01 April 2008

LIFESTREAMING 2.0: 25 ways to instantly share your presence online

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: BLOGGING 2.0, IM 2.0, IRL 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Anywr - Microblogging over web & mobile. View.

Blabto - Keep your friends posted on what you're doing & thinking. View.

Bloggino - Instant miniblogging for kids. View.

Hellotxt - Meta twitter. View.

Lifestreams - Aggregate everything, (re)publish, build different reputations & educate your info agent. View.

Meemi - Microblog your life. View.

Multitweet - Meta twitter. View.

Onaswarm - Bring your content together into 1 lifestream; share it in group streams. View.

Pownce - Update your contatcs on what you're doing, thinking, liking. View.

Rememble - Scrap or share all your digital bits & pieces in one place. View.

Slifeshare - Stream all media you interact with up to your account & share them. View.

Streem* - Lifestream notes, quotes, videos, links. View.

Thingfo - Share any experience in an instant community (and share updates on Twitter). View.

Twitterposter - Visualization of influence of Twitter posters. View.

Visualtwitter - Don't tell, but show what you're doing - in photos. View.

Who-s-web - Web 2.0 talent job board on a map . View.

Xakasha - Share your life path & experiences & make new friends. View.

Zdotb - Share your activities & mood status reports with friends. View.

Dandelife - Describe & share your life. View.

Geotracing~ - Share the geo-located photos you've made during a trip & your (animated!) route (and more…!). View.

Hackpress - Explore, publish & share life hacks . View.

Numpa~ - Dutch Twitter. View.

Ourstory - Tell & share the story of your life. View.

Snappages - Publish & share your life with this toolset. View.

Twitter - Update your friends on what you're doing. View.

Waymarkr - Turn your mobile into a life phlogging wearable. View.

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