24 March 2008

OPERATING SYSTEM 2.0: 39 Web OS alternatives

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CODING 2.0, STARTPAGE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Launchy - Widget replacing your start menu. View.

Ajaxload - Generates animated Ajax load gifs. View.

Ajaxwindows - Virtual operating system. View.

Amnestywidgets - Collect, manage, share and publish browser2desktop widgets. View.

Astranos - Windows 98 goes OS X. View.

Bedesk - Social desktop. View.

Ceedo - Providing yourself a/o your employees with a mission specific mobile desktop that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.. View.

Cosmopod - Your personal desktop. View.

Desktoptwo* - Manage your desktop in a browser. View.

Doxboard - Basic web OS. View.

Eyeos - Virtual office operating system. View.

Freespire - Community-involved, Linux-based operating system. View.

Funambol - Mobile OS project. View.

Gcoex - Web OS. View.

Ghost - Operating System. View.

Gravee - Searches sites & blogs; fair rev share on ads. View.

Haiku - Open source OS. View.

Irapp - Access & share your Mac from any PC (thnx Karl Lingenfelder http://www.viewr.com). View.

Jooce - Online desktop & file sharing. View.

Mygoya - Web OS. View.

Mywebdesktop - Widget promotion & advertizing network. View.

Netvibes***** - Personal portal. View.

Nivio - Access your desktop from anywhere. View.

Nsite - Operating system. View.

Oos - Basic web OS. View.

Orca - Online personal desktop. View.

Ssoe - Flash OS. View.

Startforce - Start page with OS features. View.

Twinklefish - OS. View.

Webdows - Web OS. View.

Widgetplus - Widgetize your desktop. View.

Winlike - Operating system. View.

Wixi - Manage, mix & share all media from a desktop. View.

Xin - Online OS for Ajax serverapps. View.

Xindesk - Desktop operating system with file sync. View.

Youos - OS in your browser; standard apps + develop yourself. View.

Yourminis - Goowy without the news -> personalized services portal. View.

Zcubes - Integrate & personalize media consumption, production & management. View.

Zeppos - OS. View.

Zimdesk - Web OS with community. View.

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