.

Averageshoveler - Game & RSS news mash-up. View.

Awasu - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Ballbug - Memeorandum for baseball. View.

Beanrocket - News reader. View.

Blastfeed - Only get the feeds that matter to you. View.

Blerts - Graphics-based desktop RSS alert app. View.

Bliptv - Get video & podcasting on your blog. View.

Blogbridge - Feed reader. View.

Blogdigger - RSS feed directory. View.

Blogexpress - Feed reader. View.

Blogflux - RSS ping tool. View.

Bloglines - RSS readers (web based, mobile). View.

Blogsieve - RSS mixer. View.

Blogstreet - RSS feed directory. View.

Bluesmiley - Manage your online life. View.

Bottomfeeder - RSS reader (cross platform). View.

Briz - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Buzzfeed - Memetracker goes Boingboing. View.

Changedetection - Create RSS from websites. View.

Changenotes - Create RSS from websites. View.

Crackfeed - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Customreader - White label RSS reader. View.

Dailyrotation - Share tech websites' headlines. View.

Dailyrss - Digg RSS news. View.

Diggfiltr - Create custom digg feeds. View.

Earfeeder - Scan your disk for music, and automatically get feeds on your favourite artists. View.

Easymessenger - Meta instant messenger with RSS. View.

Egress - Mobile RSS reader. View.

Eventsniper - Mix your event calendar with feeds. View.

Evolvepoint - Create, track or find feeds. View.

Favoriteblogs - Personal blog feed portal. View.

Febber~ - Enterprise RSS aggregation solutions. View.

Feed2js - RSS javascript generator. View.

Feed2podcast - RSS2podcast. View.

Feed43 - Web page & Blog2RSS. View.

Feedadvisor - Follow your peers' feed recommendations. View.

Feedamasser - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Feedbeat** - Bookmark videos, create & share internet tv-shows. View.

Feedbite - Share, bundle & syndicate your feeds. View.

Feedblendr - Blend several feeds into 1. View.

Feedblitz - Notification2email. View.

Feedbucket - Feed reader Web-based. View.

Feedbuddy - Find new friends with similar feed needs. View.

Feedburner - Manage your rss & podcast feeds. View.

Feedbutler - Social feed reader. View.

Feedbutton - Meta RSS button. View.

Feedcollectors - Collects & socializes your feeds. View.

Feedcombine - RSS mixer. View.

Feedcraft - Create, manage, deliver & track feeds. View.

Feedcrier - Get RSS news alerts through your IM. View.

Feedcycle - Serialize your feeds. View.

Feeddemon - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Feeddigest - Mix, filter & republish or syndicate feeds on your website. View.

Feed-directory - Filtered feed search. View.

Feederreader - RSS reader (mobile). View.

Feedexpress - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Feedeye - Read feeds. View.

Feedfeeds - RSS reader (Ajax). View.

Feedfindings - RSS filter. View.

Feedfire - HTML2RSS. View.

Feedforall - RSS script directory. View.

Feedgit - Meta feed search engine. View.

Feedicon - Create your feed icon. View.

Feedicons - RSS button. View.

Feedity - Web2rss. View.

Feedjumbler - Generate, mix or splice RSS or Atom feeds into one RSS or Atom feed . View.

Feedlet - Feed reader. View.

Feedlinx - Find feeds on any website. View.

Feedlounge - Feed reader. View.

Feedmailr - Feed2mail. View.

Feedmailr - Feed2mail. View.

Feedmarklet - Generate & publish your rss feeds from any web source. View.

Feedmashr - Search for rss feeds from past & present hottest news & top stories. View.

Feedmelinks - Social bookmarking. View.

Feedmeme - Share feed apps. View.

Feedminer - Feed search engine. View.

Feedostyle - Personalize your feeds. View.

Feedpass - Create a landing page for your RSS feeds. View.

Feedpath - Social feed reader. View.

Feedpile - Store & share feeds & links. View.

Feedping - Submit your feed to major directories. View.

Feedpublish - Mix your feeds . View.

Feedraider - Share your mixed feeds. View.

Feedrinse - Filter your most interesting feeds. View.

Feedroll - RSS2JS converter. View.

Feeds20 - Folksonomied feed reader. View.

Feeds2be - Create feeds from websites that don't have any. View.

Feeds4all~ - Feed aggregator. View.

Feedsearch - Search feeds. View.

Feedsforme - Search feeds. View.

Feedshake - RSS mixer. View.

Feedshark - Submit RSS feed to directories. View.

