06 April 2008

GUIDE 2.0: 77 social directory guides

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ECOMMERCE 2.0, FOOD 2.0, SEARCH 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

1800-FREE-411 - Free directory assistance. View.

Citysearch* - Social shopping guide. View.

Eventspace - Publish & share or sell your event or event space & services. View.

Fancast - Personalize what's on tv for you tonight. View.

Flyrig - Find & rate rental appartments (and submit restaurants & shops info) in New York . View.

Menupix - Search for restaurants, but check their menu first. View.

Partygps - Find bars & clubs. View.

Primetimerewind*** - Swing the cube to catch up on all TV programs you've missed. View.

Productblazer - Find manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers & retailers. View.

Tipdish - Social directory & information service connecting netcasters and PR & marketing people. View.

Trustedword - Social directory guide. View.

Twenga - Social shopping portal. View.

Vibely - Meet new people, hang out with friends & find hotspots. View.

Viewpoints - Post & search for reviews across 20+ categories. View.

Weshow - User-powered guide to videos. View.

Wheresbest - Find a place to meet friends, family or associates in the UK. View.

Wieowie*~ - People & company search engine based on social networks & media data. View.

Yellowbot - Local search & community discussion resource. View.

80108 - Get what you like where you are, as an sms alert. View.

1-800-GOOG-411 - Google's voice & sms directory service. View.

2rss - RSS feed directory. View.

Aboutus - Wiki about websites. View.

Americantowns - Virtual town & community centers. View.

Asoboo - Find people & places in your city. View.

Avvo - Search a lawyer. View.

Bizwiki - Uk social directory guide. View.

Cafe-list - Community for coffee & tea lovers. View.

Cafespot - Social guide to cafes, restaurants, etc. View.

Daylo - Contribute to local yellow pages. View.

Ddir - Get listed as or book a designer. View.

Designaddict - Explore & contribute to design directory. View.

Directmatches - Social business directory guide. View.

Geourl - Location 2 URL directory. View.

Getvendors - Find service professionals & manage your own household chores. View.

Going - Show where you go around town. View.

Google411 - Voice rec-based search. View.

Hngry - Rate & pick your restaurants. View.

Hotspottin - Share your favourite hotspots. View.

Insiderpages - Social directory guide. View.

Internetaddressbook**~ - Find & be found, with all your 2.0 profiles. View.

Jaiku - Social phone directory showing where you are (Nokia S60 2nd ed.). View.

Judysbook - Review & rate your neighbourhood. View.

Locogopher - Social directory guide. View.

Lopico - Social business directory. View.

Mahalogreenhouse - Make money on submitting websites to a directory. View.

Mangezmangez - Publish, review & share restaurant information. View.

Menutopia - Community for diners. View.

Mimoa~* - Social European architecture guide. View.

Openmedianetwork - Multimedia epg. View.

Outsidein - Explore what locals are saying about your (USA) neighborhood. View.

Peekyou - Editable white pages people finder. View.

Phonenumberscan - Reverse phone number search. View.

Qype - Find & recommend best spots in town. View.

Ratepoint - Rate any business, share reviews & find services. View.

Rawsugar - Social bookmarking directory & revenue sharing. View.

Searoo - Review bars, restaurants & clubs or ask for recommendations. View.

Snooth* - Social wine selection & buying guide. View.

Softvoter - Social software directory. View.

Souki*~ - Get better search result through your taste mates. View.

Stalkerati - Meta search for people. View.

Streeteasy - Share shopping info. View.

Suggestlocal - List, explore & share information on local things. View.

Sullr* - Reversed mobile phone number search. View.

Tagdirectory - Tagged business directory. View.

Thandora - Tag based search in yellow pages. View.

Thisplaceiknow - Share places. View.

Titantv - Filter out what's on tv. View.

Toeat - Map & share restaurants. View.

Unofficialdb - Search & review mapped restaurants. View.

Upcoming - Learn your vocabulary. View.

Whynotad - Social business advertising guide. View.

Wikicompany - Social business directory. View.

Wikology - Business directory wiki. View.

World67 - Read & co-edit travel guide. View.

Yellowbook - Yellow pages aggregator. View.

Yellowikis - Social business directory. View.

Yelp - Find, review & discuss local restaurants etc. View.

Yumondo - Publish your city's secrets & share your urban style. View.

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