26 August 2007

Wi-fi 2.0: 11 ways to map, spot, get or make a few dimes on (free) wi-fi connectivity in the world

Three new players in this update (in italic). FON is the biggest & the best, and they keep on tweaking their proposition.

Atlarge - Read & write about web access at airports
Chumby - Always-on wi-fi device to fetch & exchange media & to communicate
Fon*** - Share, buy, sell wi-fi connections
Hotspotr - Wi-fi café hotspot map mash-up (USA)
Ilovefreewifi - Contribute to dbase of free wi-fi hotspots in USA
Jiwire - Locate & map Wi-fi hotspots
Meraki - Free wi-fi network
Wefi - Spot & map wi-fi access points
Whisher - Share free wi-fi
Wifinder - Find wi-fi hotspots
Wifitastic - Turn your wi-fi connection into a profit center

Italic = new. Update 070119, 070303, 070517 (correction 070527), 070826.

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