Feedshow - Feed reader + shares rev with publishers. View.

Feedsifter - Search feeds. View.

Feedsplitter - RSS2HTML2JS newsreader. View.

Feedster - Search for feeds. View.

Feedsweep - Publish RSS news feeds. View.

Feedtier - Web page & Blog2RSS. View.

Feedtv - Feed portal. View.

Feedtwister - Process feeds. View.

Feedvalidator - Feed validator. View.

Feedvault - Back-up & share OPML. View.

Feedvertising - Put advertising in your feeds. View.

Feedwhip - Track changes on your favourite websites. View.

Feedxs~ - Create personal feeds (without website), submit thru messenger. View.

Feedyes - Gives feeds to sites without feeds. View.

Feedzie - Finds feeds & casts. View.

Finetune - Create your own radio feed. View.

Flickrfling - RSS feeds & Flickr mash-up. View.

Flipskipper - Personal feed aggregator. View.

Flitic - Manage, tag & find feeds. View.

Frankenfeed - Aggregate your feeds. View.

Freerange - RSS reader (mobile). View.

Free-rss - RSS creator, editor, publisher, validator & viewer. View.

Fwicki - RSS community, mashup app & feed cloud generator. View.

Fybersearch - Web and feed search. View.

Geofeed - Create geography-aware feeds. View.

Golivemobile - Search Wikipedia & RSS feeds over sms. View.

Googlemashupeditor - Create mash-ups with Google & external feeds. View.

Googlemobile - Search, email & rss reader. View.

Googlereader - RSS reader (web based). View.

Grazr - Compile your own RSS widget. View.

Greatnews - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Gregarius - Feed reader. View.

Happyfish - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Humanizedreader - Feed aggregator with decent design. View.

Ifeedreaders - Meta linkpage to RSS & bookmarking services . View.

Infominder - Create RSS from websites. View.

Instantfeed - Messenger notifications of feeds. View.

Intrade - Trading exchange for prediction markets. View.

Ipings - Ping service. View.

Istalkr - Aggregate & organize rss services that you & your friends subscribe to. View.

Iwatchthis - Create, publish & share mixed video feeds. View.

Juice - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Juice - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Just-ping - Ping service. View.

Kickrss - Blend several feeds into 1. View.

Kingping - Ping service. View.

Leaptag - Choose what you like & get similar news content. View.

Linkrss - Create, store & syndicate your own rss feeds. View.

Litefeeds - RSS reader (mobile). View.

Mail2RSS - Inmail2RSS. View.

Mappedup~* - Map your feed sources geographically. View.

Mediafed - Make some money on accepting ads in your rss feeds. View.

Mediatuner - Manage text & rich media feeds. View.

Metarss - Reader, (re)publisher, meta search & keyword feed generator. View.

Miniboxs - Start page ("RSS magazine"). View.

Mirpod - Tuner, radio & tv to play RSS feeds or xspf. View.

Mobispine - Mobile feed browser. View.

Multirss - Meta button to major RSS readers . View.

Myfeedz - Customize your news & get recommendations. View.

Mysindicaat - RSS reader (web based). View.

Mytimelines - RSS2Timeline. View.

Nativetext - Translates rss in foreign languages. View.

Netnewswire - RSS reader (OS X). View.

Newsaloud - RSS2voice. View.

Newsfire - RSS reader (OS X). View.

Newsgator - RSS reader (web & mobile). View.

Newshutch - Feedreader. View.

Newslife - RSS reader (OS X). View.

Newzbubble - Watch your news in bubbles. View.

Newzpile - Aggregates tags-based feeds from many sources. View.

Nooked - Manage & commercialize your feeds. View.

Oddflower - Share your bookmarks & feeds and get better search results. View.

Odiogo - Convert feeds to speech. View.

Offertrax - RSS-based shopping alerts. View.

Omea - Manage & enhance your feeds. View.

Opmlicons - OPML Icon project. View.

Opmlloader - OPML reader Web based. View.

Opmlmmanager - OPML reader Web based. View.

Opmlsurfer - Read OPML Web based. View.

Opmlvalidator - OPML validator. View.

Opmlworkstation - Edit, manage, convert & share OPML + PPT2OPML. View.

Opod - Ajax OPML & RSS widget. View.

Optevi - Get feeds & contextually relevant related news, blogs & discussion pages. View.

Optimal - OPML widget. View.

Ozmozr - Import, store, share & manage feeds in bulk or individually. View.

Particls - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Pheedfire - Manage, measure & monetize your feeds. View.

