09 April 2008

FAMILY 2.0: 46 ways to better track, manage, share knowledge on, do things with & communicate with your family

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNITY 2.0, HEALTH 2.0, HOME 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Bounty* - Club for growing families. View.

Custodyplanner - Manage a shared custody situation with your ex. View.

Divorce360 - Help each other contemplating, going through or recovering from divorce. View.

Famillion - Build your family tree & create a community around it. View.

Famspam - Family community. View.

Fmdrl - Search & contribute to family medicine repository of educational resources. View.

Funepets - Explore & share photos & videos of pets. View.

Isourtree - Create family tree & stay in contact with your relatives. View.

Livingmemory - Upload & share family trees, timelines, stories & photos (or create memories for someone you love). View.

Moli - Manage multiple profiles & separate your social, business and family relationships. View.

Momagenda - Organize your mom life. View.

Myrimis - Create your private location aware friends & family community. View.

Petownr - Share pictures of & stories about pets. View.

Trixietracker - Track & share daily patterns in your baby's needs & behavior. View.

Amiglia - Publish & share family trees, photos, maps…. View.

Ancestry - Genealogy websites. View.

Artimusart - Publish & share your kid's art. View.

Cafemom - Community for moms. View.

Cingo - Keep your family together online. View.

Cozi - Organize your family. View.

Daddaily - Community for dads. View.

Exaroom - Connect to & share files with family & friends. View.

Family-to-family - F2F sponsoring of poor American families. View.

Famiva - Collaborate on your family tree. View.

Famster - Family community. View.

Famundo - Schedule your family & organization. View.

Geni - Create & share your family tree, in Ajax. View.

Grandparents - Community for oldtimers. View.

Gusto - Share trips with friends & family. View.

Hivelive - Post & share information. View.

Jumpclaimer - Inform your relatives about your whereabouts thru sms. View.

Kincafe - Create a community for your family. View.

Mayasmom - Parenting community. View.

Miaplaza - Connect with friends, family etc.. View.

Minti - Parents community. View.

Mothersclick - Share knowledge on motherhood. View.

Myheritage - Upload & share photos & recognize faces. View.

Myhomepoint - Family calendar. View.

Presto - Send email & photos to people who don't have a computer. View.

Raisingthem - Publish & share parenting tips. View.

Stargazer - Free web-based tools for families & charities. View.

Tagged - Tag yourself and the ones you love. View.

Uniteddogs - Dog-lovers community. View.

Weddingpath - Organize & communicate your wedding through your own wedding web site. View.

Youmeus - Relationship advice community. View.

Zeemaps - Create & share maps of/with friends & family. View.

Zooof~* - Discover, maintain & extend your family ties. View.

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