19 March 2008

PRODUCTIVITY 2.0: 215 ways to organize & manage yourself & your team

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COLLABORATING 2.0, NOTES 2.0, ORGANIZING 2.0, TASKS 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

5pm - Project management solution. View.

Aimsville - Set & share goals, and get help from other users in reaching them. View.

Antzatwork - Manage your project team. View.

Batchbook - Contact, task & communications management solution. View.

Citadel - Open source groupware solution. View.

Comindwork - Project management & enterprise knowledge sharing. View.

Groupme - Create, style, tag & share groups of multimedia web resources via drag & drop. View.

Homecourt* - Project management suite for agencies & their customers. View.

Keepup - Create tasks, share how-to knowledge & get reminders. View.

Magsuite - On demand ERP/CRM for SME. View.

Momagenda - Organize your mom life. View.

Mydesignin - Social remodeling planning and design. View.

Myprogress - Track & manage your knowledge, skills, financials. View.

Note2email - Send yourself notes & reminders. View.

Pageonce - Aggregate & manage all your digital accounts. View.

Project2manage - Free project management solution. View.

Projectoffice - Project management & collaboration solution. View.

Rescuetime - Track, manage & analyze how you spend your time. View.

Sosius - Store, share & collaborate online. View.

Springnote - Write, edit & publish structured notes, task lists, invitations, wiki entries, etc.. View.

Taskbin - Manage, share & collaborate on tasks. View.

14dayz - Track & manage time. View.

1time - Organize & manage projects. View.

37signals* - Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List. View.

88miles - Track & manage time. View.

8apps - Collaboration tools. View.

9cays - Group email2web. View.

Actionize - Project, task, contact, network & file management solution. View.

Actionthis - Organize & manage projects. View.

Activecollab - Collaboration & project management tool (free). View.

Acuityscheduling - Manage your time. View.

Airset - Manage & share calendars, contacts, groups. View.

Athyrium - Personal organizer. View.

Basecamp* - Manage your projects. View.

Bioteams* - Blog on team dynamics & virtual collaboration. View.

Blablalist - Manage tasks. View.

Bluebuzzard - Hospitality sales & marketing management solution. View.

Bluenotenetworks - VoiP solution for tele-workers, remote offices & suppliers. View.

Bluesmiley - Manage your online life. View.

Bluetie - Collaborative Office-like toolkit. View.

Buzzword - Work on documents together (acquired by Adobe). View.

Cambrianhouse** - Collaborate on new software. View.

Celoxis - Manage workflow, time & expenses, and collaborate. View.

Celumimagine - Media management tool. View.

Centraldesktop - Collaboration tools. View.

Chorebuster - Organize & schedule your household chores. View.

Clarizen - Collaborative project management. View.

Clevertools - Project, time, financial, sales & lead management solution. View.

Clicktime - Track your staff's time & expenses. View.

Clockingit - Project management for SME. View.

Clockspot - Let your staff manage & clock their time over web & phone. View.

Collanos - Share & collaborate on files in groups. View.

Collectivex - Communicate, share files & schedules, group-wise. View.

Companyloop - Network & share knowledge with your colleagues. View.

Copernic - Search app. View.

Copperproject - Manage & collaborate in projects. View.

Cozi - Organize your family. View.

Cozimo - Collaborate on digital media. View.

Creativeprooffice - Organize & manage projects. View.

Cynin - Manage, organize, store, search, collaborate, discuss, share & publish any kind of data. View.

Devshop - Software project management software. View.

Diarised - Manage your time. View.

Dotproject - Open source project management tools. View.

Dreamteam - Organize & manage projects. View.

E2dolist - Create, manage & share to-do lists. View.

E-days - Organize & manage groups. View.

Eloops - Project management solutions. View.

Eproject - Manage your projects (integrated with Outlook). View.

Foldera - Organize email, im’s, docs, tasks, and events instantly. View.

Freshbooks - Online invoicing and time tracking service. View.

Functionfox - Manage your time and (creative) projects. View.

Glide - Organize meetings & review projects. View.

Gootodo - Online to-do service. View.

Goplan - Organize your work & publications. View.

Gradefix - Organize your homework. View.

Grouploop - Organize & collaborate in your own group. View.

Grouptivity - Reduce response on group email. View.

Grupthink - Explore & share topics & opinions. View.

Gubb - Make, manage & share lists. View.

Harvest - Timesheets & reports. View.

Hassleme - Remind yourself of everything. View.

Hiveminder - Publish & share tasks. View.

Ifolder - Filesharing for groups. View.

Ifreebusy - Publish & share your calendar. View.

Ikordo - Organize your meetings online. View.

Intervals - Organize & manage projects. View.

Inventiondb - Create & share online project space. View.

Invoicegenie - Invoicing, time tracking, contact management & scheduling solution. View.

Ioutliner - Manage tasks & projects. View.

Ipeergrid - Collaboration platform for SME. View.

Iprioritize - Manage your tasks. View.

Isnooze - Laptop & iTunes mash-up as alarm clock. View.

Issuetrackerproduct - Deal with problems together. View.

Itensil - Create a process workflow for any recurring group activity. View.

Jackbe - Enterprise platform enabling to access & mash-up any data to improve collaboration. View.

Jamjar - Flash collaboration suite for small groups. View.

Jira - Issue tracking. View.

Joesgoals - Manage & share your tasks. View.

Keepmytime - Web-based timekeeping. View.

Letspowwow - Meet & work together on documents. View.

Letsprove - Organize & manage projects. View.

Lighthouse - Manage & track issues - alone or in groups. View.

Lightspoke - Automate your business processes in a whim. View.

