17 March 2008

PUBLISHING 2.0: 757 ways to express yourself

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ART 2.0, AUDIO 2.0, BLOGGING 2.0, CMS 2.0, COMICS 2.0, GUIDE 2.0, MULTIMEDIA 2.0, PHOTO 2.0, PRESENTATION 2.0, PRINTING 2.0, TRAVEL 2.0, VIDEO 2.0, WIKI 2.0, WRITING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Attributor - Track, protect & monetize your content all over the web. View.

Blogonize - Publish your blog. View.

Bossbitching - Postsecret for boss haters. View.

Campware - Open source tools for independent news media in emerging democracies. View.

Cliq - Team up with other blogs to create channel, promote it & compete. View.

Cliq - Team up with other blogs to create channel, promote it & compete. View.

Coveritlive** - Instant real time multimedia publishing. View.

Disposablewebpage - Create a page for a maximum of 90 days. View.

Doodlekit - Rails-powered website creation tool. View.

Drumtable - Share stories, images & videos with family & friends. View.

Feedoor* - Meta feed publishing toolkit. View.

Glammedia - Advertising network of 400+ controled lifestyle websites, blogs & syndicated content for women. View.

Jottit - Create a page in a second. View.

Mindtouch* - Wiki and application platform for communities, media, brands & enterprises. View.

Moourl - Shorten your URLs. View.

Openads - Open source publishers community on advertizing. View.

Postreader - Display updates of your blog on any other website. View.

Shareapic - Upload unlimited photos, publish them elsewhere & get paid $ 0.22 per cpm. View.

Sharedbooks - Create, publish & print a book. View.

Webfetti - Create blinkblink for your profile page. View.

Wix* - Create & publish a Flash site without any programing skills. View.

1000words - Submit & share your photos with a story. View.

301url - Shorten your url. View.

31left - Publish and share new year's resolutions. View.

43places - Publish & share stories about places. View.

43things - Publish, share, find your goals. View.

71miles - Read & contribute to regional travel portals. View.

8020publishing* - Enables online communities to co-create printed magazines (cf. JPG Magazine http://www.jpgmag.com/ about imagemaking andEverywhere http://www.everywheremag.com/ about travel). View.

9minutesoffame - Submit your blog & get 9 minutes exposure. View.

Abaqueinside - Catalogue ware. View.

Aboutus - Wiki about websites. View.

Actionapps - Content management system. View.

Adobesoundbooth - Create & edit audio (client). View.

Adoppt - Publish & share. View.

Ajaxpatterns - Ajax wiki. View.

Amapedia - Amazone's product wiki. View.

Amateurillustrator - Publish, rate & rank illustrations. View.

Amberjack - Create & publish site tours. View.

Amicoz - Publish, explore & share mapped travel experiences & tips. View.

Anelectron - PHP forum solution. View.

Annologger - Publish & share announcements. View.

Apachelenya - Content management system. View.

App2you* - Create web-based databases in minutes (MS Access killer?). View.

Ariadne - Content management system. View.

Asterpix* - Interactivate objects in your video & publish it. View.

Ataja - Shorten URLs. View.

Aterr - Publish your forum. View.

Atlarge - Read & write about web access at airports. View.

Atnewz - Create your own rating website. View.

Audiozue - Publish your iTunes playlist to Myspace or your blog. View.

Authorhouse - Publish, promote & sell your book. View.

B2evolution - Blog solution. View.

Backfence - Publish & share community news. View.

Bashr - Wikipedia, Flickr & Delicious mash-up. View.

Beast - Rails-based forum solution. View.

Biblica - Publish & share texts. View.

Bigcartel - Start, review & recommend online shops. View.

Bigcite - Publish & share quotes. View.

Bigoven - Publish & share recipes. View.

Bitty - Embed content from web services. View.

Bix* - Create & vote for content, and win. View.

Blipfoto - Publish your phlog. View.

Bliptv - Get video & podcasting on your blog. View.

Blog - Publish your blog. View.

Blogabond - Publish your travel blog (map mash-up). View.

Blogburst - Syndicate blogs to mainstream media sites. View.

Blogcheese - Publish video on your blog. View.

Blogcode - Start blog & find similar ones. View.

Blogetery - Publish your blog. View.

Blogger - Publish your blog. View.

Bloggersnap - Add your webcam snapshot to any blog. View.

Bloginfluence - Let your art compete with other artists' submissions. View.

Blogladder - Create & maintain your blog. View.

Bloglet - Blog update notifications thru email. View.

Blogmailr - Use email to send blogposts. View.

Blogprinting - Publish, print & sell it. View.

Blogr - Publish & share your media. View.

Blogrox - Publish your blog (Wordpress). View.

Blogrush - Sydicate your blog content, add widget to your blog & get more visitors. View.

Blogs - Notification2email. View.

Blogsitter - Find (or offer yourself as) a blog co-publisher. View.

Blogsome - Publish your blog (Wordpress). View.

Blogspirit - Blog solution. View.

Blogster - Free blog & image hosting. View.