Pheedo - Make some money on accepting ads in your rss feeds. View.

Philter - Flash feed reader. View.

Phonefeeds - Read your feeds on your phone. View.

Pingoat - RSS ping tool. View.

Pingomatic - RSS ping tool. View.

Ping-service~ - RSS ping tool. View.

Pixelnews - RSS reader (OS X). View.

Plagger - Pluggable RSS/Atom feed aggregator. View.

Ploud - Build subscriber lists for RSS marketing. View.

Podbasket - Converts audio into feeds. View.

Podfeed - Find casts. View.

Ponyfish - Create feeds from any website. View.

Publish - Create feed from anywhere. View.

Pulverati - Share Jeff's feed collection. View.

Purevideo - RSS startpage for videos. View.

Queoo - RSS to email, messenger. View.

Quicknews - RSS reader (mobile). View.

Quicksub - Meta RSS button. View.

Raketu - Free regional and international calls, VOD, IM, SMS, multi media player, podcasting, slide show & feeds from your PC & mobile. View.

Rapidfeeds - Publish feeds without tech know-how. View.

Rasasa~ - RSS-based news alert service. View.

Reblog - Republish your feeds. View.

Reblogger* - Collect, filter, sort, index & publish feeds. View.

Redland - Feed validator. View.

- Track, incentivize & interact with buzzers. View.

Reminderfeed - Send reminders to your feed reader. View.

R-mail - Rss2email. View.

Rojo - RSS reader (web based). View.

Rss2gif - Auto-updated RSS in image. View.

Rss2pdf - Convert feeds to PDF. View.

Rssbandit - Feed reader. View.

Rssbus - Connect & share your data thru feeds. View.

Rsscache - Cache your feeds. View.

Rsscalendar - Manage & share your calendar. View.

Rssdj - Share your mixed feeds. View.

Rssfwd - RSS to email. View.

Rsshut - Read & search feeds. View.

Rssmad - Feed reader & archive. View.

Rssmesh - RSS mixer. View.

Rssmicro - Feed search. View.

Rssmix - Mix your feeds. View.

Rssmixer - Aggregate all your feeds in 1. View.

Rssor - Collect, read & share feeds. View.

Rssowl - RSS reader (cross platform). View.

Rsspanelx - Script to display all feed formats from originating website. View.

Rsspect - HTML2RSS & RSS2JS. View.

Rssreader - Feed reader. View.

Rsstojson - RSS2JSON. View.

Rssvoyage - Organize & read your feeds on a timeline. View.

Rssweather - Weather feeds. View.

Rubhub - Ping service. View.

Search4rss - Search feeds. View.

Searchfeedr - RSS feed search. View.

Sexbyrss - Personalized porn thru rss. View.

Shareopml - Search & share OPML. View.

Sharpreader - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Shrook - RSS reader (OS X). View.

Simplefeed - RSS-based marketing solutions. View.

Snarfer - RSS reader (Windows). View.

Snownews - RSS reader (Linux). View.

Social-mail - Email2RSS. View.

Solosub - Meta button to major RSS readers . View.

Speedyfeed - Share your mixed feeds. View.

Squawklive* - Mashes up stock data & news, sends alerts. View.

SRC - Clustered search. View.

Straw - RSS reader (Linux). View.

Streamy - Read feeds. View.

Stylefeeder - Find, share & keep track of cool products. View.

Syndic8 - RSS feed directory. View.

Syn-sub - Meta button to major RSS readers . View.

Techmeme - Automated tech news aggregator. View.

Tickermyfeed - Feed generator. View.

Tinytinyrss - Feed reader. View.

Trackengine - Create RSS from websites. View.

Trackle - Create RSS from websites. View.

Trawlr - Read feeds. View.

Ufeed - Get RSS feeds in your own page. View.

Videws - RSS news mashed up with Youtube videos. View.

Vienna - RSS reader (OS X). View.

Watchthatpage - Create RSS from websites. View.

Web-feeds - Digg videos & links. View.

Weblogalot - RSS feed directory. View.

Weblogs - RSS feed directory. View.

Wesmirch - Automated gossip aggregator. View.

Wizzrss - Read feeds. View.

Worklight - Feed reader widget also connecting to intranet. View.

Wotzwot - HTML2RSS. View.

Xfruits* - Mix, make & share feeds. View.

Yahoopipes** - Remix feeds, create mash-ups & share them. View.

Yodpod - Feed reader. View.

Yutter - Feed2email subscription. View.

Zaptxt - RSS to email, sms, messenger. View.

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