10 April 2008

EMAIL 2.0: 149 variations on email

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNICATING 2.0, OFFICE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Cakemail - White label email marketing platform. View.

Latergator - Send your email later. View.

Lettermelater - Send email at any future date and time. View.

Lettermelater - Send email at any future date and time. View.

Mailbucket - Public email2RSS gateway. View.

Mailbuild - Set up templates for your client's email campaigns & have them charged. View.

Mailfreezr - Postpone sending your email for 1 - 100 years. View.

Maxtango - Design & share or just rate & send ecards. View.

Note2email - Send yourself notes & reminders. View.

Nourish - Convert any feed into automated email newsletter. View.

Portomail~ - Pay or get paid for your email. View.

Sendmerss - Send web content to your mailbox over rss. View.

Simplyheadlines - Create your own email newsletter. View.

Squidnote* - Sign & send group ecards. View.

Transclick - Real-time translation of SMS, email and IM. View.

Transclick - Real-time translation of SMS, email and IM. View.

2prong - Get email address for 24 hrs. View.

41day - Send your email later. View.

9cays - Group email2web. View.

Abcde… - Get the longest email-address. View.

Amigo - Matches advertisers with email newsletters. View.

Anymails - Visualize your email inbox (prototype demo). View.

Arunalabs - Store & send. View.

Beamfile - Email big files. View.

Bigstockphoto - Upload your images, have them reviewed & sell them. View.

Blinklife*** - Social email. View.

Bloglet - Blog update notifications thru email. View.

Blogs - Notification2email. View.

Bluemountainarts - Submit your poems & get paid if they use it for greeting cards. View.

Boxbe - Use as your public address, let advertisers pay to reach you. View.

Breeze - Email marketing solution. View.

Campaignmonitor - Email marketing tool. View.

Click4me - Call, IM, email & get Office features for free (USA). View.

Confirmeo - Check if your emails are read. View.

Constantcontact - Webmail solution. View.

Contactify - Create & publish contact form (without revealing your email address). View.

Dailylit - Subscribe to books delivered by email, in chunks you define. View.

Delivr - Upload & share post cards. View.

Dliveo - Send & track email, any size. View.

Dosize - Resize & send your photos. View.

Dropsend - Email & store large files. View.

Easypost - Free email2snailmail (Canada). View.

Emachineshop - Design objects in a virtual machine shop. View.

Emoze - Mobile email and PIM data. View.

Enablr - Transcribe podcasts, Text2Snailmail…. View.

Esnailer - Free email2snailmail (USA). View.

Fastmail - Webmail solution. View.

Feedmailr - Feed2mail. View.

Flurry - Get your email & more on your current phone. View.

Flurrymail - Your email on your current mobile phone. View.

Foldera - Organize email, im’s, docs, tasks, and events instantly. View.

Forlater - Send email reminders to yourself & others. View.

Fuser - Fuse all email and social media messages in 1 page. View.

Futureme - Remind yourself by future email. View.

Fuzzmail - Record & send 'film' of how you generate an email message. View.

Fwditon - Rank & read blog articles. View.

Gabmail* - Record & send videomail. View.

Gigya - Myspace2email. View.

Gmail - Webmail service. View.

Goodmail - Certified email solution. View.

Googleapps - Offer email, IM and calendar tools to your site's visitors. View.

Googlemobile - Search, email & rss reader. View.

Gotvoice - Save & share your voicemail in email. View.

Grouptivity - Reduce response on group email. View.

Hellodeo* - Record & send your video message. View.

Helperoo - Email support system. View.

Heyamigo - Matches advertisers up with newsletters. View.

Hotmail - Webmail solution (now: Windows Live Hotmail). View.

Hula - Manage calendars & email. View.

Icontact - Create, publish & track results of email marketing & surveys. View.

Ifmodules - Manage email marketing & response. View.

Jott - Voice & text 2 email & mobile. View.

Jubii - Webmail solution. View.