Blogsticker - Put a sticker to your blog. View.

Blogstickr - Add fake stickers to your blog. View.

Blogtronix - Blogging & corporate community software. View.

Blogyx - Publish your blog. View.

Bloki - Publish your blog. View.

Bloqr - Publish & share blogs & media. View.

Bloxor - Maintain & use your blogroll online. View.

Blubbry - Publish, share or listen to pod & vodcasts. View.

Bluepuddle - Create & enrich maps. View.

Blueshoes - PHP app framework, plus CMS. View.

Blurb - Turn your blog into a book. View.

Blursoftmetaforum - Forum solution. View.

Bookr - Create & share photobook with Flickr images. View.

Bookrevyoo - Social book review community. View.

Bookswellread - Publish & share book reviews. View.

Bordee - Instantly create message board for your page. View.

Bravenet - Publish your blog. View.

Brickfish* - Submit, vote for & review content, and get rewarded for it. View.

Britepic* - Add extra content & intelligence to your online pics. View.

Browsershots - Test your site in different browsers. View.

Bryght - Create & maintain a community. View.

Bstir - Serve a random posting from your archive. View.

Bttlxeforum - Bulletin board solution. View.

Bubbleply - Add bubbles to media & share them. View.

Bubbleshare - Phlog, share, add audio captions. View.

Bubblesnaps - Add balloons to your pics & share them. View.

Bubblr - Create & share photo strips. View.

Buddymedia - PSP for Facebook's Ace Bucks. View.

Builtsmarter - Modular site (re)construction software. View.

Bulletprooflinks - Share tutorials, tools & templates. View.

Busythumbs - Post & share text & photos from cell to blog. View.

Busytonight - City guide wiki. View.

Buzzshout* - Review & rank Web 2.0 companies. View.

Captcha - Get & help improve visual & auditive captchas. View.

Captioner - Add comic-style captions to your images. View.

Carbonmade - Publish & manage your portfolio online. View.

Cartfly** - Create & exploit a store & embed it anywhere. View.

Ccpublisher - Tag your media files with Creative Commons, publish them on your website a/o get free hosting. View.

Cellblock - Explore, publish & share photos & videos through your mobile. View.

Chainreading - List, review & recommend books. View.

Changetolink - Create, bookmark & share pages. View.

Chokti - Create, publish & share your travel experiences. View.

Christonium - Publish & share any content in any way. View.

Circavie - Publish & share a story chronologically through an interactive timeline. View.

Citebite - Get a URL to a textbite. View.

Citeulike - Store, share, manage academic papers. View.

Citizendium - Wiki with gentle expert moderation. View.

Classcaster - Interact with students thru podcasts & blogs. View.

Classmarker - Create, publish & share tests and quizzes. View.

Clearblogs - Publish your blog. View.

Clevercopy - Content management system. View.

Click2map - Create, manage, publish & share maps. View.

Clickcaster - Record, license, publish & promote your radio show. View.

Clicktv - Edit & comment on videos while you watch. View.

Clipsyndicate - Publish video news on your blog. View.

Closo - Start & advertise your online shop. View.

Cluckoo - Publish & share local news. View.

Clustrmaps - Map your blog visitors. View.

Cmsmadesimple - Content management system. View.

Cocomment - Track back your commentosphere. View.

Coda** - One page web development. View.

Cofax - Content management system. View.

Coinlogic - Make money on your content. View.

Comagz - Co-create & rate content. View.

Comeeko - Create & share photo strips. View.

Comicvine - Wiki for comic book lovers. View.

Confabb - Search for or publish conferences and their speakers & content. View.

Confluence - Enterprise wiki. View.

Connectbeam - Intranet community solution. View.

Connectviabooks - List, review & discuss books. View.

Contactify - Create & publish contact form (without revealing your email address). View.

Contentnow - Content management system. View.

Conversivechat - Chat solution. View.

Coolcomment - Create & publish sexy and funny MySpace comments. View.

Copyscape - Find out who takes over/plagiarizes or steals your content. View.

Cosmotourist - Publish, explore & book trips. View.

Cps - Content management system (enterprise). View.

Crackle* - Publish & share your video. View.

Creataplace - Design, build & host simple website. View.

Creatingonline - Design & image editing toolbox. View.

Crispynews - Build your own Digg for free. View.

Crisscross - Comment on & add to news. View.

Crowdfactory - Create & manage a social network site. View.

Crowdsurfer - Publish & share reviews on books, movies & music. View.

Curriki - Publish & share curriculae on this wiki. View.

Customervision - Enterprise wiki. View.

Cylive - Publish, keep & share all your digital stuff here. View.

Cynin - Manage, organize, store, search, collaborate, discuss, share & publish any kind of data. View.

Dailycaption - Contribute & share captions to Flickr photos. View.

Dailypainters - Widgets to put paintings on your blog. View.

Dandelife - Describe & share your life. View.

Dapper** - API generator. View.

Daylife* - "4 minute old" news magazine; you can contribute tips & ideas. View.

Dbprism - Content management system. View.

