20 January 2007

NEWS 2.0 - Update

It's hard to imagine that the online content business was declared dead only five years ago. This huge category is mainly fueled by the RSS revolution. You'll find a lot of innovation and variation in this list. A closely related category is PORTAL 2.0. Since the fall of 2006 I only index news concepts that have something new to offer.

180n - Choose what's news
Armchairgm - Digg sports news
Autospies - Digg cars
Ballbug - Memeorandum for baseball
Ballburg - Automated baseball news aggregator
Bandnews - Search band news
Blogdex - Folksonomied blog topics selection
Buzzfeed - Memetracker goes Boingboing
Buzzingo - Buzz notifier (Yahoo + Feeling Lucky mash-up)
Celljournalist - Sell your scoops live
Cluckoo - Publish & share local news
Commentful - Alert service for unbundled content
Crank - Submit & vote for cycling news
Crisscross - Comment on & add to news
Dailymashup - Flickr + Delicious + Yahoo news mash-up
Dailyrotation - Share tech websites' headlines
Daylife* - "4 minute old" news magazine; you can contribute tips & ideas
Digg* - Identify, rank & share interesting news
Diggdot - Mash-up news sources to your own taste
Diggnews - Bookmark, rank & share interesting news
Digitaljournal - Contribute to news magaine and get paid for it
Ekudos~ - Digg Dutch news
Fark - Share links & comments to ridiculous news
Feedadvisor - Follow your peers' feed recommendations
Feedeachother - Share news?
Findory - Personalize your news
Flipskipper - Personal feed aggregator
Frankenfeed - Aggregate your feeds
Gabbr - Share news
Getyourdaily - Compile & share your daily news
Googl-R - Views Google news as a tag cloud
Hubdog - Create your news channels online & on your pda
Hugg - Digg on environmental matters
Hype-list - Get the celeb news of the last 24 hours
Hypersuper - Personalize your news
Hypetracker - Popular news searches in graphs
Inbreaking - Digg church & missonary news
Infocaster~ - News & other media thru RSS
Knownow - Connecting data, apps & people
Leve1 - Share news
Linkedfeed - Folksonomied news
Marketpicks - Digg for stock information
Megite - Discover & help select news
Memeorandum - Folksonomied news summaries
Memstream - Bookmark, rank & share interesting news
Myfeedz - Customize your news & get recommendations
Newradio - Find & vote for news
Newsalloy - Discover, read & share news
Newsatseven - Get your customized video news cast
Newsgarbage - Post, moderate & controle news
Newshutch - Feedreader
Newsisfree - Personalize your news
Newsmap*** - Rank-interfaced news (who knows what happened to Hives?)
Newsvine - Read, write & discuss news
Newzbubble - Watch your news in bubbles
Newzie - Monitor & aggregate news
Newzingo - News tag cloud; Google News mash-up
Nooz - News for Myspace members
Nowpublic - Share, submit & revenue share news content
Nulltag - News tag clouds
On2go - News & alerts on your mobile
Optevi - Get feeds & contextually relevant related news, blogs & discussion pages
Pegasusnews - Neighborhood news, customized
Plueballs - Bookmark, rank & share film news
Podolicious - Personalized podcast news
Popurls - Folksonomied news
Prweb - Push press content to over 100,000 media
Rasasa~ - RSS-based news alert service
Redrockbay - Customize your news
Rojo - Discover, organize, read & share content
RSSweather - Weather feeds
Sabifoo - Read & publish news through messenger
Scooplive - Sell your scoops live
Shakkus - Bookmark, rank & share entertainment news
Skoeps~ - Citizen journalism based news
Slashdigg - Slashdot + Digg mash-up
Sponit - Publish & share funny news
Squeet - Get news, blogs, RSS or feeds in your email
Stockdigg - Read, submit & rank financial news
Strategicboard - Share tech news
Sync~ - Customize your info on special interests
Taglines - News in tags
Tailrank - Read news (ranking through algorithm)
Targetyournews - Control who sees your news submission
Techmeme - Automated tech news aggregator
Techzingo - Tagged tech news
Theport - Create & host your own news aggregator
Topix - Share & discuss news
Trendio - Bet on popular news
Weblogwire - Connect bloggers to PR world
Wesmirch - Automated gossip aggregator
Wikio - User managed news search
Wizag (a.k.a. Diggol) - Track your news & blogs on your own news page
Wordnews - News tagged in Times
Xmlhttprequest - Track Web 2.0 news
Yahootagsoup - News tag cloud; news mash-up
Yigg - Digg, too (DE)
Zero-zero - Meta mash-up for soccer news

Italic = new. Update 060812: I've moved the news-diggs to DIG 2.0. Update 061224, 070119.

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