24 March 2008

PERSONAL MANUFACTURING 2.0: 55 ways to design, prototype or make your tea, T-shirt, muesli, machine parts

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: 3D 2.0, DESIGN (PRODUCT -) 2.0, FASHION 2.0, MECOMMERCE, PRINTING 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

3dreplicators - Bootstrap your own 3D replicator. View.

Bfdbuilder** - Create, name & order your own Domino pizza. View.

Bluesky - Have yourself reproduced in 3D. View.

Candyfab - Fabricate 3D things in granulated sugar. View.

Fabaroni - Printer that constructs 3D models with pasta dough. View.

Fabathome - Build your own personal manufaturing printer robot. View.

Fabjectory - Have your game avatar made into 3D statuette. View.

Faceto3d - Have 2D images of your face converted into 3D stereolithography (and then into 3D sculpture). View.

Figureprints* - 3D print your WOW character. View.

Flattenme - Order a personalized storybook. View.

Herobuilders - Create 3D colour models from data. View.

Kideo - Photo personalized adventure DVDs. View.

Makezine* - Magazine & blog on DIY technology. View.

Polyvore** - Mix & match your outfit by drag & dropping any clothing images. View.

Reprap - Rapid 3D replication concept (printer printing printers). View.

Sharedbooks - Create, publish & print a book. View.

Sirhanssloane - Order hand crafted limited edition artisanal chocolates and pralines. View.

Stratasys - Direct digital prototyping & manufacturing systems. View.

Studio28couture - Design & order your unique dress. View.

Styleshake* - Design, share & buy your own fashion design. View.

Wallhogs - Buy oversize prints of your photos. View.

Youbars* - Specify & order customized nutrition bars. View.

Zcorp - Rapid 3D printer for HD models. View.

Zzzphone** - Customize your cellphone. View.

123businesscards - Design & print your business cards on demand. View.

Alchemymodels - Architectural rapid prototyping (by 3D printing). View.

Bigbluesaw - Submit cad design & get product delivered. View.

Blendsforfriends - Order your own blend of tea. View.

Bountee - Design, buy & sell T's. View.

Buglabs - Build your own hardware - open source consumer electronics platform. View.

Catoms* - Replicate anything and anybody, any size, anywhere. View.

Chipin - Connect, collect & give money. View.

Cogteeth - Create T-shirt with personal coded message. View.

Designbyhumans - Design T-shirts, win rewards. View.

Desktopfactory - Cheapest 3D printer. View.

Dishmaker - Designs & produces dishes. View.

Dnastylelab - Design, wear & share your own products. View.

Emachineshop - Design objects in a virtual machine shop. View.

Fotki - Upload, publish & print photo(book)s on demand. View.

Kodakgallery - Upload, publish & print photo(book)s on demand. View.

Mymuesli - Order muesli according to your own specs (Germany only). View.

Mystyledesigns - Your body, your shape, your clothes - mass customized. View.

Nakedandangry - Design & share your wallpapers. View.

Netgranny - Choose a granny to knit your socks. View.

Nutclothing - Customize & order your handsprayed T. View.

Ogle - Capture, re-use & 3D print 3D data. View.

Ponoko* - Create, make and trade your product ideas. View.

Prevu - Add your voice to (promotional) gifts. View.

Rapidobject** - 3D print your prototypes & designs. View.

Snapshirts - Get your T-shirt with a tag cloud. View.

Specialbike - Style your own bike. View.

Sploder** - Play, make & share games. View.

Spreadshirt* - Design, buy or sell your T's. View.

Tinypocketpeople - Personalize & order your mini me doll. View.

Traktor - Create & share your own instruments. View.

Zazzle - Design, sell & buy custom goods. View.

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