08 April 2008

FORUM 2.0: 60 forum & bulletin board solutions (last century's trailblazers of the social web!)

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CMS 2.0, CODING 2.0, COMMUNICATING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Babl~ - Topical twitter. View.

Boredat* - Create your own bored at-space, and twitter anonymously. View.

Disqus - Integrate comment forum; claim & track your comments across blogs. View.

Grouply - Put your Yahoo & Google groups in 1 place. View.

Healthworldweb - Blog, chat and post to forums about your healthcare needs & meet likeminded users. View.

Linqia** - Search, review & join online communities and groups matching your interests & needs. View.

Peerclip - Share & discuss health care information with other physicians. View.

Platewire* - Hold other drivers accountable for their actions on the road (or send a flirt message…). View.

Symbianfreak** - Blog & forum reporting on & discussing mobile apps. View.

Yellowbot - Local search & community discussion resource. View.

Anelectron - PHP forum solution. View.

Aterr - Publish your forum. View.

Bbpress - Publish & manage your forum. View.

Beast - Rails-based forum solution. View.

Bluesmiley - Manage your online life. View.

Blursoftmetaforum - Forum solution. View.

Boardreader - Forum & bulletin board search engine. View.

Boardtracker - Search forums. View.

Bordee - Instantly create message board for your page. View.

Bttlxeforum - Bulletin board solution. View.

Care - Board for babysitting, nannies, child care, tutoring, pet care & senior care. View.

Chinswing - Voice message board. View.

Curious-contraptions - Digg this forum. View.

Dnfbb - Forum solution. View.

Eblah - Bulletin board solution. View.

Feefo - Leave feedback on sellers; forum. View.

Forummatrix - Compare forum software. View.

Frappr - Put your group on the map, share photos. View.

Icebb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Ikonboard - Forum solution. View.

Jforum - Bulletin board solution. View.

Klostu* - Connect yourself to all message boards, communities & people. View.

Lightstalkers - Networking & discussion tools for professional travellers. View.

Lookupahookup - Create or join an expert or experience group. View.

Megabbs - Bulletin board solution. View.

Meta - 2.0 forum solution. View.

Minibb - PHP board solution. View.

Mooflex - CMS for forums. View.

mvnForum - JSP board solution. View.

Mwforum - Perl forum solution. View.

Mybb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Nextbbs - Bulletin board solution. View.

Omgili - Search discussion forums. View.

Ovbb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Phpbb - PHP board solution. View.

Punbb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Quicktopic - Group message board. View.

Snitz - Forum solution. View.

Tooum - Publish blogs & forums, and let them interact. View.

Unizr - Bring up & share your topics. View.

Urbanplanet - Discuss urban (USA) issues. View.

Usebb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Vanilla - Forum solution. View.

Vennt - Tag-based forum solution. View.

Vikingboard - Bulletin board solution. View.

Viscacha - Bulletin board solution. View.

Webride - Add forum to any web page. View.

Xmbforum - Bulletin board solution. View.

Yabb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Yazd - Bulletin board solution. View.

Zolow - Publish & rate messages on local bulletin boards. View.

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