15 January 2008

Timebridge** - Schedule group meetings

Since I've let my last PA go, scheduling group meetings is the last, ever recurring, "Office hassle", that makes me long for a secretary so now and then.
Timebridge might well be one of those very few apps that suddenly makes a business person's life easier. Comes with a handy Outlook plugin.
I totally missed how good it is the first time I reported on it. They should put their scheduling interface (illustration above) on their homepage - it clarifies their proposotion much better than the cartoons they have now.

(BTW - Timbridgee makes me think of Zaplet, an avant la lettre Web 2.0 company that probably died in 2001 or 2002. They had a whole series of Office features, all packaged in email- & web-enabled "zaplets" - does anybody recall that, or does anybody know what happened to their technology?).

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