Deadjournal - Live Journal for pissed off people. View.

DeluxePortal - Portal solution. View.

Demofuse - Create & share website tours. View.

Desktopize - Widgetize your website. View.

Deusto - Create & share digital books. View.

Diaryland - Publish & share a web diary (a.k.a. Pitas). View.

Digitaljournal - Identify, rank & share interesting news. View.

Disclosetv - Publish & share conspiracy video stories. View.

Disclosurepolicy - Generate an advertising policy statement for your blog. View.

Dishola - Explore, publish & share your favorite dishes. View.

Divicast - Add images & text to your podcasts, publish & share. View.

Divvycast - Create & share music podcasts. View.

DIYmap - Create maps in Flash. View.

Dnfbb - Forum solution. View.

Docly - Publish, share or sell your documents. View.

Doggdot (formerly: Diggdot) - Contribute to news magazine and get paid for it. View.

Domaintools* - Excellent toolset for everything related to domains. View.

Dragonflycms - Content management system. View.

Dreamcrowd - Publish & share dreams, and get them explained. View.

Drupal - Online CMS. View.

Dutchpipe~ - Create multi-user environments. View.

E107 - Content management system. View.

Eazyportal - Content management system for communities. View.

Ebaywiki - Wiki on things you can buy & sell. View.

Eblah - Bulletin board solution. View.

E-church - Find, write & share spiritual blogs. View.

Edgeio - Find classified listings, publish your own. View.

Editme - Host & create websites. View.

Edublogs - Blog hosting for teachers (Wordpress). View.

Eefoof - Publish & share media. View.

Effectivebrand - Create your own community toolbar. View.

Ehusbook - Turn Word into Publisher. View.

Ekklesia360 - CMS for churches. View.

Elevatorpitch - Upload, read & rate pitches. View.

Elgg - Open source e-learning software. View.

Ellislab - CMS (olim: Pmachine). View.

Elxis - Content management system. View.

Emokoo - Aggregate all your media from other sites here. View.

Emotionalfootprints~ - Publish & geo-phlog your history. View.

Eol** - Wiki with a decent interface (EOL = encyclopedia of life). View.

Epictrip - Multimedia travel wiki. View.

Eponym - Create & host your blog. View.

Esy - Content management system. View.

Etelos - Try & buy on demand Web 2.0 apps. View.

Etomite - Manage your website from anywhere. View.

Etribes - Publish your blog. View.

Evenamonkey - Publish, share & discuss ideas. View.

Eventstack - Publish, promote & manage events. View.

Evnt - Publish & share RL events. View.

Evolvepoint - Create, track or find feeds. View.

Examprofessor - Create, publish & share exams. View.

Exponent - Content management system. View.

Expressionengine - Web publishing system. View.

Extratasty - Publish & share drink recipes. View.

Ezpublish - Content management system. View.

Fastone - Clip, capture & publish any (part of any) thing on your computer. View.

Favorit* - Combine posts, comments & replies, and republish in your blog. View.

Fbexchange - Ad network for companies publishing apps on Facebook. View.

Feedbite - Share, bundle & syndicate your feeds. View.

Feedblitz - Notification2email. View.

Feeddigest - Mix, filter & republish or syndicate feeds on your website. View.

Feedmap - Map your blogs. View.

Feedmarklet - Generate & publish your rss feeds from any web source. View.

Feedpass - Create a landing page for your RSS feeds. View.

Feedpublish - Mix your feeds . View.

Feedsweep - Publish RSS news feeds. View.

Feedxs~ - Create personal feeds (without website), submit thru messenger. View.

Feedyes - Gives feeds to sites without feeds. View.

Feefo - Leave feedback on sellers; forum. View.

Feelingbullish - Rate, view & discuss stocks. View.

Ficlets - Write short stories together. View.

Filemobile - Store, organize, share & blog your media. View.

Flektor - Mash-up & publish your media. View.

Flikzor - Profile yourself in a video & publish it anywhere. View.

Flippid - Post what you need, and get an offer. View.

Flossmanuals~ - Read, write or remix open source software manuals. View.

Flukiest - Publish & share videos & photos. View.

Flux-cms - Content management system. View.

Flyingcart - Set up an online shop. View.

Flyinside - Create, publish & share virtual photo tours. View.

Foldspy - Check how your website is displayed in different browsers, resolutions, etc.. View.

Folionow - Design, build & host simple website. View.

Foopad - Create your own wiki. View.

Footnote* - Publish & share your history, research, diaries, stories...anything. View.

Formatpixel* - Design, publish & share in any format. View.

Formatpixel* - Design, publish & share in any format. View.

Formspring - Create & publish forms & surveys. View.

Forummatrix - Compare forum software. View.

Fotki - Upload, publish & print photo(book)s on demand. View.

Fotochatter - Publish & share photo on web & cell. View.

Fotocodex - Collaboratively collect, publish & share group photos. View.

Fotoflexer - Online photo editor. View.

Fotologue* - Publish & share photos (beautiful Ajax interface). View.

