13 January 2008

Additions to 500+ Technology Predictions for 2008 - and beyond

Chetan Sharma blog -Chetan Sharma - Mobile Industry Predictions 2008

David Cushman blog -David Cushman - Digital Media predictions for 2008

O'Reilly -David Chappell - 2008 Predictions - SOA, Grid, SCA, Web 2.0, REST, etc.

ZDNet* -Dion Hinchcliffe - 12 predictions for Enterprise Web 2.0 in 2008

ZDNet - Phil Wainewright - Eight reasons SaaS will surge in 2008

For the longlist cf. last week's posting, 500+ Technology Predictions for 2008 - and beyond.

Update 070114:

Emarketer - Geoff Ramsey - 3 Hidden Trends in 2008.

The obvious trends revealed in this great article are:
1. The share of the internet in total US media spending goes from 7.4% in 2007 to 9.3% (or $ 27.5B) in 2008.
2. Spending on US social networking sites will increase with 70% to $ 1.56B.
3. Spending on online video advertising will increase from 775M to 1.35B.

But Ramsey sees some mega trends (or "deeper, more fundamental transformations" as he calls them) that aren't so easily captured by numbers:

1. Media fragmentation is expanding exponentially because of the long tail effects of the web. We are now harnessing this phenomenon to serve the needs of "advertisers, publishers and, yes, even consumers".
2. The internet is becoming the central hub of most media and marketing campaigns.
3. The interruption-disruption model of advertising is dying out. Advertisers and their agencies have to turn their ads into compelling, relevant and entertaining content, then embed this in communities and content platforms.

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