Listpool - Create, manage & share to-do lists. View.

Loosestitch - Create & collaborate on task lists. View.

Mayomi - Mindmap & share. View.

Mecanbe - Share your goals and inspirations. View.

Merit - Treemap for Marine Corps Equipment Readiness Information Tool. View.

Mikogo - Meet & share your screen with up to 10 people. View.

Minutesinaminute - Create & share meeting minutes. View.

Motask - Manage your mobile to-do lists. View.

Musicarsenal - Music business management tools. View.

Myquire - Project management tool. View.

Myticklerfile - Manage your and others' tasks. View.

Near-time - Share resources & collaborate. View.

Neptune - Manage tasks. View.

Nexo - Collaboration tools. View.

Nextpage - Manage & share documents. View.

Notemesh - Collaborate with classmates to create unified sets of notes. View.

Nozbe - Manage tasks. View.

Odesk* - Work as or hire remote workforce. View.

Ohdontforget - Send yourself sms reminders. View.

Orchestrate - Task manager. View.

Ovosuite - Information, group calendar, file & collaboration management solution. View.

Pacifictimesheet - Track your staff's time. View.

Panthius - CRM solution. View.

Parlano - Group dialogue & document sharing. View.

Paystage - Manage your projects. View.

People2pray - Manage & share prayer requests. View.

Phonevite - Record your voice to cellcast updates & reminders to groups. View.

Phprojekt - Organize group activities & document sharing. View.

Pingme - Manage your mobile to-do lists & get reminders. View.

Pipeline - Track your deals & organize your team. View.

Planhq - Collaborate on business plans. View.

Planix - Organize & manage projects. View.

Planplusonline - Planning solutions. View.

Plone - Content management system for groups, communities, extranets and intranets. View.

Plotbot - Collaborate on screenplays. View.

Project360 - Organize your projects on the web or on your pda. View.

Projectinsight - Manage your projects. View.

Projectpipe - Organize & manage projects. View.

Projectplace - Run & co-ordinate projects. View.

Projectspaces - Work together. View.

Projectstatus - Keep your clients updated on their projects. View.

Projity - Organize & manage projects. View.

Propelr - Manage tasks. View.

Proworkflow - Manage your projects & time. View.

Punchytime - Time tracking for creatives. View.

Pytagor - Online desktop & collaboration tools. View.

Qlock - Time mash-up. View.

Quickbase - Project management solution. View.

Quickcamp - Organize your projects. View.


Rminder - Text2phone reminder service. View.

Roughunderbelly - Score points on completion of your tasks. View.

Santexq - Time, task & billing management solution. View.

Schoopy - Classroom organizer & site hosting. View.

Scriptovia - Community for students; collaborate & receive feedback on your academic work. View.

Sharecare~ - Organize yourselves in groups to share care. View.

Skemma* - Define, use & improve your business processes collectively. View.

Slimtimer - Organize your projects. View.

Snipitron - Create & share group research scrapbooks. View.

Snoozester - Manage your wake-up calls and get sms reminders. View.

Sparkhive - Store & share thoughts, research, bookmarks. View.

Sproutliner - Manage your tasks. View.

Starterbase - Create, organize & share data on the web. View.

Tangentworks - Organize & manage projects. View.

Taskee - Manage tasks. View.

Taskfreak - Task manager online. View.

Taskspro - Group task manager. View.

Taskthis - Manage, publish & share task lists. View.

Teamspinner - Organize & manage your projects. View.

Teamwork - Organize & manage projects. View.

Teamworklive - Communicate, collaborate & share information. View.

Teletimecard - Track your staff's time. View.

Textmemos - Send (scheduled) group messages & reminders. View.

Thinkature - Collaborative workspace. View.

Thinkpassenger - Collaboration & community solution. View.

Tick - Time tracking app for teams. View.

Tiktrac - Manage your time. View.

Time59 - Time& expense tracking, online invoicing. View.

Timeline - Visualize time-based events. View.

Timetracker - Keep track of time. View.

Timexchange - Track your staff's time. View.

Timexchangenet - Organize & manage projects. View.

Timmyontime - Manage your time over IM. View.

Todoist - Manage tasks. View.

Todoz - Organize & manage groups. View.

Toggl - Track time & meetings for teams. View.

Toodledo - Manage your to-dos. View.

Tracbac - Share, comment, revise & collaborate. View.

Tracks - Personal organizer. View.

Trackslife - Manage & share your to do-lists. View.

Tudu - List & manage your tasks. View.

Tweeto - Manage tasks. View.

Uhuroo - Collaboration tools. View.

Unfuddle - Ticket, source control & project management. View.

Veetro - Create & share online project space. View.

Virtual-whiteboard - Work, think, design together. View.

Vitalist - Organize & share your tasks & projects. View.

Voo2do - Organize your tasks. View.

Vyew - Meet, share, discuss & annotate in group sessions. View.

Walletproof - Personal finance organizer. View.

Webreminder - Send yourself email & sms reminders. View.

Webssyst - Project, knowledge, file, photo, email marketing & newsletters management solution. View.

Whodoes - Organize & manage projects. View.

Wordsource - Define, rate, tag & share words in this social dictionary. View.

Worktimer - Track & manage time. View.

Wrike - Plan & organize projects. View.

Yuuguu - Share your screen with colleagues & collaborate on documents. View.

Zedoffice - Track your staff's time & expenses. View.

Zimbra - Collaboration & messaging tools. View.

Zohoplanner - Create & share memos & notes online. View.

Zohoproject - Organize & manage projects. View.

Zohovirtualoffice - Online office suite. View.

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