Fotoloop - Create photo loops & share them on your website. View.

Frappr - Put your group on the map, share photos. View.

Freevlog - Set up free video blog. View.

Freewebs - Create free website, share, sell. View.

Fundanemt - Content management system. View.

Funpiper - Publish, share & discuss what you did over the weekend. View.

Fuzzylime - Content management system. View.

Gabmail* - Record & send videomail. View.

Gather - Share passions & get paid. View.

Gazhoo - Search & make money on documents. View.

Gcast - Podcasting tools & hosting. View.

Geeklog - Create blogs. View.

Gelato - Open source cms. View.

Geobeats - Produce, publish & share tourist videos. View.

Gibeo - Share web annotations & content. View.

Gigadial - Create your podcastradio stations. View.

Globeblogr - Publish & share your favourite places. View.

Glue - Publish & share your website's content on mobile devices. View.

Glypho - Collaborate on writing. View.

Gnomz - Create & share blogs & comics (French). View.

Gogofrog* - Create & share your 3D web page. View.

Goodwidgets - Create, publish & share photo widgets. View.

Googlebooks - Publish & sell access to your? books. View.

Googlemashupeditor - Create mash-ups with Google & external feeds. View.

Googlerelatedlinks - Related links service for your web page. View.

Goplan - Organize your work & publications. View.

Gotzapp - Publish & share content thru your mobile. View.

Grazr - Compile your own RSS widget. View.

Hackoff*** - Book published as blog & podcast. View.

Hackpress - Explore, publish & share life hacks. View.

Haikuls - E-learning publishing & management solution. View.

Hellodeo* - Record & send your video message. View.

Hereorthere - Create, publish, explore & rate travel experiences. View.

Heycast - Publish vod casts. View.

Heycosmo - Video cast tool. View.

Heyspread - Publish your videos over several networks in one shot. View.

Hippo~ - Open source cms. View.

Homeportals - Mix, modify & share your web pages. View.

Humblevoice* - Publish, share bands, music, other media & arts. View.

Hypercomics - Create, explore & share comics. View.

I4giveu - Confess, share & forgive. View.

IceBB - Bulletin board solution. View.

Icebreaker - Mobile community software. View.

Icebrrg - Build & publish forms online. View.

Idio - Create your profile & get a personalized magazine. View.

Ifilm - Publish, share & explore videos. View.

Igamingcms - Content management system for gaming websites. View.

Ijot - Write, manage, publish & share text files. View.

Ikonboard - Forum solution. View.

Iloho - Create, publish, explore & rate travel experiences. View.

Ilovejackdaniels - Check text readability. View.

Ilovetocomplain - Publish, share & rate complaints ("5 degrees outside and we have to worry about global warming"). View.

Ilovetravelstories - Publish or bookmark & rank travel stories. View.

Imageloop** - Create & share photo slide shows (and other animations). View.

Images - Create & share your own phlog. View.

Imeep - Chat 1 to 1 at random. View.

Infogami - Create websites. View.

Inods - Shopping review aggregator. View.

Inserit - Codeless CMS for web designers. View.

Instablogs - Share your views, blogs, comments & make friends.. View.

Iterating - Wiki-like software guide. View.

Iuniverse - Publish, promote & sell your book. View.

Iupload - Enterprise multi-user blogging, wiki, cms. View.

Jahia - Content management system. View.

Jalbum - Web-based album tools. View.

Jaws - Content management system. View.

Jeteye - Clip & share (parts of) web pages. View.

Jforum - Bulletin board solution. View.

Jimdo* - Create your website for free. View.

Jing - Capture & share images & video, PC2anywhere. View.

Job-a-matic - Post job listings & publish job board to your site. View.

Jobberwiki - Share job knowledge & experience. View.

Jobthread - Start a job board or add paid listings to your site. View.

Joomla - Content management system. View.

Jossle - Submit & rate political news. View.

Jpgmag - Submit, phlog & vote on photos. View.

Jumptap - Mobile search solutions. View.

Jupiter - Portal management system. View.

Justanger - Express & share your anger. View.

Kaltura - Java CMS. View.

Kanga - Free Java CMS. View.

Karmus - Create, share & contribute to cards. View.

Kepty - Publish about web, get rated & get paid for it. View.

Kevo - Collaborate on VIP's biographies & gossip. View.

Kitbit* - Publish & share your opinions. View.

Kodakgallery - Upload, publish & print photo(book)s on demand. View.

Krang - Content management system for magazine websites. View.

Kyte - Create & broadcast TV channels from web or mobile phone. View.

Launchtags - Publish & share your knowledge on a mini-page. View.

Leafletter - Create mini website & distribute it as a microformat. View.

Letterpop - Create & send out newsletters. View.

Leugens~ - Submit & share lies. View.

Lifesterblog - Publish & share & connect with friends. View.

Lifetrackers - Write your own book, compile an album, alone or with friends & print it. View.

Lifetype - Blogging software. View.

Lightenment - Publish & share reviews of gadgets. View.

Linkrss - Create, store & syndicate your own rss feeds. View.