Justupit - Store & send. View.

K7 - Unified messaging; voicemail & fax to email. View.

Karmus - Create, share & contribute to cards. View.

Koolwire - Create PDF files via email. View.

Krunch - Email files. View.

L8r - Send your email later. View.

Letterpop - Create & send out newsletters. View.

Litepost - Webmail. View.

Loowa - Claim your email address, share your profile. View.

Mail2RSS - Inmail2RSS. View.

Mailbigfile - Mail large files. View.

Mailchimp - Design & code your newsletter, and have it distributed. View.

Mailinator - Disposable email + spam mash-up. View.

Mailvault - Store, process & encrypt your email. View.

Meemo - Mobile email service. View.

Mobbah~ - Email or wap your photo + location. View.

Myemail - Check email anywhere. View.

Newsletterarchive* - Store & share your newsletters. View.

Nownow - Ask a question, get three answers by email. View.

Nowpos - Voice2Email community. View.

Onesens - Send teasing webmail messages. View.

Oz - Mobile IM, email & social networking solutions. View.

Pikapet - Create & send a personalized ecard. View.

Poperti - Enjoy music (and more) from your Gmail inbox. View.

Postful - Webmail2snailmail. View.

Primomailer - CMS for email newsletters. View.

Queoo - RSS to email, messenger. View.

Quickbrowse - Combine your favourite pages in 1 email. View.

Relaytor - Group-email messages, files & polls & aggregate all response. View.

Relaytor - Group-email messages, files & polls & aggregate all response. View.

R-mail - Rss2email. View.

Roundcube - Webmail. View.

Rssfwd - RSS to email. View.

Safemail* - Create an uncrawlable image of your email address. View.

Scroogeyourself - Xmas greeting featuring You. View.

Send6 - Store & send. View.

Sendspace - Email large files. View.

Sendthisfile - Store & send. View.

Senduit - Email files. View.

Seven - Email etc delivered to your mobile. View.

Sharefile - Store & share files. View.

Shoeboxed - Manage your paper & email receipts. View.

Slawesome - Add voice to your email. View.

Smartpox - Sema-encode & share URLs, phone numbers & email addresses. View.

Socialcircles* - Visualizes relations in an email database. View.

Social-mail - Email2RSS. View.

Spambob - Disposable email addresses. View.

Springdoo - Add your voice to your email. View.

Sprintsweets - Compose & send postcards with animated typography. View.

Sproutit - Mailroom: process email together. View.

Stenographr - Email2snailmail, any destination for $ 2. View.

Tamadaa - Webmail solution. View.

Tapgad - Get & reply to email thru sms. View.

Tempinbox - Receive inmail anonymously. View.

Thunderbird - Webmail solution. View.

Totoexpress - Send and receive large files. View.

Tourfilter - Get email alert when your favourite band is in town. View.

Trustmymail - Spam filter based on your circle of contacts. View.

V4s - Add voice to your email. View.

Waxmail - Add voice to your email. View.

Webmail - Webmail solution. View.

Webreminder - Send yourself email & sms reminders. View.

Webssyst - Project, knowledge, file, photo, email marketing & newsletters management solution. View.

Xackmail - Real-time online email backup. View.

Xmailharddrive - Store data thru Gmail. View.

Yackpack - Group voicemail. View.

Yahoomobile - Search, email & news. View.

Yoo-hoo - Put a Yoo-hoo in your signature, get an alert if someone tries to reach you. View.

Yoomba - Email2IM&2phone (free). View.

Youmail - Record unique voicemail recordings for anyone that calls you. View.

Yousendit - Email large files. View.

Yutter - Feed2email subscription. View.

Zaptxt - RSS to email, sms, messenger. View.

Zimoz - Blog on postcards. View.

Zohomail - Webmail solution. View.

Zookoda - Promote your blog with email marketing. View.

Zypsy - Post & get matches for classified ads thru cell & email. View.

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