10 January 2008

Empressr* - Imprssv vrsn 3 lnchd

• In essence:
A new all-inclusive media library, where users upload and manage different media assets, with search, filter and keyword support to locate files quickly. Users can also easily drag and drop the assets and
can now specify the size of the Empressr created, so it can fit a wide screen monitor or the content area in a blog.

• In detail:
Snap to grid, object and guides
• Customize grid spacing
• Zoom to align objects with greater accuracy
• Use a different background for each slide
• Select transitions between slides including 3D effects
• Layer objects on the slide using drag and drop
• Copy and paste objects from slide to slide
• Drag and drop images, videos and Flash assets from your library
• Robust text tables and charts
• Add transparency effects on all objects
• Upload or link to images (jpg, gif, png)
• Upload video files like mov, mp4, flv, wmv or link to them anywhere on the Internet
• Upload or link to Flash files
• Capture images from your Webcam right into the library
• Tag media assets

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