19 April 2008

CONTACT MANAGEMENT 2.0: 36 ways to database, manage, access, share & communicate with your contacts

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNITY 2.0, OFFICE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Faceowner - Link names to faces & never forget them. View.

Mymapcards - Put yourself on the map, do business, or date. View.

Reachby* - Create, manage, and share personalized contact page as your online business card. View.

Simkl - Backup IM conversations & contacts. View.

Unyk - Have your address books updated automatically. View.

Actionize - Project, task, contact, network & file management solution. View.

Airset - Manage & share calendars, contacts, groups. View.

Bigcontacts - Upload, annotate & share your contacts. View.

Bluesmiley - Manage your online life. View.

Contactify - Create & publish contact form (without revealing your email address). View.

Contactnetworks - Enterprise relationship management solutions. View.

Contactsclinic - Keep your Outlook contact data updated (Client). View.

Essentialpim - Mobile personal information manager. View.

Fidgt* - Create a dynamic address book to keep track of your contacts across multiple social networks, and visualize what everybody is talking about. View.

Getmyvcard - Share your vCard anywhere. View.

Hictu - See thru which channels you can best communicate with your contacts. View.

Highrise - Track your contacts & your communication history with them. View.

Hoovers - Manage & connect to your personal & corporate networks. View.

Hyperoffice - Manage your contacts. View.

Invoicegenie - Invoicing, time tracking, contact management & scheduling solution. View.

Jigsaw - Subscribe, buy, sell sales contacts. View.

Jumptags* - Use, search & share bookmarks, notes & Skype contacts, from anywhere, on any platform.. View.

Keepm - Contact management tool. View.

Lyro - Publish, manage & share contact data. View.

Mynetworkvalue - Calculate the value of your network. View.

Naymz - Edit & share your own online meta profile. View.

Peerflix - List & trade DVDs. View.

Plaxo - Contact synchronizer community. View.

Profilefly - Aggregate & share your online profiles, contacts & bookmarks. View.

Rolobiz - Upload your contact data, bringing them back to one simple URL. View.

Sharethis - Access all of your profiles, blogs & contacts to share & update content. View.

Shyno*** - Contact anyone or be contacted through your clothing. View.

Starterbase - Create, organize & share data on the web. View.

Tabber - Manage your contacts online. View.

Tagalag - Tag & map your contacts. View.

Txtms - Share your contact data through your mobile. View.

Youshouldmeet - Refer your friends to friends. View.

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