16 March 2008

RADIO 2.0: 45 ways to get or make web radio

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: AUDIO 2.0, MULTIMEDIA 2.0, MUSIC 2.0, TV 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Iheard - Find radio stations. View.

Jango - Social internet radio. View.

Socialfm - Social music discovery. View.

Tipdish - Social directory & information service connecting netcasters and PR & marketing people. View.

Audabble - Create your audio channel & listen to it, mixed with news. View.

Blogtalkradio - Host your own phone-in talkradio show online. View.

Broadramp - Multimedia management solutions. View.

Celumimagine - Media management tool. View.

Clickcaster - Record, license, publish & promote your radio show. View.

Difm - Radio community. View.

Filtermusic - Hub for hundreds of Internet radio stations . View.

Finetune - Create your own radio feed. View.

Freecast - Broadcast or listen to audio streams at slow connection speeds. View.

Gigadial - Create your podcastradio stations. View.

Hooqs - Explore, create & share audio & video channels. View.

Intertalk*** - Unified communications, streaming & community solutions. View.

Lastfm* - Profile your taste, share, personalize your radio. View.

Launchcast - Create your own web radio stations. View.

Live366 - Search web radio stations . View.

Livestation - Watch tv, listen radio over IP (client). View.

Lordoftv - Watch over 1,000 channels. View.

Mirpod - Tuner, radio & tv to play RSS feeds or xspf. View.

Mobitv - Get tv & radio on your cell & laptop. View.

Moremap - Map mash-up showing earthquakes, traffic, radio stations etc. View.

Nowlive - Create live, interactive talkshows. View.

Octoshape - Free live P2P audiocasting. View.

Odeo - Record & share audio. View.

Pandora*** - Personalized radio. View.

Peercast - Broadcast, listen to or watch P2P live streams. View.

Podango - Create a podcast station. View.

Podcastpickle - Share podcasts & vidcasts. View.

Podomatic - Create, find & broadcast podcasts. View.

Podsafeaudio - Upload & share your music casts. View.

Radiotime - Personalize radio. View.

Shoutcast - Search web radio stations (Winamp). View.

Smstunes - Smstunes - Explore, create & share video, karaokes & radio. View.

Snaptune - Record music from radio to hard disk. View.

Stickam* - Multimedia communication community. View.

Talkshoe - Chat, talk 1:1, host a talkshow. View.

Thepodcastnetwork - Explore podcast channels. View.

Tun3r - Internet radio portal. View.

Uberchannel - Create & share your own channel. View.

Ubroadcast - Host your own live radio show. View.

Vradio - Turn your cell into a worldwide radio. View.

Yahoomusic - Search web radio (with Yahoo music videos). View.

Youaretheguest - Invite yourself to a talkradio podcast show. View.

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