26 April 2008

CALENDAR 2.0: 87 ways to book, schedule, organize, manage & share or opt in to meetings, flash mobs, events & parties

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: EVENTS 2.0, OFFICE 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Evite - Personal party planner. View.

Genbook - Convert site traffic into bookings. View.

Invitastic - Invite for meetings & events. View.

Libersy*~ - Book or sell services online. View.

Scheduleonce - Schedule group meetings & conference calls. View.

Servicebeacon* - Book service with your car dealer. View.

Tiinker - Have your news customized to what you like to read. View.

30boxes - Manage & share calendar. View.

Airset - Manage & share calendars, contacts, groups. View.

Attendr - Mash-up your conference or party. View.

Bebop - Compare music calendar against your iTunes catalogue. View.

Bluesmiley - Manage your online life. View.

Boxed* - Build calendars out of all sorts of online sources. View.

Calendarhub - Create & share calendars. View.

Calgoo - Online & offline calendar. View.

Chorebuster - Organize & schedule your household chores. View.

Collectivex - Communicate, share files & schedules, group-wise. View.

Epointment~ - Schedule meetings online. View.

Eventful - Create & share events. View.

Eventicus - Create & share events. View.

Eventsniper - Mix your event calendar with feeds. View.

Eventstack - Publish, promote & manage events. View.

Eventwax - Organize, publish & manage events. View.

Evnt - Publish & share RL events. View.

Famundo - Schedule your family & organization. View.

Foldera - Organize email, im’s, docs, tasks, and events instantly. View.

Freeonlinecalenderpdf - Calendar2PDF. View.

Glide - Organize meetings & review projects. View.

Googleapps - Offer email, IM and calendar tools to your site's visitors. View.

Googlecalendar - Create & share events. View.

Goosync - Synchronize your Google calendar with your mobile. View.

Groupomatic - Start a local group, get members & schedule events. View.

Hipcal - Manage & share calendar & to do lists. View.

Hula - Manage calendars & email. View.

Icalshare - Create, share & manage your schedule. View.

Ifreebusy - Publish & share your calendar. View.

Ikordo - Organize your meetings online. View.

Inviteforgood - Schedule & invite for events & parties (and have guests donate to charities). View.

Invitika - Organize, report & share events thru your cell. View.

Involver - Publish, explore & share events. View.

Ipolipo - Schedule meetings & events. View.

Jippy~ - Share your birthday calendar & get reminders to congratulate friends thru email, ecards or sms. View.

Jotlet - Share your schedule online. View.

Kiko - Online calendar. View.

Luvup - American version of Zuzu. View.

Markthisdate~ - Publish & share events. View.

Meetup - Find common interests & organize meetings. View.

Meetwithapproval - Organize & manage meetings. View.

Mitup - Set up, manage & invite to meetings. View.

Mobilealibi* - Online safe deposit box. View.

Myfoodphone - Schedule a call to get you out of a situation. View.

Myhomepoint - Family calendar. View.

Mymemorizer - Share calendar & get alerts. View.

Myminutes - Document & share the best minute of your life in a collective calendar. View.

Mytimelines - RSS2Timeline. View.

Ovosuite - Information, group calendar, file & collaboration management solution. View.

Partysync - Meet & sms people. View.

Picnicmob - Answer 30 questions & get picnic location advise, meeting people with similar profile. View.

Planypus - Plan events with your friends. View.

Planzo - Arrange meetings & events online & thru sms. View.

Pointment - Zaplet 2.006 for scheduling appointments. View.

Pooln - Schedule your car pooling. View.

Regonline - Organize & manage events. View.

Renkoo - Arrange when & where to meet your friends. View.

Robocal - Listen out your calendar by phone. View.

Rotaboard - Schedule meetings & events. View.

Rsscalendar - Manage & share your calendar. View.

Schooltool - School calendar & info system. View.

Scrybe - Share calendar, lists etc. View.

Skobee - Arrange meetings & events online. View.

Socializr - Organize meetings. View.

Spongecell - Arrange meetings & events online; with AI. View.

Tilika - Share calendars. View.

Timebridge - Schedule group meetings. View.

Timetomeet - Meeting scheduler with time 'painting' feature. View.

Trumba - Create & share events. View.

Vayama - Find best prices & schedule your international travel (USA). View.

Visualthesaurus - Create, manage & share events. View.

Vivapop - Share schedules. View.

Volutio - Schedule meetings & events. View.

Weekendr - Plan & share weekend activities. View.

Whatstheplan - Organize & manage events. View.

Whosoff - Plan & manage holidays. View.

Worktopia - Meeting space booking engine. View.

Zocdoc - Instantly make dentist & doctor appointments. View.

Zoji - Invite your friends for meetings & events. View.

Zoodango - Have a coffee with other professionals. View.

Zuzu~ - Keep track of your friends' birthdays etc.. View.

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