26 April 2008

BOOKS 2.0: 65 ways to enhance your reading, book collecting or writing experience

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: DATABASE 2.0, LISTS 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0, WRITING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

1000keyboards -Explore, publish & read short stories. View.

22books -Explore, create & share book lists. View.

Bibsonomy -Share bookmarks & literature lists. View.

Bookbump -Explore or publish & share book lists & reviews. View.

Booktagger -List the books you've read & share them with others. View.

Booktour -Where authors & readers meet. View.

Delicious-monster* -Catalog, browse & share your books, games & media. View.

Flattenme -Order a personalized storybook. View.

Mediapops* -Get alerts on new releases from your favorite authors, bands & directors. View.

Podiobooks -Explore or submit serialized audio books. View.

AcollegetradeS -Buy, sell & trade books & other stuff through auctioning. View.

Amaztype -Create typeface from word-relevant book covers (Amazon mash-up). View.

Anobii -Publish, share & discover booklists. View.

Authorhouse -Publish, promote & sell your book. View.

Bibliochat -Get book excerpts and reviews, and discuss books - live. View.

Bibliophil -List your books & share. View.

Bibsonomy -Share bookmarks & literature lists. View.

Bibster -Search, share & manage bibliographic metadata. View.

Blogprinting -Publish, print & sell it. View.

Blurb -Turn your blog into a book. View.

Bookjetty -Catalog, tag, rate & review books, and check their availability in 300 libraries. View.

Bookmooch -Exchange old books. View.

Bookrevyoo -Social book review community. View.

Booksconnect -Community for readers, authors, publishers, librarians & booksellers. View.

Booksforschool -Buy & sell used text books. View.

Bookswellread -Publish & share book reviews. View.

Chainreading -List, review & recommend books. View.

Codefetch -Searches source code from programming books. View.

Comicvine -Wiki for comic book lovers. View.

Connectviabooks -List, review & discuss books. View.

Crowdsurfer -Publish & share reviews on books, movies & music. View.

Dailylit -Subscribe to books delivered by email, in chunks you define. View.

Deusto -Create & share digital books. View.

Douban -Catalog, rate, review & share books & music. View.

Easybib -Bibliography composer. View.

Goodreads -List, review & recommend books. View.

Googlebooks -Publish & sell access to your? books. View.

Hackoff*** -Book published as blog & podcast. View.

Imeep -Chat 1 to 1 at random. View.

Iuniverse -Publish, promote & sell your book. View.

Librarianchick -Search book titles, authors & genres. View.

Librivox -Get free audiobooks and volunteer recording more books. View.

Lifetrackers -Write your own book, compile an album, alone or with friends & print it. View.

Liszen -Search blog articles for librarians. View.

Literature-map -User-built literature database. View.

Memorypress -Publish & print your memories (olim Imemorybook). View.

Mixbook -Create & publish books together with friends. View.

Moka -Subscribe to book wisdom delivered thru sms. View.

Mybookyourbook -Register, list & swop books. View.

Publicsquare -Create communities of passionate readers. View.

Reader2 -List, review & discuss books. View.

Readitswapit -Swap books. View.

Readme -Exchange info & compare notes on books. View.

Redlettr -Tag & comment the bible. View.

Revish -List, discuss & review books. View.

Shelfari -Show, review, share your books. View.

Storycode -Read, code, find & share books. View.

Thefreelibrary -Customizable startpage leading to 3M free books & articles. View.

Titlez -Get publishing market data from Amazon. View.

Ubu* -Upload, explore & share avant-garde art (since 1996). View.

Unalog -Share what you read, in groups. View.

Vitalsource -Publish & sell or buy books. View.

Whatshouldireadnext -Share your bookshelf. View.

Wordfirm -Make money on publishing books. View.

Wordsy -Submit & rate books. View.

Zackbookmaps -Locate & lend books (map mash-up). View.

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