24 March 2008

OFFICE 2.0: 17 tools that mimick or resemble MS Office

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: EXCEL 2.0, NOTES 2.0, PRESENTATION 2.0, TASKS 2.0, WORD 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Citadel - Open source groupware solution. View.

Docsyncer - Synchronize office documents with Google Docs. View.

Live-documents - Access, edit & share MS Office documents on the web & on your desktop. View.

Shifd - Shift between your computer and mobile seamlessly (hack!). View.

Springnote - Write, edit & publish structured notes, task lists, invitations, wiki entries, etc.. View.

Bluetie - Collaborative Office-like toolkit. View.

Ceedo - Providing yourself a/o your employees with a mission specific mobile desktop that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.. View.

Contactoffice* - Virtual office (Belgian). View.

Dash - Fast command interface for windows. View.

Eyeos - Virtual office operating system. View.

Facilitycookie - Mobile office forum for small businesses and freelancers. View.

Memotoo - Office online (French). View.

Officezilla - Free collaboration solutions. View.

Peepel* - In-browser office apps. View.

Taglocity - Add tags to all Outlook files. View.

Thinkfree - Process & share Office-compatible docs within your browser. View.

Visto - Mobile Office solutions for operators. View.

Zohovirtualoffice - Online office suite. View.

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