07 April 2007


Digg green technologies

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rsvp said...

Bob, you seen like a reasonable guy and after reading my comment perhaps you will become not only a fan but also a member of hunuh.com. You see hunuh.com might just be a victim of the very “tag” you so quickly hung on this great site. Hunuh isn’t a Digg.com, Del.icio.us , YouTube or a 2.0 trend. Whatever that is? Rather it is an innovative, forward thinking, proactive, educational and fun site for those who want to educate and be educated about products, services, processes and ideas that are “…inherently designed to provide superior performance at lower costs, greatly reduce or eliminate environmental impacts and, in doing so, improve the quality of lives around the World.” What’s so stupid about the environment, saving money and making the world better for everyone to live in? Understandably, at first glance hunuh.com looks like many other site promoting free links to content. However, what you have missed are all the great built in features and content to help others learn more about green technology. Sure, the site counts Views. So what? But it does not rank content base on Views. Rather the content is ranked by Relevance. I am sure that you also missed the additional resources people can add to support the content that they submit like video, audio, photo and document support… et cetera. You sure missed the fact that people from all over the world are starting to submit great content. In fact the site is less than two months old. I think as more people become familiar with the site we’ll all see even more informative content submitted by a wide range of folks. Wouldn’t it be great if those companies creating green technologies shamelessly promoted their products, services and processes on hunuh.com? People would be able to decide for themselves if it was “relevant” (helpful to the effort or not). In the end hopefully hunuh.com will help to make a real difference in people’s lives, including yours and mine. Can you Digg It?, Hugg It?, Post It man? Wake up Bob…and smell the roses.

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