Lirama~ - Upload, explore & share song lyrics. View.

Lisensa - Manage your digital rights through licensing. View.

Littlewiki - Create wiki pages. View.

Logahead - Blog solution. View.

Loudblog - CMS inc. View.

Loudervoice - Explore, blog about & rate reviews. View.

Loudlaunch - Make money on blogging about advertising campaigns. View.

Lulu - Publish & sell your content. View.

Lyceum - Enterprise multi-user blogging. View.

Lyricwiki - Collaborate on lyrics database. View.

Magnoto - Phlog & blog. View.

Mainada - Create & share comics. View.

Majikwidget - Customize & integrate widgets on your blog. View.

Makemewatchtv - Repackage video news. View.

Managee - Content management system. View.

Mangezmangez - Publish, review & share restaurant information. View.

Mapbuilder - Mash-up your own maps. View.

Mapkit - Create & share your own map. View.

Mapskip* - Give every place on earth a (your) memory. View.

Markthisdate~ - Publish & share events. View.

Mdpro - Content management system. View.

Megabbs - Bulletin board solution. View.

Memorypress - Publish & print your memories (olim Imemorybook). View.

Meshly - Explore, create & share your own news channel over IM. View.

Meta - 2.0 forum solution. View.

Metadot - Build your own website, intranet, portal. View.

Metarss - Reader, (re)publisher, meta search & keyword feed generator. View.

Midgardcms - Content management system. View.

Minibb - PHP board solution. View.

Mirwidget - Make & publish widgets in 1 minute. View.

Mix - Explore, upload, download & share playlists & public mixes. View.

Mixbook - Create & publish books together with friends. View.

Mixpo - Present yourself in multimedia. View.

Mmbase - Content management system. View.

Mmoguildsites - Manage your MMORPG clan's hosting & community needs. View.

Mobile20 - Wiki about mobile 2.0 initiatives. View.

Mochikit - Suite of JS libraries. View.

Mogopop - Publish & share iPod content. View.

Mojungle - Live phlogging & vlogging. View.

Moodle - Course management system for learning communities. View.

Mooflex - CMS for forums. View.

Mosaicglobe - Upload & share photos, artwork, ideas. View.

Movabletype - Construct & maintain your blog, web & social media sites. View.

Movavi - Convert videos to other formats. View.

Movielens - List, review & discuss films. View.

Moviemasher - Add video editing to your website. View.

M-spatial - Mobile local search solutions. View.

Muveemix - Create, edit, upload & share videos. View.

mvnForum - JSP board solution. View.

Mwforum - Perl forum solution. View.

Myimager - Photo editor. View.

Mymediaroom - Publish & manage PR documents & info. View.

Myminutes - Document & share the best minute of your life in a collective calendar. View.

Mypagerank - Show your Google pagerank on your blog. View.

Mypictr* - Create & publish your profile pic for social softwares. View.

Mysource - Content management system. View.

Mytheme - Animate images online. View.

My-tuts - Social tutorial bookmarking (and soon: publishing). View.

Mywebranking - Check your Google ranking. View.

Nativetext - Translates rss in foreign languages. View.

Naughty-au-naturelle* - Penthouse letters map mash-up. View.

Nbbc - B2B marketplace for video syndication. View.

Nearbie - Explore or contribute to history of people, places and events. View.

Neato - Tagging plug-in for Wordpress. View.

Nellymoser - Mobile content delivery solutions. View.

Netcipia - Blog & wiki hosting. View.

Netlog - Publish & share photos, blogs etc & make new friends. View.

Netsquared - Share stories on remixing the web. View.

Newstoday** - Publish & share cool jobs, gadgets, etc. View.

Newsvine - Read, write & discuss news. View.

Nextbbs - Bulletin board solution. View.

Noovo - Create a website & share with other users. View.

Notlong - Shorten your URL. View.

Novlet - Collaborate on writing. View.

Numpa~ - Dutch Twitter. View.

Nuvvo - Build, publish & learn from courses. View.

Ogog - Rate RSS-feeds & get extra voting power when your own posts are rated well. View.

Ondergrond~ - Upload photos of public art. View.

Onlinegroups - Create a site, a group, invite & collaborate. View.

Onlyhuman - Share mistakes & get or give advice. View.

Oondi~ - Publish & share your text. View.

Openacs - Content management system. View.

Opencms - Content management system. View.

Opendiary - Publish your blog. View.

Organizedwisdom - Publish & share your wisdom on health matters. View.

Ourstory - Tell & share the story of your life. View.

Ovbb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Pagii - Design, publish & collaborate on social pages. View.

Papoo - Content management system. View.

Pastehere - Copy-paste whatever & publish it. View.

Pbwiki - Make a wiki. View.

Pheap - Content management system. View.

Pheedfire - Manage, measure & monetize your feeds. View.

Phlog~ - Upload & share photos. View.

Phorum - . View.

Photoblog - Phlog solution. View.

Phpbb - PHP board solution. View.

Phpcomasy - Content management system. View.

