19 April 2008

CHATTING 2.0: 68 ways to participate in, start or improve your own independent or integrated special chat

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: COMMUNICATING 2.0, IM 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Activeworlds - Visit and chat in 3D worlds that are built by other users. View.

Broadcaster - Communicate 1:1 over webcam or broadcast prerecorded video. View.

Buddytv - Gossip, chat, and connect with other fans about your favorite TV shows. View.

Bumpin - Chat with anyone visiting the same website. View.

Cobrowser~ - Chat & co-browse with your site visitors. View.

Healthworldweb - Blog, chat and post to forums about your healthcare needs & meet likeminded users. View.

Irseek - Explore index of IRC conversations for hidden knowledge. View.

Outeverywhere - Gay chat & community + IRL events. View.

Photophlow** - Invite friends, search Flickr together, chat & comment all at once. View.

Stixto* - Add & share notes, spoken messages and chat-boxes to any page. View.

Zwinky - Explore the world, chat with others Zwinkies & earn Zbucks. View.

3bubbles - Add chat to your blog. View.

B4class - Group & video chat, scheduling, photo sharing & tutoring. View.

Barablu - Free or cheap calls, IM, chat etc. thru mobile & web. View.

Blobber - Communicate with other site visitors. View.

Campfire - Permalinked chat. View.

Camtwist - Add sfx to your video chats (Mac). View.

Chatcreator* - Create your chat room instantly. View.

Chatfu - Cartoonize your chat. View.

Chatsum* - Chat with & leave messages same-site-visitors. View.

Clickbeurs~ - Create your avatar & apply for a job through a chat with your future employer. View.

Clipsync - Watch videos together & chat. View.

Conversate - Create your own chat. View.

Conversivechat - Chat solution. View.

Dizzay - Q&A (instant answers through chat). View.

Frenzoo - Dress up your avatar, then chat. View.

Gabbly - Get chat on your blog. View.

Geesee - Provide chat services, or participate in chats. View.

Gmail - Webmail service. View.

Hinale - Chat with people who have visited the same sites. View.

Imeep - Chat 1 to 1 at random. View.

Incircles - Add a chat app to your blog. View.

Interactionchat - Chat with your site's visitors. View.

Itzle - Chat with other site visitors. View.

Jubii - Webmail solution. View.

Lingr - Chat community. View.

Mapable - Build & share chatrooms & communities. View.

Mapchatter - Chat on maps. View.

Maywehelp - Surf any web page & chat with other site visitors. View.

Mig33 - Chat, text & call your friends. View.

Mobber - Create instant community & chat while you surf. View.

Mozeo - Text cast to & chat with your own group on your cell. View.

Musicplustv - Enjoy clips, put in requests, chat with dj's. View.

Mycybertwin* - Clone yourself into a chat robot. View.

Mymapchat - Chat in & on world map (see also http://www.mymapnights.com/). View.

Nat1ion - Chat while you surf. View.

Nimbuzz~ - Free mobile community calls, chats, IM. View.

Openfire - Enterprise VoiP and chat solutions. View.

Paltalk - Videochat for social networks. View.

Peekko - Make every site a 'place' (Firefox plug-in). View.

Planetminibox - Let your site visitors chat with you & each other. View.

Qnext* - Share all media & chat about them. View.

Radioblogclub - List & save your favourite tracks. View.

Riffs - Recommend, chat & share. View.

Sameplace - Chat while you surf. View.

Scribblehere - Chat solution connecting trackbacks & pingbacks. View.

Scribeit - Group chat thru mobile messaging. View.

Shoutcentral - Publish yourself & chat while you surf. View.

Stickam* - Multimedia communication community. View.

Talkshoe - Chat, talk 1:1 or in groups (over phone or over IP), host a talkshow. View.

Tangler - Get together for groups, chat, debate & share whatever. View.

Tworl - Chat with strangers. View.

Userplane - Chat, messenger, record. View.

Velvetpuffin* - Mobile community. View.

Verbdate - Speak up before you date. View.

Wablet** - Chat & IM from websites using several identities. View.

Yakalike - Chat while you surf websites. View.

Yaplet - Chat with others through any website. View.

Zohochat - Create your own chat room. View.

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