25 February 2008

Measuring Multimedia Content in a Web 2.0 World: free whitepaper

According to a totally unrepresentative slice of this blog's readership (cf. the poll in the left margin), video ads will be the most talked about issue in 2008.
They're right, of course. If up to 25% of all ad spendings move to "overIP" media, the biggest chunk of this multi billion market will be occupied by streaming media. While we're still throwing billions in the air ("about 6% of internet users - with some rather undesirable demographics - do 50% of clicking") on display ads, it surely makes sense to start contemplating how we will throw our budgets to online video and audio marketing.
Especially for them this link to a smart whitepaper on "Measuring Multimedia Content in a Web 2.0 World; Objectives, definitions and KPI’s for online video" by Eric Peterson (Webanalytics Demystified, Inc.) and Michiel Berger (Nedstat BV). Their modest conclusion:
"We recommend that any site owner, advertiser, or content publisher looking to leverage multimedia content on the Internet either provide or emphatically request the following measures as a bare minimum before committing resources:

  • Average Duration for Clips Viewed
  • Percent Viewing Sessions
  • Percent Repeat Views and Viewers
  • Clip Interaction Rates
  • Clip Click-Through Rates"

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