Php-fusion - Content management system. View.

Phpnuke - Content management system. View.

Phpwebsite - Content management system for communities. View.

Picaboo - Print photo book on demand. View.

Pickdee - Organize & share competitions. View.

Picnik - Photo editor. View.

Pikifx - Edit your photos. View.

Pikiwiki - Create & work together on web pages. View.

Placeopedia - Wiki + Google maps mash-up. View.

Planedo - Post stories or vote for them. View.

Planiglobe - Create your own map. View.

Platial - Co-create atlas & share places. View.

Pligg - Includes social tools. View.

Plinkd - Social web hosting. View.

Plinkme - Publish your photos-widget or get photos for free. View.

Plogger - Open source photo gallery system. View.

Plone - Content management system for groups, communities, extranets and intranets. View.

Plugim - Submit, plug & share content. View.

Podbasket - Converts audio into feeds. View.

Podcastfm - Publish pod & vod casts. View.

Podesk - Publish & promote your vodcast. View.

Podomatic - Create, find & broadcast podcasts. View.

Pod-serve - Explore, publish & share podcasts. View.

Podshow - Podcast & vodcast network. View.

Podtrac - Advertise in podcasts. View.

Popfly* - Create & share pages & mash-ups. View.

Post282 - Create community blogs. View.

Postreach - Get your posting shadow-published on subject-relevant other blogs. View.

Postsecret* - Share your secrets thru sending in postcards. View.

Postyourbeaver - Publish & share your nude photos. View.

Primomailer - CMS for email newsletters. View.

Prismastar - Ecommerce solutions. View.

Productwiki - Collaborative product info resource. View.

Profcast - Record & publish your presentation. View.

Profilactic - Aggregate your digital profiles, content & friends. View.

Propaganda - Create & edit podcasts (client). View.

Propertize - Manage your property business from anywhere. View.

Prweb - Push press content to over 100,000 media. View.

Pssdir - Create & publish your own search engine or web directory. View.

Publicsquare - Create communities of passionate readers. View.

Publishing2** - Web 2.0 from a publishing & marketing point of view. View.

Pxn8 - Manipulate & publish your photos. View.

Qoop - Publish & sell photos & photo products. View.

Queeky* - Make drawings online & share them. View.

Quicktoons - Create & share comics. View.

Quicktopic - Group message board. View.

Quimble - Create, vote for & search polls. View.

Quizilla - Create & share content. View.

Qvey - Create & pay or participate & get paid for surveys. View.

Railslodge - Ruby on Rails developers community. View.

Raisingthem - Publish & share parenting tips. View.

Rapidfeeds - Publish feeds without tech know-how. View.

Razz - Record & load up audio to your blog. View.

Realtravel - Publish, explore & book trips. View.

Reblog - Republish your feeds. View.

Reblogger* - Collect, filter, sort, index & publish feeds. View.

Redtoucan - Share photos & review products. View.

Reesycakes - Social shopping community. View.

Respectance~* - Come together to remember loved ones. View.

Reviewme - Pay or get paid to review websites. View.

Riffs - Recommend, chat & share. View.

Rockyou - Publish & share photos & slideshows. View.

Roundedcornr - Generate & share code for rounded corners. View.

Rr-jj - Publish & share quotes. View.

Rrove* - Save & share places. View.

Rubricks - Content management system for Ruby on Rails. View.

Runcms - Portal management system. View.

Sabifoo - Read & publish news through messenger. View.

Safariu - Create, publish & share science materials. View.

Sampa - Build a website. View.

Sawlogs - Publish & share your dreams. View.

Schmapplets - Mash-up & publish maps. View.

Schooltool - School calendar & info system. View.

Schoopy - Classroom organizer & site hosting. View.

Schtuff - Wiki service. View.

Scientiticcommons - Upload & share scientific knowledge, for free. View.

Scitalks - Explore, publish & share scientific video presentations & lectures. View.

Scooch - Create & share slide shows. View.

Scooplive - Sell your scoops live. View.

Scoopt - Upload & sell news photos. View.

Scrapblog - Create, publish & share slideshows. View.

Screencast-o-matic - Create, publish, share, explore & rate screencasts. View.

Screentonic - Mobile advertising platform. View.

Scribd - Share any document. View.

Seedwiki - Create wikis & blogs. View.

Serversidewiki - Mini-wiki. View.

Sharethis - Access all of your profiles, blogs & contacts to share & update content. View.

Sharingpoint - Publish, link to & share health information. View.

Shoutcentral - Publish yourself & chat while you surf. View.

Shoutpost - Publish your blog. View.

Silva - Content management system. View.

Silverstripe - Content management system. View.

Simplefeed - RSS-based marketing solutions. View.

Simplelog - Blog application. View.

Siteframe - Content management system. View.

Sitejot - Social bookmarking. View.

Sitemighty - Create affiliate websites. View.

Skeletonz - CMS solution. View.

Slide* - Create photo loops & share them on your website. View.

Slidestory - Publish stories with photo slideshows. View.

Slidez - Create & share albums, portfolios, presentations. View.

Smikioo - Catch yourself smiling & get comments. View.

Snagit - Clip, capture & publish any (part of any) thing on your computer. View.

Snap Preview*** - Offer your site's visitors a preview of any page you link to. View.

Snapkast - Create & edit podcasts (client). View.

Snappages - Publish & share your life with this toolset. View.

Snipit - Clip parts of web pages. View.

Snipperoo - Add, remove & manage widgets. View.

Snitz - Forum solution. View.

Soapboxit - Share reviews on everything & everybody. View.

Socialight - Share pictures & notes with your cell phone. View.

Socializer - Submit social bookmarks at many websites. View.

Socialposter - Meta bookmark submitter. View.

Socialtext - Enterprise wiki solutions. View.

Sonific - Claim a song & publish it on your site. View.

Soonr - Mobile2web & v.v.. View.

Soulcast - Blog solution. View.

Soundbite - Submit & share sound bites. View.

Spicydigits - Manage shared expenses. View.

Spinlets - Create, publish & share spinlets (= widgets) from your own website. View.

Spip - Content management system. View.

Splashblog - Publish & share mobile photos. View.

Splashcast* - Create, mix & publish any media anywhere. View.

Sploder** - Play, make & share games. View.

Sponit - Publish & share funny news. View.

Sportiki - Wiki on sports. View.

Sportingo - Publish & share sports content. View.

Spotdj - Enrich your stored music with recommendations & other audio content. View.

Spout - Publish & share reviews, buy films. View.

Springspotters~* - Watch & share trends. View.

Springwidgets - Widgetize your blog. View.

Squarespace - Publish your blog. View.

Standpedia - Publish & share your opinions. View.

Standpoint - Share & evangelize convictions. View.

Stargazer - Free web-based tools for families & charities. View.

Starit - Have your site's content rated with stars. View.

Stars-of-the-Web - Create & publish vids for vlogs. View.

Stellent - Enterprise blogging & wiki. View.

Stickis - Publish & share notes on websites. View.

Stikipad - Wiki solution. View.

Stripgenerator - Create & share comics. View.

Structuredblogging - Create, edit & maintain all posts. View.

Stuffablog - Enrich your posting with context relevant from other sources & your own archive. View.

Stylespy - Publish, vote for & discuss trends. View.

Suckingfish - Save, collaborate on & publish search results. View.

Summize* - Check millions of user reviews before you buy something (amazingly comprehensive). View.

Supcast - Publish your media online thru your cell. View.

Surfulater - Collect, save & manage all your info. View.

Sutori - Publish & vote on stories. View.

Sweeble - Publish & share your news in this magazine. View.

Syntaxcms - Content management system. View.

Syntaxcms - Content management system. View.

Talkr - Convert blog text to podcasts. View.

Teapotters - Publish, explore & share 3D design. View.

Techdirt - Share your opinion & get paid for it. View.

Technoranki - Share your mistakes & have them rated. View.

Tellfriends - Recommend & rank local retail. View.

Terapad - Blog solution. View.

Textamerica - Mobile blog. View.

Textpattern - Web publishing system. View.

Thebeststuffintheworld* - Publish, discover & share cool things. View.

Thecuteproject - Explore, store or publish & share phtos & videos of cute animals. View.

Thumbalizr - Take screenshots of any web page & thumb them. View.

Tiddlywiki* - Publish and share notes. View.

Timashr - Claim your moments in history. View.

Tinymce - Wysiwyg editor. View.

Tipstrs - Publish & share tips on anything. View.

Titlez - Get publishing market data from Amazon. View.

Toongum - Publish & share flash cartoons. View.

Tooum - Publish blogs & forums, and let them interact. View.

Topufo - Publish & share encounters of 1st, 2nd & 3d kind. View.

Toufee - Create & publish flash presentations. View.

Traction - Enterprise multi-user blogging. View.

Traduwiki - Translate & share interesting documents. View.

Travbuddy - Submit & share travel stories. View.

Tribalcms - Content management system. View.

Trig* - Create & share your network & content, get featured. View.

Tripconnect - Publish & share travel advice. View.

Trippert - Publish your travel blog. View.

Trivionomy - Create, edit & play trivia game. View.

Ttcms - Content management system. View.

Tubes - Create your own social network & share your stuff. View.

Tumblr - Cut & paste a media-rich light blog (sample: http://scribbling.net/). View.

Tweak - CMS. View.

Twitter - Update your friends on what you're doing. View.

Typetester - Compare screen type. View.

Typo - Ruby on Rails blogging solution. View.

Typo3 - Content management system. View.

Typolis - Blogging solution. View.

Uask - Sell or buy for the price you want. View.

Ubu* - Upload, explore & share avant-garde art (since 1996). View.

Udutu - Online course authoring. View.

Ufem - Blog solution for women. View.

Unspun - Publish & share your best-of lists. View.

Usebb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Utterz - Use your mobile to publish your voice, videos, pictures & text on your blog. View.

Valuewiki - Wiki for securities. View.

Vanilla - Forum solution. View.

Veeker - Shoot, send & share videos while you travel. View.

Veodia - Broadcast yourself live on your blog. View.

Viddler - Create, enhance & share your video. View.

Videoegg - Capture, edit & publish video. View.

Viewbook - Create & share presentations, photo albums & portfolios. View.

Vikingboard - Bulletin board solution. View.

Viscacha - Bulletin board solution. View.

Vitalsource - Publish & sell or buy books. View.

Vizu - Create, share & vote for polls. View.

Voicethread - Add voice comments to your publications. View.

Voteo - Create, modify & participate in polls. View.

Vox - Blog & share content. View.

Vuvox** - Collect, create & publish your media. View.

Wattpad - Publish & share stories on your cell phone. View.

Wayfaring - Create & share your maps. View.

Waymarkr - Turn your mobile into a life phlogging wearable. View.

Web2carz - Shop for cars, publish & share reviews of dealers. View.

Web2newswire - Publish, share & digg news. View.

Webbiographies - Publish & share your stories. View.

Web-chops - Clip & share web snippets. View.

Webgui - CMS. View.

Webjam - Collect, mix & share content from many sources. View.

Weblogistan~ - Tools that add interaction to your blog. View.

Webmarketing20 - Wiki on marketing 2.0. View.

Webride - Add forum to any web page. View.

Webshot - Create screenshots & thumbs. View.

Webshotspro - Create & publish thumbs. View.

Websitebaker - Content management system. View.

Weddingpath - Organize & communicate your wedding through your own wedding web site. View.

Weebly - Free web creation tools. View.

Weebox - Flash-based website creator & hosting. View.

Wetpaint - Wetpaint - Create & contribute to categorized wiki platform. View.

Whereareyou~ - Diary for travellers, interns and expats. View.

Whereto - Describe, tag & add content to places, and see where other people go to. View.

Whirlpad - Publish & share travel journals. View.

Wikiafterdark - Create, edit and learn from adult how to articles. View.

Wikibios* - Let your friends collaborate on your bio. View.

Wikihow - Collaborate on collection of how-to manuals. View.

Wikimatrix - Compare wikis. View.

Wikimindmap* - Search wiki content with mindmap interface. View.

Wikipedia* - Read & co-edit encyclopedia. View.

Wikipediamobile - Wap version of Wikipedia (by Sevenval). View.

Wikisky - Navigate the stars. View.

Wikispaces - Collaborative content & editing. View.

Wikitravel - Read & co-edit travel guide. View.

Wikizic - Wiki for musician's resources. View.

Wikology - Business directory wiki. View.

Wildapricot - CMS with lots of 2.0 for not-for-profit clubs etc.. View.

Wisdomark - Collaborate on publishing & sharing stories. View.

Wordcountjournal - Publish longer & longer postings. View.

Wordfirm - Make money on publishing books. View.

Wordie - Highlight & share text on any web page. View.

Wordpress** - Publish your blog (Wordpress). View.

Wordsy - Submit & rate books. View.

Work - Publish & share articles on SME business. View.

World66 - Read & co-edit travel guide. View.

Writeboard - Collaborate on writing. View.

Writeitin - Publish captions & balloons to/in photos. View.

Writemaps - Create & publish sitemaps. View.

Writetomyblog - Multi blog word processor. View.

Wyacracker - Build your own widgets. View.

Xanco~ - Mobile phlog & vlog. View.

Xaraya - Open source framework for PHP. View.

Xepient - Content management system. View.


Xhtmlized - Have your design converted into a web site for $ 249. View.

Xoops - Content management system for portals, communities, single website. View.

Xzeroscripts - Build your own classifieds pages. View.

Yabb - Bulletin board solution. View.

Yacs - Content management system for blogging communities. View.

Yazd - Bulletin board solution. View.

Yelp - Find, review & discuss local restaurants etc. View.

Yodio - Record & publish audio anywhere from your phone. View.

Yourgmap - Map & publish your places. View.

Yournextdrink - Publish, vote for & share drink recipes. View.

Yumondo - Publish your city's secrets & share your urban style. View.

Yutter - Feed2email subscription. View.

Zannel - Publish & share videos & photos on your mobile. View.

Zcubes - Integrate & personalize media consumption, production & management. View.

Zeemaps - Create & share maps of/with friends & family. View.

Zentation* - Synchronise & publish video & Powerpoint presentations. View.

Zeppos - OS. View.

Zimoz - Blog on postcards. View.

Zinadoo - Design, build & host mobile website. View.

Ziwiki - Create & share your wiki. View.

Zkproject - Web development framework. View.

Zohochallenge - Create & conduct tests. View.

Zoints - Publish & share your content, and meet. View.

Zoomclouds - Make & publish tag clouds. View.

Zoomshare - Publish your blog. View.

Zope - Open source application server for web apps in Python. View.

Zopto - Add your stuff to & share places. View.

Zoto - Upload, phlog & share. View.

Zpeech - Publish, share & discuss comments on any website. View.

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